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Leaked lines from the next episode of TWD
  • Rick: So...what will it take to secure an alliance with you people?
  • Natania: Oceanside will fight for you...but only if you promise your son will marry one of my many daughters.
  • Rick: Wait...what the fuck?
  • Ezekiel: Rick, in case you haven't figured it out, we're all going back to medieval times. Just...look at my place for fuck's sake.
  • Rick: ...
  • Aaron: I swear to god, you people are taking this Game of Thrones roleplay too far.
  • --------------------------------------------------------------
  • Carl: I don't want to marry the Oceanside girl.
  • Enid: ...I don't want you to marry her. (pause) But you need their alliance. I hope it's a very beautiful alliance-
  • *Carl and Enid kiss*
  • *meanwhile on the other side of the camp*
  • Aaron: (looks up from his book) Eric.
  • Eric: Yeah bae?
  • Aaron: I can't explain it but I think Carl is making a big mistake. My Robb Stark senses just started tingling out of nowhere.

Very nice tribute to most of the couples in The Walking Dead. My heart is melting, I’m gonna need some time…


Memorable Moments, good or bad (in no particular order.):

-Judith, just Judith

-Spencer’s death (lets all face the fact that he annoyed the fuck out of most of us) It was straight out of the comics omg I was happy.

- Maggie’s pregnancy cravings.

-Maggie wearing Glenn’s hat.

-How the fuck did Rosita miss that shot like damn I love her but he was RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER

-Negan flipping out because Rosita hit Lucille with a bullet

-The look Rick gave Carl when Negan told him about Carl sneaking into the saviors base. Like that is one pissed off dad.

-Jesus breaking Daryl the fuck out of his shitty prison

-Poor Fat Joey, RIP

-Olivia Nooo! :( You will be remembered by your bitch slap to Negan and for being a boss ass woman!

-Richonne all around!!!

-Aaron, despite having the shit kicked out of him, still shielded his boyfriend when they got guns pointed at them. I shouted at the TV telling them to not hurt my precious gay sons

-Aaron almost died like, three times.

-Rosita screeching at the saviors to take her instead of Eugene

-Tara trying to save Eugene and Rosita by claiming to be the one who made the bullet

-That reunion at the end!

-Rick and Daryl hug

-Daryl and Tara hug

-Michonne kissing Daryl on the cheek 

-All the hugs!


Feel free to add on, and don’t be a dick okay? Okay.

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I still think its funny (and definitely interesting) they paired up all the pairings in 7x15. Rick and Michonne, Aaron and Eric, Carl and Enid, Daryl and Jesus... not trying to imply anything here, of course :)


SPOILERS! (season 8)
The following characters were confirmed filming. Keep in mind this might not be everyone who was there today. These are just the ones we can confirm: Rick, Carl, Michonne, Judith, Father G, Aaron, Eric, Tobin, Francine, Scott, Enid ant several Alexandrian extras.
There was supposedly a scene involving Judith inside one of the houses. We aren’t really sure who she was filming with, but don’t think it was Rick, Carl or Michonne. Later they filmed a scene where several Alexandrians loaded up some batshit crazy looking cars with pieces of the wall attached to them. These beauties look ready for battle! They exited the gates and onlookers got to witness a bizarre parade of these very special looking cars. Tommorow they might be at the studio and the crew is already prepping the filming site for Thursday (in Griffin).

*Thanks to TSDF

In between cooking and tending to seedlings this afternoon, I’ve been reading Chrétien de Troyes’ Arthurian Romances. I read them in English years ago, but thought it was about time I found a French copy (I’ll also find the original Old French version one day); I’d forgotten how raunchy some of the scenes between Erec & Enide are…


(Caryl prompt from skhskh1996)

If Rosita standing on the roof with a butterfly net and staring down into the chimney didn’t raise Daryl’s eyebrows, then what was waiting for him in the living room in front of the hearth surely did.

Carol was squatting in front of the fireplace, and there was a mess of ash splashed in a five foot radius around her. She had a tennis racquet in her hands and was holding a flash light between her teeth. Enid was standing in the exit from the living room to the hallway, squared up like a goalie with two oven mitts on her hands. Eric was in the main hallway doing the same, only he had also donned an umpire mask.

The sight looked like some kind of modern take on a Renaissance painting.

“What?” Daryl prompted.

Eric, the closest, glanced at him and whispered urgently. “There’s something in the chimney.”

“I have a visual!” Rosita’s voice echoed down the chimney.

