eric & pam

What Happens in Fangtasia

Pairing: Winchesters x friend!Reader, Lafayette, Eric Northman, Pam
Word count: 900

Part 4 of Fairies, Really?

You were currently on the dance floor, moving your hands up your body, through your hair. While you knew that Sam wanted to get in and out, you opted to have fun, too. Before you could even get to question Eric and Pam, you had to catch Eric’s attention. Cue you pulling out the sexiest dance moves that you could, even turning yourself on in the process. If Sam wasn’t touching you later on that night, you’d need to take things into your own hands. The thought made you bite your lip.

Sam leaned against the bar watching you dance, he licked his lips as your hands slid up your body, wishing they were his hands. He bit back a snarl as some asshole slid up behind you, putting his hands on your hips like you belonged to him. Stepping away from the bar, he crossed to where you were and grabbed the guy’s arm pulling him away from you. Sam didn’t flinch as the guy flashed fangs at him, he just leveled him with a cold gaze.

You had stopped moving as soon you felt unknown hands on your waist. You spun when the hands were suddenly gone, biting back a curse when you noticed Sam. The vamp in question walked away, leaving you to notice that half the attention was now on the two of you. A quick side glance to where Eric sat on his throne showed that he was particularly interested in the spectacle, forced you to make a quick decision and grab Sam’s hand and yank him towards you. Your chest was barely brushing his, and he could feel your hot breath on his bare chest.

There was no way to know if Eric could hear what was said between the two of you, or if those around you would tell him. So, your eyes locked with his, letting him know to play nice. Your bodies were so close together that you could feel every little muscle move. “Touch me.” You breathed, turning to move against him.

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