eric beck

The signs as famous guitarists

Aries: Eric Clapton
Taurus: Pete Townshend
Gemini: Prince
Cancer: Jeff Beck
Leo: Slash
Virgo: B.B. King
Libra: Chuck Berry
Scorpio: Joe Walsh
Sagittarius: Jimi Hendrix
Capricorn: Jimmy Page
Aquarius: Eddie Van Halen
Pisces: David Gilmour


Tired of straight blues, the Yardbirds had roped in tablas and a harpsichord to create the moody “For Your Love” and scored a number-two hit in ’65. Their guitarist Eric Clapton quit in disgust, but they hired young session man Jeff Beck in his place and got even better, with a string of dark, loud, dusky Top 3 hits: “Evil Hearted You,” “Heart Full of Soul,” “Still I’m Sad,” and the apocalyptic, proto-psychedelic “Shapes of Things” in ’66. “My eyes just hurt my brain,” sang Keith Relf, over washes of feedback and drones. It felt like quite a step on from “Little Red Rooster.” Later the same year they released “Happenings Ten Years Time Ago,” by which point Jimmy Page had joined as a second guitarist. It sounded like duelling fighter planes, a three-minute wig-out, but the Yardbirds’ superiority in firepower didn’t help them, and they never managed another hit, eventually calling it a day when Relf quit in ’68. Page carried on with the New Yardbirds, who had morphed into Led Zeppelin by the end of the year.

From Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!: The Story of Pop Music from Bill Haley to Beyoncé by Bob Stanley, out now in hardcover and ebook.

  1. He can’t swim. Bonzo once threw George Harrison into a swimming pool at a posh country club and everyone jumped into the pool but Jimmy just walked down the steps and stood in the shallow end (in a white tailed suit) because he can’t swim.
  2. He can’t drive. When he was in The Yardbirds, Chris Dreja was his main chauffeur.
  3. Jimmy usually slept after every concert on the way home if he wasn’t occupied with a groupie.
  4. Chris Dreja almost killed Jimmy and Jimmy doesn’t even know it. While speeding home from a gig with the Yardbirds in Dreja’s Mini Cooper S (Jimmy was asleep as usual), Chris turned a corner and almost hit a donkey.
  5. While Jimmy slept in Chris’s car, Chris would swerve left and right to see how long it would take Jimmy to wake up from hitting his head on the window.
  6. His  most common nicknames are Jim, Jim-jam, and Pagey.
  7. The only song Jimmy ever sang in and played all instruments in (besides drums) was She Just Satisfies. He thinks he’s a terrible singer, but if you have listened to the song, his voice is beautiful!:
  8. Jimmy is in 60% of all songs in the 60s. Bands like The Rolling Stones, The Who, Them, and The Kinks hired Jimmy to play guitar for them while their guitarists were developing their skills.
  9. His first guitar was attained by accident. When he moved to Epsom at a young age, the house that he had moved into had an old acoustic guitar in his room. The family that had owned the house he moved into before his family had left the guitar behind. Jimmy took it and began to teach himself guitar. Talk about fate!
  10. Jimmy was, and still is, really good friends with Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck (both formerly of The Yardbirds).
  11. Jimmy was rated the third best guitarist ever by Rolling Stone magazine in 2011/2012. Eric Clapton was second, Jeff Beck was fourth, and Jimi Hendrix was first.
  12. Jimmy was into The Occult (Black Magic for a higher spirituality) but it was normally good-hearted. Jimmy said Zoso was an Occult symbol for something.
  13. He left school at 16 to join a band with his friend Christian Neil. It was around this time he got his first Les Paul (a Custom with 3 humbucks) and learned how to play with a Cello bow. He named the Les Paul “Fretless Wonder”.
  14. He appeared on Huw Wheldon’s All Your Own in 1957 and played Mama Don’t Want Me to Play Skiffle Anymore:
  15. Jimmy was the creator of Led Zeppelin. Contrary to popular belief, it was notRobert who founded the band; it was Jimmy who formed it from the remains of The Yardbirds.
  16. He wrote most of Led Zeppelin’s songs including the famous The Song Remains the Same and Stairway
  17. Jimmy was the one to suggest Jeff Beck join the Yardbirds after Clapton left instead of Jimmy, himself. They were friends since childhood.
  18. During the 1975 Madison Square Garden concert for the filming of The Song Remains the Same the movie, Chris Dreja tells Guitar World magazine that he was invited backstage and as soon as Led Zep began to play, the whole building began to shake precariously.