eric brooks


For anyone asking why, Randy Brown sums it up best:

“Once you hate the bullies and no ones does anything to defend you, you hate the people in the class that don’t say anything, you hate the teacher that doesn’t say anything, you hate the counselors that allow it to happen. They, in essence, end up hating the school. Not just the bullies, they hate the school, and they want to kill the school.”

Imagine Bitty and Jack cursing solely in québécois because they’re trying to be stealth and not teach their kids bad words, but that doesn’t work and instead it just ends up causing their children to have a very colorful French vocabulary

“I thought back to my conversation with Eric. Had I missed something? A detail, something sticking out of his bag? Anything? And then it hit me— the sick realization. Eric. Son of a bitch. I suddenly remembered all the articles I’d read about Jonesboro and Pearl and Paducah, and Kip Kinkel and Michael Carneal and Luke Woodham. I remembered those times when we’d laughed in speech class that Columbine was next. We’d said that if any school was ripe to get shot up, it was ours. Now it was happening, and my friend was behind it.”

- brooks brown, no easy answers: the truth behind death at Columbine, chapter one