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That Cool Dialect on The Expanse Mashes Up 6 Languages
Belter is more than an accent. It's full-fledged language that speaks to outsiderness.

A great interview with Andrew Rotilio (he speaks four languages!), Nick Farmer, and Eric Armstrong (the dialog coach for the show, amazing job).

“To do that, Armstrong asked each actor to speak Belter with their own personal style. In Rotilio’s case, he used his Italian inflection. “The idea was that Belter would be consistently inconsistent,” Armstrong says. “But there are some anchor sounds that we are aiming toward regardless of how strong or weak an accent is. Like, in Belter ‘TH’ words frequently switch to a D sound, so ‘dat ting dere.’ But someone who is an extremely well-spoken Belter, we make sure they can hit those THs.” In this way, the different variations of Belter on the show are a strength, not a liability.”


Okay, but imagine Jack and Bitty performing this (Andrew Keenan-Bolger is actually shorter than Bitty, which makes me smile).

This seems like something that might happen during Bitty’s first or second year. In a way it is their relationship those first two years. I mean, neither of them are 16 or 17 in the comic, but this still just fits them. Not to mention this is one of my favorite numbers from a classic musical.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir’s short dance costumes at the 2013 Trophée Eric Bompard and 2013 Grand Prix Final. These costumes are elegant (if a little sombre) and it’s like looking at a black-and-white movie.


Logan: “Before you go dear, meet Eric. He is your uncle. Him, Bill, and Alcide are triplets. Then Arlene and your momma were twins. I’m sure you’ve met Al and Arlene since they live here in town.”

Caroline: “ Nice to meet you Eric, and yes I have. We all used to have dinner together as a family once a month.”

Eric: “Here is our address. Come by the loft and visit us sometime, y'all gotta meet Bill and momma still.”

Caroline: “I’ll make sure to stop by sometime this week”