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So let me ask, how did you feel about Zevran and Leliana in Origins as Bisexual companions or did they come off as "Playersexual" to you too? I felt like they were handled better or at least felt more... I guess meaningful (if that's right) compared to DA2.

I can agree with that.

Zevran was another one of those characters that was very open with his sexuality, but the thing I loved about him the most was he had a preference. He tells the Warden he has slept with both genders, but he prefers women. In this aspect he was really well done.

Leliana was one of those characters that Anders had the potential to be. Leliana tells a Female!Warden (if prompted) that she does enjoy the company of women. What more, the Male!Warden (as far as I can remember) didn’t have that option, but, BUT you got to see from her interaction with Marjoline that Leliana had an attraction to women. She talks fondly of Marjoline and the dynamic of their meeting has very psychological undertone of attraction. It’s a subtle thing and she is not screaming she is a bisexual to the world, but it is very much there, you can point it out whether you are Male or Female unlike with Anders. It’s realistic that way, a offhanded comment or action that to you holds no weight, but makes it obvious there is more than what you’ve said. What more, it doesn’t need to be experienced every playthrough, but you still see small allusion to it during every playthrough. Things that make you say “oh, yeah that makes sense and/or ties in with that.” If Anders’ relationship with Karl had the same kind of importance I would have been more confident in his representation as bisexual, but it is hard to see what is just friendship/mentor-student and what is lovers (even just casual lovers have something).

Plus, because you had heterosexual romances there wasn’t the expectation that those character were just there as a quick way to make everyone happy, well there is less of that expectation.

The problem I have with Leliana and Zevran is that they were there to fill both bisexual and gay romances. They made being gay optional. If you put the Origins romances in ratios, there were 4:2:2 or 2:2:3:3:1:1. That was two romances for straight female, two romances for straight male, three romances for bisexual male, three romances for bisexual women, and one romance for each gender in a homosexual romance. DAO was about appealing mostly to the straight gamer and starting to incorporate progress, but only just enough. The thing DAO fell short on was homosexual representation, but it did bisexual representation well. So, so far no Dragon Age game has been perfect for representation. Which is why I have high hopes for Dragon Age Inquisition.

I… I just don’t know what to say…

2016 has been a tough year for, but this… I have no words for this.

I was expecting that dad would come home and Chester would be there with him in his arms looking around curiously as usual, and then me and my sister would hug and kiss and pet him, and things would go back to normal with our two cats again…

….but that wasn’t the case, because when my dad got back he was all quiet for a moment or two, and then he just started bawling his eyes out, and the rest of us soon did so as well.

Dad says he went out peaceful; that he wasn’t injected with anything. That doesn’t make the pain go away.

I remember when we first got him, along with his brother, Tommy. My family was at the airport because dad said that we were going to pick up some friends of his. Turns out he and mom surprised us, because those “friends” turned out to be Tommy and Chester. They were two British Shorthair kittens who were originally from North Dakota. That was the day we first brought them home.

We should’ve seen the signs. We went to the vet two weeks ago to get rid of some fleas. He had no signs of worms Why? Just… why?

I don’t know how to handle this. I feel so lost and confused right now.

My family lost a pet today, but more than that, we lost a friend. Now we just have Chester’s brother, Tommy. I know this sounds silly, but even though he can’t express it, I’m sure Tommy is feeling bad about losing a brother as well.

Rest In Peace Chester Dwyer

2004 -May 21ist, 2016

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I know it may silly, but I think some of the people who follow me, know me, or are just acquaintances with should know.

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Holy crap, just now realized that HoF and Hawke won't always be on the best terms if they do meet up in Inquisition. Especially Dalish Elf Warden.

Yeah, there could be some definite tension between Hawke and the Warden.

If Hawke killed the Dalish for Merrill or out of self-defense and the Warden was Dalish.

If Hawke is pro-mage and the Warden annulled the Fereldan Circle.

If the Warden was pro-mage and Hawke annulled the Kirkwall Circle.

There are quite a few reasons The Hero of Fereldan and Hawke would hate each other, but the end of the world does have a way of bringing people together. (If the Warden does show up it Inquisition at all, of course.)

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My Warriors tend to be stoic, they may come off as aggressive/direct, but are loyal and will put themselves between a Dragon and their companions. My Mages tend to be straight up goody two-shoes who are trying to make the world brighter by following the rules (usually of the Circle or Chantry). My Rogues tend to be sarcastic jackasses who take life one wisecrack at a time, but they laugh the most because they've hurt the most.

My Warriors are honorable and they try to take diplomatic, not goody two-shoes but intelligent, approaches to try and end a conflict. They will curb their blade at first, but the second their words fail they do not hesitate to fight.

My Mages are very neutral characters when it comes to opinions, but when faced with authority they fall into line. They’ll support the highest bidder, but when it comes time to deliver they are willing to switch sides for what they think is right.

My Rogues are witty and charming, they apply wit to almost anything. They try to draw out conversations and run enemies in circles before giving the final strike; basically they like playing with their food. That said, when something upsets them, they are never afraid to speak their minds no matter the audience. If they are not happy, everyone will know and feel their wrath.