eri rps

Christmas rp

Erie was once again curled up in her bed, hiding from the world as she tried to make her way through another year of winter time depression. She felt like she didn’t have any energy or motivation to do much of anything and it was Christmas eve. Shs was on the verge of another nap, her sixth one that day, when she heard the front door open downstairs, alerting her to Francis’ arrival back home and she was glad but she still couldn’t make herself move. All she wanted to do was cuddle and be held by him so she could feel safe but she wasn’t sure he could tell that’s what she wanted and she didn’t want to ask. She hated feeling like she was being needy and asking would make her feel like she was being clingy.


Kai Lap Dance

Miwa sat on the middle of the sofa both of his arms out stretched on both sides of the ledge of the sofa. He waited for Kai to give him his well deserved reward thanks to a certain person who he wasn’t going to name. He did need to thank the person later. Looked over at Kai wearing a maid outfit and couldn’t help my smile. “Hey Kai, I just wanted to let you know that you look good in that Maid outfit,” he smirked.  

The outfit:

Mutant fluffy Machamps?

Being a new ranger recruit seemed to be the best thing to have ever happened to Stan. Ever since his mother told him to go out and check Almia things seemed to have been going pretty good for him. Even his pokemon partner was a hardy female Litleo who just loved to follow him around and help out…


“Uh… are you that one higher up ranger? I was told to follow you and watch so that I can learn how to deal with rouge pokemon situations.” He said a bit nervously even if he was exited for his first day on the job. While he wasn’t sure who he was looking for this blonde man seemed to be his best bet.


Vampire au closed rp

Erie had just gotten off of her shift at the pub she worked at down on main street and since she didn’t live too far she was walking back home. She had counted all of her tips at the bar and placed them in her purse and was walking with her head held high, a hand on her pepper spray just in case. As she was walking she got the strange feeling like she was being watched and since it was so late at night she wasn’t sure where the stares were coming from.

She was rounding a corner when that feeling was made worse and she was approached by two men, one from behind and the other from the front, blocking her path. She grit her teeth and looked at their faces, tightening her grip on her purse and she tried to make a run for it but she was grabbed from behind while the other man tried ripping her purse from her hands. “Le’ go of me!” She yelled and fought back as best she could.


Chrysanthemums || Yumiko || Attn: Eri

After the somewhat long limosine ride, Yumiko had trouble falling asleep on with how excited she was..she was going to be on BB HPA! That was the ultimate dream for her, being a huge Big Brother fan herself. Having the chance to participate in it herself though was beyond her wildest dreams, but she would take it.

Yumiko was waiting for her turn to go in, she thought that a certain person looked pretty familiar but..she was not going to bother her just was time to explore! She was so excited. Yumiko took her bag, which was draped around her shoulder and headed into the house when it was her turn.

Entering the house she took in how beautiful it was..everything was so clean and it smelled wonderful inside the Big Brother house! No longer having her phone was going to be difficult for the florist but, she would get used to it…she would be too busy socializing anyways to worry about texting! Who needs to text when you have so many new friends!

“It’s so beauuutiful here! Aaaaaa! I can’t believe i’m here! Ehehehe!”

Yumiko stomped excitedly, not really paying attention to anyone else as she flailed her limbs. But a certain red haired girl caught her attention…

“Narukami-san! Is that you…! You got invited here too? What a wonderful coincidence! We get to take part in this wonderful experience together!”

The florist moved her way past a couple of the others politely, making her way over to the translator and smiled at her happily.

“It’s so nice to see you again, Narukami-san!”

M!A Eevee & Kitten/Pup Affection

Miwa was waiting at the doorsteps of Kai’s apartment. He was sure what came over him, but he found himself as a little kid and having the desire to please Kai in any shape or form. Without thinking he knocked on the door since he couldn’t wait any longer. As he stood there he wondered if Kai would be pleased that he stood and waited at the door for him, he hoped so. 

Bondage? Bondage. Closed rp.

Erie had been so incredibly stressed out recently and in all homesty she wasn’t sure how to vent her frustrations or worries. She found out about a club that was rumored to help people with their lives, whether they wanted more control by being controlling or chosing to be submissive. Here she was at the front door, showing a flyer to the person at the door who lead her into a room where she filled out paperwork for what she wanted and how much she wanted. This was her introduction to the world of bondage and her new dom whom she’d be meeting with at least once a week.


Closed rp.

Erie had been extremely stressed out lately and needed some kind of release, somewhere she could be herself and not have to worry about being judged. She found a flyer for a particular type of club, one that dealt mainly in BDSM and she was at a breaking point so she decided to go and check it out.

When she arrived, she went through a bunch of paperwork that detailed what she wanted and what she was expecting so they could give her what she wanted. After everything was filled out she went for a visitation with the man they had decided to put her with as her dom so they could talk before making a schedule of when she’d come in for her appointments with him.