Other canon things in South Park, obscura, at that.

Still image cap from “Put It Down”

Craig was actually suspended from school for his ratings drop with his TV show “Close-Up Animals with a Wide Angle Lens, Wearing Hats”.

Mister Meryl wanted to have Craig castrated for his TV show failing.

Tweek can build complex war machine models, and has a large sword in his room.

Tweek used to have a pet bird.

Tweek and Craig have both moved. Their house numbers changed.

Jason White lives in Craig’s old house at #1010.

As per Mrs. Garrison, Tweek & Craig both had lice. All the kids did.

Tweek is more hardcore than you think. He faced his fear - the Underpants Gnomes, and even went to their lair. The boys cut a deal with them, using underpants as payment.

Tweek has access to an RPG launcher, and he’s not afraid to use it.

Craig is mechanically inclined (Tweek x Craig).

Tweek has a mug printed with “Java Jockey”.

Tweek is so hardcore, that he goes shirtless in the dead of winter as Barbarian Tweek (Black Friday Trilogy).

Both Tweek’s shirt and voice changed after his first appearance.

Stan and the gang think Tweek is cool. (Bebe’s Boobs Destroy Society)

Stan and Kyle fired Cartman in favor of Tweek and Bebe.

Craig went to Nebraska to see Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo, where he apparently has a near-identical twin. (Merry Christmas Charlie Manson).

Brimmy incited a riot, even throwing Molotov cocktails at the Nebraska mall.

A Craig-clone dressed in orange lives in Nebraska.

Craig is perfectly fine with giant guinea pigs taking over the world. (Pandemic 2).

In the above image, Craig spent a lot of money (maybe the $100 he got for being gay) on Tweek at the Denver amusement park.

President Garrison is tracking Tweek’s phone.

As their teacher, Mister Garrison assured the boys that Tweek would do fine, instead of calling him a “retard” or something, as he usually does the others.

In his delusional alter ego, Cupid Me, Cartman is not only fine with, but seems obsessed, with Tweek and Craig’s relationship.

Tweek can balance four Fidget Spinners at once.

He can sing and play keyboards.

Tweek is actually the fifth friend in Craig and Those Guys. Jimmy, Token, and Clyde are the other three.

Jason White took Clyde’s place in “South Park Is Gay.”

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