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How to draw hands

I had some requests for this sitting in my inbox for a while now and would like to share how i draw hands. I highly suggest reading some books about anatomy because hands can be very difficult to draw and it seems to never become an easy task. Also try to get the best reference image possible so you can see all the little details and shadows.

Alrighty, let’s go!

The first step is to roughly sketch out the shape of the hands. Don’t worry about any details yet, just try to get everything in place. At this stage I usually draw really fast so I don’t get lost in the small things and just focus on large shapes. 

Ok, so you got the shape down and you’re ready to move on… 

Step 2 would be to start shading. For beginners this could be a bit difficult but all you have to do is to study your reference image closely and look for shadows. Try to imagine how skin folds around the fingers and figure out where the light is coming from. Shading takes time but it’s rewarding in the end.

We could stop here but don’t you think that we can do much better?

Step 3,  finishing touches. Now we want to get the most out of our drawing by paying attention to all the tiny details. How much time you’ll spend on this is totally up to you. Look for wrinkles and folds, build up your darks to create some more contrast and get rid of messy lines. 

That’s it, basically. Most important is to have fun and to enjoy the process. Don’t be scared of mistakes, instead learn from them.

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- Eric