Eric x Reader

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Fandom: Divergent Series

Character: Eric Coulter 

Request: So I’d like to request an Eric Coulter oneshot where the reader is an Amity transfer and Peter is bothering her about the free love stuff and Eric overhears and says something to Peter (like he’s sticking up for her or something). And she shyly thanks him after Peter leaves and Eric just gives her a nod and a small smile that only she notices before he walks out of the training room and then she smiles to herself? I know it’s a pretty weird request but imagining that all in my head just makes me smile. Thank you so much:)

Requested by: lust-for-pan

Word Count: 898


    Transferring from one faction to another is a huge decision. One that can make or break your family. The decision is hard for everyone and the results can be as easily shocking. No transfer shocked everyone more than your decision to go from Amity, the peaceful faction, to Dauntless, the brave faction. The complete opposite of your original faction. Your family was shocked, but true to their roots. They didn’t make a commotion about you leaving, on the contrary, they supported you. This was a huge help considering your new Dauntless family wouldn’t be as accepting.

    The train ride to the Dauntless faction wasn’t too difficult. You had practiced running here and there in the fields in Amity. You weren’t the fastest, but you definitely weren’t the slowest. Jumping off the train was one of the scariest, yet most thrilling moments of your life. You knew at that moment you had made the right decision to transfer.

    You were in the back of the line as people jumped to an unknown location to get accepted into Dauntless. The leader, Eric, intrigued you. You thought he was a bit intimidating yet handsome. You would glance at him from time to time, but he didn’t notice you until it was your turn to jump. Knowing you were form Amity, Eric didn’t think you would jump. The rest of the transfers agreed. But much to their surprise and his, you did. Once you landed on the net, and everyone asked for your name, you responded with. “ Y/N.” Everyone welcomed you.

    Soon enough you settled in and had only made one acquaintance. A girl from Candor. You were too quiet to start a conversation with anyone and make more friends so you were happy she had approached you. Plus, your only friend would be an honest one. You were happy with that.

    You hadn’t met everyone, yet. Until training started. That’s when you were introduced to everyone who was fighting to stay in Dauntless. That included the ever so ill-tempered Peter Hayes. 

     “ Hey, we got ourselves a brave little tree-hugger over here.” Peter said as he approached you along with a few other people. Wanting to not cause a scene, you quietly tried to walk away and avoid him, but he was faster and ended up wrapping his arm around your shoulder, keeping you in place. Still not wanting to cause a scene, you decided to wait it out. Maybe they wouldn’t bother you too much.

     “ How does a free loving hippie as yourself end up here, huh?” Peter asked you, shaking you a bit. You contemplated your answer before you said it. “ W-Well I wanted to join the faction my instincts told me to join.” You quietly answered his question hoping he would finally leave you alone. You were wrong. It only made him want to mess with you more. 

     “ Instincts?! Ha! The only instincts you have are singing songs about nature and dancing over a fire while you have that idiotic smile on your face.” He laughed along with his friends. You weren’t sure how to respond. You weren’t in Amity anymore, but you were too early on in the transferring stage to forget what they taught you. You were taught to ignore the insults thrown your way and instead forgive your enemy and show them peace. But you wanted to prove you were part of Dauntless now. You just weren’t sure what to say. 

     “ And the only instincts you have are to be an asshole, right initiate.” A voice behind you commented. You all turned to the voice to see it was Eric. He was staring at Peter with narrowed eyes waiting on an answer. Peter looked at him unamused and sighed,” Right.” He hesitantly began to walk away with his little group when Eric spoke up once more. “ Initiate. You cause another stunt like that and you’re out. I don’t accept any attention seekers here in Dauntless.” He warned him. Peter only looked back at him and walked away muttering a few incoherences under his breath. Rest assured he wouldn’t bother you again. At least not under Eric’s watch.

     You stood there not knowing how to thank Eric. He intimidated you a bit, still, but after he stood up for you, you knew deep inside he was kind. Even if it was hidden very well.

     “ Thank you.” You shyly thanked Eric. You looked up at him noticing he was already staring at you with a blank face. You stared at him waiting for his response. The whole time he had been analyzing you. Trying to figure you out. You had been so quiet and standoffish all this time. You were a mystery to him. A mystery he wanted to solve.

     The corner of his lips pulled up into a small smile as he nodded at you. You were a bit shocked seeing a happy emotion show on his face, but nevertheless you were happy to be the only one to get that emotion out of him.

     Soon after he walked away and you stood there smiling to yourself. Looking around you noticed no one else had seen or acknowledged the interaction you and Eric had just had. This made you smile even more. The moment you two just had was just yours and his. No one else’s. 

