eri angely

A Chaotic Date

Matt pulled his hair up, looked in the mirror and pulled it back down. He then braided it, took a look and pulled it out. He eyed the scissors.

“If you cut your hair, I’m going to shove them up your ass,” Ang threatened when she saw him looking at them. He sighed and pouted.

“What if she doesn’t like me?” Matt whined. “This is my first date with Eris. Well this Eris.” She walked over to him, running her hand through his hair, fixing it for him so that it laid gracefully on his shoulders.

“I’m glad you went back to the blond, you look better.”

“I’m too washed out as a blond. I should have stayed with the black, all the others look better,” he whined.

“Lies and slander, Matthew. You look perfect. Eris will love you. She loves all of us.”

“Yeah but she’s never been with me. She’s been with a version of you, and just knowing one of you is enough to love all of you.” Ang ducked her head as she blushed. He tilted up her face up to his and kissed her gently.

“You dorky charmer,” she said as she gave him another kiss. “You’ll be fine.” He shut his mouth, not bothering to point out how he had all this history with their Eris and none with this one. What if she found him annoying or something? It would be his fault if she didn’t and then it would be his fault for breaking up what the five of them once had. Ang loved Eris just as strongly as she loved him, all of them and if Eris love him, hell, like him, then everything would go to shit.

No pressure.

“Right. I’m off,” he said with an unsure smile. He was probably off to ruin everything.

“You’ll be fine mon chou.” She gave him another kiss as he turned to walk out of the bathroom. “Matthew?” she called after him.


“You might want to put some pants on, at the very least.” She giggled when he realized that he had been playing with his hair so much, he forgot to actually get dressed.

“Quiet witch,” he said as he blushed with his whole body, making her cackle.


Matt had put aside his usual hoodies for a proper suit. He adjusted his tie, done nicely up in a trinity knot, his fingers caressing the folds of cloth. For some reason he always found the design comforting. He shifted the pot in his hands, looking down at the plant again. He was unsure if she’d like it. 

She was Eris, she would like it. She was Eris, the runner of the Circus, a future goddess. She had to like it. 

He stared at it.

She was going to hate it. She’d think that he thought she was a one trick pony. He looked around for a place to stash the plant and hid it behind the dumpster. He needed to make sure she liked him. He had to impress her that he was worth liking and keeping around. That while he was a Matt, he was irreplaceable. That’s why he dyed his hair back to his natural color. He needed to stand out. No matter how much he hated standing out.

He straightened up and dusted himself off. He could do this.


He took a breath and knocked on the door to her warehouse.