MONSTERS - SCO’s  Winning Halloween Skit 

Here it is! Video of the Class of 2012’s SCO winning Halloween skit! 

Thats 2 in a row now Class of 2012. Be proud of how dedicated your Senior Class Officers are to making your Senior Year as exciting as possible!

Big props to SCO Members Eliseo Escobar and Arianne for heading a vast majority of the skit. For Trina Pasumbal and our sponsor Pak for organizing the skit arrangement, helping with the storyline and choreographing the fight scenes. Most importantly ALL OF SCO for working so hard. 

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“ Me and you, we could rule the world. ‘Cause no one is gonna mess with me I’m a MONSTER. ” 


DustBowl 2011 Cheer-Off: The Juniors

heres the footage you guys! We won the cheer-off! Oh yeah! <3

probably not the best one but this is the footage of our EagleRockHSTV

GO 2012!

Watch on


A special meessage from underground hip-hop artist Dumbfounded.

Seniors! Are you getting excited about Prom? Dumbfounded is! 

Please remember to clear your hours soon Seniors! Prom tickets this senior week at $105 and will increase $5 each week! Last day to purchase your prom ticket is May 30th.

:') <3

We won. 

We won the Dustbowl cheer-off! We won! Our Juniors boys became cheerleaders for the day and WE ROCKED IT! Good job Seniors, your performance was great too. In some parts of it we thought we really would lose… BUT WE DIDNT! HOORAY! ALL THAT HARDWORK! I honestly didnt think I would have so much fun with all of this as a coach. Then again, what I dreamed of as a sophomore cannot compare to the actual experience of it all, and being a Junior too.

Im so glad to be a part of a class that shows so much enthusiasm for going all out in any peformance really <3

I’ll post our performance later :)


We are now taking suggestions for class names! :)

If you know one that you think rightly represents our class, send it to us! Please include your name, a translation, why you think that class name should be chosen.

Here are some example from past class’s:

Class of 2011 : The Vincinians - The Conquerers
Class of 2010 : The Aristonians - The Best Ones
Class of 2008 : The Eunicians - The Victorious Ones

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Eagle Rock High School Presents:


2011 vs. 2012

Come watch as The Vincinians battle the Juniors! Girls play flag football and Guys cheerlead! Who will win???

with a Pee Wee Bowl Special! 
7th grade vs. 8th grade

Located at The ERHS Football Field
Oak Grove Drive, Los Angeles CA 90041

March 19, 2011
Football field gates open at 12:15
Pee Wee Bowl starts at 12:30 

TICKETS: $3 for Students & $5 for Adults