Who knew you two would have more moments like these…


hope you liked it! :)


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Make Me (Eric x Reader)

Character: Eric Coulter

Fandom: Divergent

Title: Make Me

Requested by @purityimagines:
Divergent Eric imagine where he dumps you for another girl and you work for Candor and when he gets the truth serum on him he confesses how much he misses you and how he messed up and he says he loves you that he would do anything?

Dauntless was still baffling for me. I didn’t understand why they were so noisy, reckless and spry. Why they were crazy enough to jump off trains and risk their lives like that with impossible stunts.

I often found myself thinking that I would never fit in that faction, that I would never have anything to do with it. And then I met Eric.

He was a pure Dauntless, filled with tattoos and piercings that characterized the members of that faction that always wore black. It was almost like we were opposites.

Members of my faction, Candor, wore white. We had our similarities with the other factions.

We could be calm, serene and peaceful like Amity. We appreciated order and truth and harmony like Erudite. We could even be kind, even if not as much as Abnegation.

But not with Dauntless. I couldn’t think of one single thing we had in common with them. Yet I was so crazy for Eric, maybe precisely because he was completely different to what I had known all my life.

And I was actually visiting him because, despite it all, I had missed him so much.

As soon as I spotted him, I grinned to myself and walked over to him.

“Hi” I greeted him, my grin widening.

When his eyes fell on me, his lips curved up as well while he eyed me up and down intensely.

“Hey there” In a second he had wrapped his strong arms around me and smirked as he pushed me into him.

I probably blushed by his fierceness because there were many Dauntless around us and I was quite self-conscious about it.

Before I could say anything or push him away, he was kissing me. He had already smashed his lips against me in lust.

Giggling, I firmly placed my hands on his shoulders and pushed him away.

“Stop it…” I averted my gaze from him even though I knew how amused and smug he was about me getting so shy.

“Make me” Eric just told me, staring right into my eyes.

I dared to hold his glare, so I let my eyes land on his.

After a brief pause in which we just stared into our eyes, Eric just smirked.

He kissed me passionately again and I gladly gave in.


I was calmly working, trying to keep my mind busy so I could keep the pain away. Because every type I let my mind wander off, it ended up thinking about him. And it hurt.

We were perfectly okay, our relationship being like it usually was. Nothing had changed between us, and if it did I didn’t notice at all.

Yet one day he came saying me that we were over, that he didn’t want to be with me anymore and that he didn’t love me. I asked if there was another girl, and he didn’t reply, he just smirked a little. Which was a definite yes.

I never thought I would love someone like him, and I should never have. That way I would still be okay and my heart wouldn’t be broken.

Yet I couldn’t really hate him, even if I wanted to. I was oddly attracted to him in a way that I couldn’t express.

Eric was still present even if he wasn’t actually next to me. I perfectly remember what his presence made me feel, the feeling of his hands and his arms connecting with my skin, the fierce and attractive look in his eyes as he looked down to me and smirked.

I could almost hear his raspy and low voice talking to me in that smug way of his.

“You look fine today” A voice said behind me, making me squeak loudly.

I turned around and saw him standing there, the usual smirk plastered on his lips as he eyed me.

Angrily, I turned around and tried to recover from the scare.

“You Dauntless need to learn manners” I said dryly to try and hide how startled I was by his sudden arrival.

Eric let out an amused guffaw and walked closer to me.

“Not gonna happen any time soon” Soon enough, he was right behind me and he placed a hand on my hip smoothly.

“What are you doing here?” I asked him rudely as I swatted his hand away from me.

“Get you back, hopefully” He replied coolly, staring at me in that way of his.

That way that usually made me feel so special and even crazier about him, that made me want to smack my lips on his. But not that time.

It made me think of how many girls he had looked like that. He just went out with one, got tired of her and dropped her just to be with a different one.

“Not gonna happen any time soon” I made fun of him, repeating his own words.

“What’s your problem, babe?”

“I’ll tell you what my problem is: you!”

I made a pause to lick my lips and get prepared to spill it all out while I placed the things I was working with back on their place. Then I turned around and threw him a harsh glance.

“You’re a womanizer, you disgust me” I was glad to be in Candor, because I could be brutally honest with him. “If you loved me you wouldn’t be with any other women”

“No, Y/N, you’re wrong”

“Am I?”

