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Today in Harri History, George & Pattie Harrison attend the opening party for Apple Tailoring held at Club Arethusa, a restaurant on Kings Road,  22 May 1968. The following excerpt is from Chris O’Dell’s book, “ Miss O'Dell: My Hard Days and Long Nights with The Beatles, The Stones, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and the Women They Loved“

“I’ve always liked sitting back & observing people, & George in particular, fascinated me. I watched him chatting with Derek & Don, his dark eyes intently focused, the thick eyebrows almost touching in the middle, and ever so often he’d look over at me & smile; I had the feeling he was reassuring me that I had nothing to fear from this group. George had this interesting way of keeping his distance from people. Occasionally his eyes would dart around the room, not so much to see what was happening, it seemed to me, but more as a self protective “don’t come any closer” look. It was almost as if he was creating boundaries with his eyes. And it worked because nobody bothered us.”

“That’s what I was thinking when Pattie Harrison appeared at the table and sat next to George, almost directly across from me. I’m afraid I stared at her for a moment in disbelief. Back in L.A. when I was thinking about moving to London, I’d sometimes play a little game in front of my bathroom mirror. I’d imagine that Pattie & I were friends, sitting in her kitchen, laughing & talking about silly things, sharing our secrets. I know this all may seem like I am making all this up after the fact, but it’s the truth — I did daydream about being friends with Pattie long before I met her, and I had other dreams that came true, too.

But this was real life. I felt stupid sitting there watching everyone else talking & interacting. I needed to start a conversation & connect with someone, if only to justify my place at the table. ‘I love the way you do your makeup’ I blurted out to Pattie. She looked confused, even a little flustered. ‘Thank you’ she said after what seemed like an eternity.Well you’re in it now, I thought. Might as well keep the conversation going. ‘Do you think you might someday show me how to do your makeup?’ I said stumbling a little over my words. Again she smiled at me, looking more amused than annoyed. Still, I was painfully aware that I was straddling a fine line between making a friend and making a complete fool of myself. ‘I’m a friend of Derek’s’ I said, ‘I just moved to London last week so I don’t know very many people. Perhaps we could get together sometime.’ I couldn’t believe my own audacity.

‘Yes’ she said, looking very queenly in her poise & stature. ‘That’s a possibility’ Well that was enough for me. I didn’t need a time, a date, or a place. All I needed was the possibility of spending an hour or two with Pattie Harrison.

The waiters were clearing the lunch plates, wineglasses were refilled, photographers & journalists jockeyed for position, & the hum of conversation died down as we turned our chairs to face the runway.”