Daryl heard something scratching around in the shaft of the chimney, and Carol wiggled in her squat, like a cat about the pounce. Daryl folded his arms and looked flatly from Eric to Enid. The teenaged girl returned his stare in equal deadpan measure and offered no comment.

“Is it a squirrel or a bird?” Carol asked.

“Squirrel. I saw the tail,” Rosita answered. “Oh, it’s moving! We have movement!”

“Send it to see me,” Carol instructed.

A horrendous clatter erupted from the top of the chimney. In his mind’s eye, Daryl could see Rosita slamming the aluminum handle of the net against the top of the shaft, trying to startle the squirrel into heading in Carol’s direction. God, he hoped somebody had a camera outside and was getting that.

Abruptly, in a cloud of ash, a little ball of fluff came erupting from the chimney. Carol let out a shriek, swinging the racquet too late to make contact. She stood up too fast and nearly wiped out, grabbing at the mantle for balance. The squirrel darted across the floor and over the couch. Daryl took a step back, arms folded, as Eric stepped forward.

“I got it!” he bellowed, making a mad grab for the tiny beast.

The squirrel took one look at the mitted hands of the flailing ginger and changed trajectory, bolting toward the closed windows. It slammed headfirst into the glass pane, dropping to the floor, momentarily stunned. Carol reached up into the chimney and closed the chute, so it couldn’t escape the way it’d come. Daryl could hear Rosita scrambling down a ladder to join the battle in the living room.

“Shit, shit!” Enid bounced from one side of the doorway to the other. “It’s behind the recliner!”

As soon as she said it, the squirrel sprinted out from under the recliner, knocking a few picture frames off the side table as it tried to make it back to the fireplace. Carol lunged and practically landed on it. She yelped in surprise and involuntarily spasmed off the floor. She made a wild kick as the squirrel evaded her, only serving to smash her shin against the coffee table leg.

The squirrel made a beeline for Enid then, and the girl pulled a move from the Matrix to avoid it, even as the squirrel almost perfectly launched itself into her arms. Enid caught the thing like a baseball in her left oven mitt. She immediately closed the right mitt over it, creating a cage out of green floral oven mitts.

“Don’t let go!” Eric snapped into action first, hurrying over to her.

Enid held her closed hands out like she was holding a bomb. Her eyes were wide as the realization of what she’d just done dawned on her.

“Ohhhh what do I do?” she asked. “It’s squirming. What do I do now?!”

Carol scrambled to her knees, covered in soot and still wielding her deadly racquet. “Throw it outside.”

Rosita barged in through the back door, skidding to a stop behind Enid. “No, it’ll just come right back inside!”

“Break its neck,” Daryl offered nonchalantly. “We can make stew later.”

All eyes shifted over to him. Carol appeared to have just then noticed that he was even there.

“Yeah,” Carol pointed at Enid, though her eyes took an extra second to move from Daryl to the girl. “Do that.”

“What?” Enid squeaked. “How do I do that?”

“You just grab it around the neck and—“ Daryl stopped when he noted Enid’s awkward hold on the writing squirrel between the insulated mitts.

“Here,” Rosita stepped in.

She probed around the mitt cage and managed to get a hold of the squirrel. She got the thing in her hands, drawing her knife as she carried it outside so as not to make a mess.

Enid shook herself, removing the oven mitts and shaking herself again. “Gross.”

Eric lifted his umpire mask. “All things considered, I think that went well.”

Daryl moved around the couch and gave Carol a once-over, while she glared flatly at him.

“We had to act fast. There was no time for finesse,” she said before he could comment.

“Hey, I get it,” Daryl eyed her up and down. “Just weird seein’ you dirtier than I am.”

Carol lifted a finger. “Watch it, buddy. That’s strike two.”

“Two? What was the first one?” he asked.

“Being a spectator and not helping,” she said, holding up two fingers.

Daryl lifted his shoulders. “I was just enjoying the show.”

Eric wound up like a pitcher. “That’s three. Yerrrr outta here!” He gestured toward the door.

Daryl reached over and smacked the umpire mask back down over Eric’s face. The other man squawked indignantly and wrestled out of the mask.

Carol snorted and started to dust the soot and ash off her knees and elbows. The stuff poofed into the air in little tufts, and she gave up quickly.

“Wait, hold still,” Daryl said, reaching for her face. “You got a little something…”

He brushed away a thumb’s worth of soot from her nose, ignoring the rest of the stuff that caked every inch of her.

“Got it,” he said, giving her a shit-eating grin.

Enid huffed and headed out the back door. “You guys are such DORKS.”