“It’s true that I was with many women, but never at the same time” For the first time since I knew him, I didn’t find any hints of smugness or a flirtatious behavior. “I’ve gone out with one girl after another after another”

“Oh, that makes me feel so special” I wasn’t used to use sarcasm, but I was so angry that I couldn’t help it. 

I was about to walk away when he held me by the arm, and he was so strong that I didn’t even try to struggle. I just resigned myself, but I refused to look him in the eyes.

“I realized that no matter how many girls I went out with, they weren’t you”

“It’s so easy to say that” I angrily tried to snatch my arm away from his grip, but he reinforced it.

“If you don’t believe me, use the serum” Eric told me, his voice calm as though he was not fazed by the idea at all.

Realizing it was the only way to know he wasn’t lying, I didn’t think twice.

I picked up a dosage of the truth serum and stared at Eric for a moment before I did anything. I was going to use the serum. That way he would tell the truth no matter what.

He didn’t flinch as I sank the needle on his thick neck, and he didn’t even bat an eye. The both of us stared at each other for a moment, lingering on the silence that had settled in the room.

I decided to keep quiet and wait for him to say something, so I just held his glare patiently.

“I messed up, okay?” Eric finally frowned as he piped up. “You always were the one, but I didn’t realize until it was too late”

Again, he tried to place his hands on my hips, but I pushed him away and took a step back as I still observed him. I wanted him to keep on talking, and I refused to let him touch me. At least, not yet.

Pursing my lips in rage and helplessness, I resolved to just keep looking at him.

Eric just made a pause to reciprocate the glare before he carried on speaking.

“As soon as you left, I began missing you and it made me realize how much I love you and how much I fucked up” It was the first time his voice sounded so serious and factual around me, and it baffled me.

I looked into his eyes to try and read them even if I knew that the serum had to be working and what he was saying had to be the truth. He wasn’t a Divergent and couldn’t resist it. I would know if he were.

“You’re right, you did” Was all I said even if his words were starting to change my mind.

I wanted to forgive him so bad, to have what we had back. To have him back.

But I didn’t want to let him hurt me like that again, I didn’t want to show him such weakness. I wanted to be proud and strong for once, I didn’t want to feel so vulnerable.

“And I’ll do anything” As he spoke, he slowly and cautiously walked closer to me.

He tried to wrap his arms around my figure and that time I let him. I was prepared to intervene if he dared to tempt fate by kissing me or something along those lines, but he didn’t.

“You’d still have to show you mean it” I reluctantly said, hating and loving that I was forgiving him after all even if I would allow everything to be like it was so easily. “And make it up for me”

As he fiercely brought me closer to him so our fronts rested against each other, he smirked.

“Make me” Eric said it in a whisper, but his voice still sounded powerful and teasing.

I held his chin and challenging stared into his eyes, with a daring and savage glare.

“I will” I just told him in the same tone he used.

I felt how his smirk widened.

“Now go” I pushed him away and turned around without looking at him again. “I have work to do”

Since he had been telling the truth, I was keen of forgiving him that mistake. But he was stupid if he really thought everything was okay just like that. I was not going to let him do something like that ever again. And he knew.

While I pretended like I was focused on my work again, I intently listened without looking over my shoulder to him.

For a few seconds he didn’t move, but then I heard his footsteps growing distant. And I smirked.


For anon…enjoy the two adorable men!

You smiled lazily as you peeked your head up from your desk. Callen was staring down at you with an amused smirk. He held two coffees in his hand.

“Late night?” he teased.
You groaned slightly. “Too long of a stakeout.”
“Well, I suppose it’s a good thing I brought an extra coffee.”

Your head shot up in slight sheepishness.

“That’s really sweet of you Cal, but Eric…”
“Eric what?”
“I got her a cup of coffee already,” Eric said from behind Callen.

The agent spun to see the tech with a straight face. Callen faced you once again.

“He stopped by an hour ago,” you admitted before pushing yourself away from your desk, “I suppose you also stopped by to tell us about a case.”
Eric nodded with a smile. “Yeah. Hetty wants us all up in Ops.”

You smirked, grabbing the coffee cup. You snatched the one from Callen as well. He gave you a look of surprise. You winked playfully.

“Who says a girl can’t have two coffees?”

Callen chuckled as you ascended the stairs. When you were out of sight, Callen began to size up Eric. He squinted his eyes.

“An hour early, huh?”
“Yup. Came in to de-frag my harddrive,” Eric replied with a poker face.
“Right,” Callen drawled, “How about we don’t keep Hetty waiting.”

Callen moved past Eric just as the tech let a smirk slip. He knew Callen loved you as well, but he would win you over. He had to.

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