eric arakawa


Fantastic interview with Eric Arakawa

Name: JP Hanley (@jphanley_ca)

Location: Oahu


  • 6'5 single fin Seed from the Grain workshop
  • 5'1 Channel Islands Sperm Whale which put 3 stitches in my lip last week..
  • 5'1 Eric Arakawa five fin Stubby
  • 5'7 Eric Arakawa Bandit for the bigger days
  • 5'2 Backdorr Surfboards I call it the cavity killer because it reminds me off a tube of toothpaste. Diamond fish tail, twin glassed on keels.  From an Oahu local shaper named Robert Dorr.
  • 8.75 Antihero skateboard for the empty pools!!

Vans Team Top 5’s

Best Of 2015 With Leila Hurst

Best surf trip: Salina Cruz, Mexico.

Best Contest: That I’ve done or that I’ve watched—big difference, ha ha. Maybe The Vans World Cup at Sunset, that was fun to watch.

Best board: My twinny! A baby blue Eric Arakawa 4'10'—best board ever.

Favorite pair of Vans for 2015: Sk8 Hi slim in white perforated leather.

Vans Surf team rider of the year: I love Dane Gudauskas—just the funniest raddest human on the planet.