silly-chilly-philly asked:

This is kinda random, but I was watching Shane Dawson's conspiracy theory videos, and I started thinking about how Cartman can remember Kenny's Deaths. I wonder: Is it because he has Kenny's eyes? Is Cartman also immortal? (Probably not true but I could go into detail.) Does Cartman also have something to do with Cthulhu?

My answer for that is yes, it is because he has Kenny’s eyes. The eyes allow him to be aware of when Kenny dies and reforms at all times. 

And as for Kenny, because of the fact that Carol and Stuart were part of that occult, it can be assumed that the cult was trying to summon Cthulhu like the oil company did. 

They probably tried to use Carol as a human sacrifice, but when she didn’t die, the cult assumed it didn’t work. But instead what happened was they summoned part of Cthulhu’s consciousness and infused it with Kenny’s soul. Since he was meant to be a sacrifice but was unborn when the ritual was performed, Kenny wasn’t hurt during the ritual, but the powers of the ritual keep trying to take him back over and over, trying to keep their sacrifice.

But since part of his soul is fused with Cthulhu’s consciousness he’s unable to die and keeps coming back. 

And, the only relation Cartman has to Cthulhu is through Kenny. For one, he has Kenny’s eyes. When Cthulhu leaned in really close to look at Cartman, it could’ve been either to recognize him, or to look at his eyes. 

Or both. But he probably recognizes that at least part of Cartman’s body is part of the body with shared consciousness. And of course he doesn’t want to destroy part of what holds his own consciousness and risk destroying himself. And the reason he allows Cartman to convince him to do his bidding probably stems from Kenny’s memories, of recognizing Cartman as a friend. And I know it’s a little shoddy in earlier seasons whether or not these two are friends, but all things considered, Cartman and Kenny did call each other best friends in “Kenny Dies,” and this still rings true in season 17 and 18.

Similar to the way Cartman always got Kenny to be his partner in crime in earlier seasons like “Club Houses” and later in “Scrotie Mcboogerballs,” Cthulhu became Cartman’s partner in crime in a similar fashion. He even gets agitated at not being given credit, like Kenny does.

(…Where did they get a shirt that big)

But despite the irritation, Cthulhu continues to be friends with Cartman. Probably because of those memories of recognizing Cartman as Kenny’s friend, through that separated consciousness. But it also helps that he legitimately thinks Cartman’s adorable.