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Crazy Viking Eric:)

* Season 4 Lake Scene


omg omg omg i just died!

“Hey, our hair’s the same color,“ I said, eyeing us side by side in the mirror.
Sure is, Girlfriend.” Eric grinned at me. “But are you blond all the way down?”
Don’t you wish you knew?“
Yes,” he said simply.
Well, you’ll just have to wonder.“
I am,” he said. “Blond everywhere,”
I could tell as much from your chest hair.“
He raised my arm to check my armpit. "You silly women, shaving your body hair,” He said, dropping my arm.”
― Charlaine Harris, Living Dead in Dallas
I didn’t expect that he would hesitate when he got out of the car.
“Are you still mad?” I said, trying not to cry. Weeping would be craven, and I was forcing some steel into my backbone.
“Do you still love me?” he asked.
“You first.” Childish.
“I’m not angry,” he said. “At least, not anymore. At least, not right now. I should have encouraged you to find a way to break the bond, and in fact we have a ritual for it. I should have offered it to you. I was afraid that without it we would be parted, whether because you didn’t want to be dragged into my troubles or because Victor found out you were vulnerable. If he chooses to ignore the marriage, without the bond I won’t know that you are in danger.”
“I should have asked you what you thought, or at least warned you what we were going to do,” I said. I took a deep breath. “I do love you, all on my own.”
And he was up on the porch with me, and then he was picking me up and kissing me, my lips, my neck, myshoulders. He held my feet off the ground and lifted me high enough that his mouth could find my breasts through my bra and T-shirt.
I gave a little shriek and swung my legs until they latched around him. I rubbed against him as hard as I could. Eric loved monkey sex.
He said, “I’m going to tear your clothes.”
And he was as good as his word.
After an exciting few minutes, he said, “I’m tearing mine, too.”
“Sure,” I mumbled, before I bit his earlobe. He growled. There was nothing civilized about sex with Eric.
—  Dead Reckoning, Eric and Sookie scene<3