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H50 episode 8.01 Sneak Peek 2 - there’s a nod to Moonlight in this Sneak Peek!

New Additions to the Blog: The Boys of Teens React!

In my travels as an avid YouTube watcher, I come across new attractive YouTubers all the time, and this is one of the times where I feel compelled to add some new faces to this blog now that I’ve started watching them on the regular: the boys of the hilarious Teens React series on the Fine Bros & REACT channels. For those not familiar, I encourage you to follow the links above so you can watch some of their videos, which they post on the regular alongside their Elders, YouTubers, and Kids React videos.

I’ll mainly be featuring:

  • Tom Phelan

  • Seth Degler

  • Adam Lusk

  • Troy Glass

  • Eric Beckerman

  • Labib Yasir

  • Josh Williams


H50 episode 8.01 Sneak Peek 1

Heart Break and Cherry Garcia

Prompt by the vivacious futuremrsjaicourtney1995

“Do you see him?” you asked your best friend looking for Jai Courtney in the crowd of people.  You and your best friend had VIP tickets to hang out with the Suicide Squad cast at SDCC. You were excited to meet Jai and your best friend Rebecca wanted to meet Jared Leto. You spotted Jai surrounded by a crowd of people. He was easy to spot as he was taller than all the people surrounding him. He was smiling laughing, taking selfies and signing autographs. Rebecca squeezed your arm.

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