eric b. for president


On this day in music history: July 7, 1987 - “Paid In Full”, the debut album by Eric B. & Rakim is released. Produced by Eric B. & Rakim, it is recorded at Marley Marl’s House Of Hits and Power Play Studios in New York City in Early 1986 and Mid 1987. Following the break out success of their debut single “Eric B. Is President”, released on New York independent label Zakia Records, Eric B. & Rakim are signed to Island Records subsidiary 4th & B'Way in early 1987. With the exception of “President”, the first album by the New York based DJ/Rap duo is recorded in only a weeks worth of studio time. Upon its release, it both firmly establishes Eric B. & Rakim  and set a new high water mark for rap music as an art form, both lyrically and production wise. Anchored by Rakim’s (aka William Griffin) unique vocal delivery and gift for intricate lyrical metaphors along with the production, breaks new ground within the genre, going on to inspire and influence generations of rappers and producers who follow them. The album spins off five singles including “Eric B. Is President”, “I Know You Got Soul” and the title track. The albums iconic cover artwork features a photo of the duo wearing custom made “Gucci” garments from famed fashion designer Dapper Dan’s Harlem boutique, which become an enduring images in Hip Hop culture.  In 2003, a double CD Deluxe Edition of the album is released featuring a remastered disc of the original album, with the second CD containing  the original US and UK 12" single remixes and dub versions, including the “Seven Minutes Of Madness” remix of the title track by UK DJ/remixers Coldcut. “Paid In Full” peaks at number eight on the Billboard R&B album chart, number fifty eight on the Top 200, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.


Members of Congress sarcastically applauded when President Obama noted that he doesn’t have any political campaigns left to run.

So, President Obama shut it down with an LBJ-level badass response.

This is the State of the Union Address version of Rakim rapping, “Any emcee that disagree with me, wave your arm/And I’ll break, when I’m through breaking, I’ll leave you/Drop the mic when I’m finished and watch it smoke”.