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AJ: Ain’t ya heard of knockin’?! 

AB: Well sorry yer dumb girlfriend won’t stop texting me, and I wanna get to sleep! 

AJ: She ain’t my girlfriend! 

AB: Whatever! It’s not like I walked in on ya doin’ something! 

AJ: Erhm, y-yeah… 

AB: Wait, eatin’ skittles in bed. Oh my gosh, that’s so gross! 

AJ: Please don’t tell nobody about this.

Mod: Hey, just wanted to take a little break from the Nerd Off. To keep things from feelin’ too heavy. Comic references this.

THANATOS NiGHT - Tower Record Tokuten 「Translation」


The content might be confusing if you don’t listen to the CD, I would suggest to read while listening.

And feel free not to read, if you can understand the CD ww


The translation is under cut, have fun~

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  • Desmond Lives after the temple thing and is in charge of training new novices
  • Novice 1: Master! It's such a pleasure to meet you, how are you going to train us? we are all excited
  • Desmond: Erhm well...
  • Novice 2: Yeah we all want to know how one of the greatest assassin's of our time trained!
  • Desmond: ok guys being fair I got trained inside the animus while I was relieving the live of my ancestors in the search of the apple of eden to end the templar orders plan while at the same time we were running away from them in the real world, and I kind of had only like 2 weeks of actual in real life training, and some missions where I had to do free running to retrieve the apple of eden, and then I was send to kill a bunch of templars after we found out about the precursors and then I had like 2 missions more before setting Juno free and saving the world and getting this neat black arm so... I guess we are doing push ups today?


Jared looks over at you through the big pane of glass, with the goofiest face you’ve ever seen. You laugh, but there was no way he could’ve heard. You check your phone for the time: 6 AM.

“Remind me why I agreed to wake up this early?” you say to your best friend, who you brung to Jared’s radio interview.

“Because you’re here to support your boyfriend. Why you had to drag me here, I will never understand,” she yawned.

“Couldn’t I support him from the warmth of my bed?” you answered, and turned back over to the interview. Jared had his eyes on you the whole time, while Tomo and Shannon laughed about something the radio host said. For the next couple of minutes, the two of you make silly faces at one another.

“You guys are really weird,” your friend smirked.

“Jared?” the host asks, as Jared returns his attention back to him. Jared shakes his head, apologetically.

“I’m sorry,” Jared laughs, “What was your question, again?” The host turns around in his chair to look over at you, who was, at this point, bright red with embarrassment.

“Okay, I see what’s going on here,” the interviewer chuckled, “So how long have the two of you been together?”

“Well, um,” Jared stuttered, “Erhm a while now, yeah, we actually really care about one another.”

“Woah,” your best friend groaned, “Somehow you have managed to turn the great Jared Leto speechless!” You couldn’t help but to worry whether you had just botched a career opportunity for the band. You would never be able to forgive yourself.

“Well you seem to be really smitten, the two of you have been spotted almost everywhere together,” the host said. You put you face into your hands and could not believe this was happening.

“Yeah, she’s-um,” Jared rubbed his forehead, “She’s really special.” Your eyes meet for a split second before you nervously dart them away.


After the show, Jared joins you outside while waiting for Shannon, Tomo and your best friend to drive up in the car and take you home.

“Hey you,” you felt Jared put his hand around your back as you wrapped yours around his neck, “You alright?”

“Yeah, that got very awkward very fast,” you added.

“I meant it, you know,” Jared lowered his voice, “Everything I said in there, I meant all of it.”

“Really?” you froze, scared that if you were to move you would ruin a perfectly good moment between the two of you. Jared pulled you in, your lips meeting.

“Does that answer your question?” he smiled. You laughed and leaned back into a kiss.

“Get a room!” you hear Shannon shout from inside the car that just drove up to the both of you.

“Let’s go,” Jared whispers and helps you into the car.

Hi there im back with another “theory”

[skip this rambling of mine] Sorry to some of you who have been waiting for my post (tbh I don’t feel my post is worth the wait, they’re just… delulu thoughts) and have been messaging where am I or if I am fine etc…  I disappear for a while bc 1. University/college assignments: it seems this semester my professors/lectures try to kill us slowly, 2. I don’t mean to disrespect anybody but there were lots of drama here, like “Kaisoo is dead/broke up/not close anymore” etc and tbh those things made me sad, I’m already dying enough bc of the papers I need to do to survive my student life, I couldn’t afford to be sad bc my otp’s gayness wasn’t exposed in public like it used to be.

Erhm, yeah… again I remind you this is how I see things, it doesn’t mean they’re true. I do not know these boys personally. I repeat: this is how I see them, how I perceive them, and I’m deluded af so don’t take my words seriously.

Now, what I want to talk about is sexism (what?)

Yeah you heard me.


Not long ago Soo wore a gray long-sleeved shirt with a big yellow embroidery rectangle patched on the front of his shirt (on the right side of the chest area) and “gender equality” was written on it, clear, bold and vivid. (I don’t have the picture but I remember the uploader put #equality gender then #love wins on the tags)

And when Nini babysat Tae0h, he taught the kid to protect women (he said something about; Tae0h needs to be strong like iron man so he could protect his sister and his mother). (I don’t have the picture/gif, but if you have watched the episode/have seen the gifs on his tag, you’ll know what I am talking about)

This idea struck me when I read an article about S.K having new curriculum which is teaching their young students about the dispute of “comfort women” that existed during Japanese imperialism in Korea. (You can read the article here on Wall Street Journal if you’re interested).

It made me remember about how women are still treated in S.K now. 

I’m NOT saying S.K is a sexist country (I’m not a Korean nor have I lived there, also my knowledge about them and their culture is not enough to label them with such term), I am also aware that there are many countries that are worse than S.K about this matter (my own country is shit too about this matter).

BUT, still, there are many articles about how unequal women are treated there (in S.K), thus it means we can’t say that sexism doesnt exist there bc it does. if it didnt exist nobody would talk about it on internet.

A quite famous blog channel (that shall not be named here) had talked about this before; women are expected to pour drink for men, pretty girls get dragged forcefully into clubs so they would attract more (male) customers, it’s inappropriate for women to smoke in public but not for men, and there’s “women must be pure and still a virgin” before marriage too (or so I have heard, my country has this ‘rule’ too btw. And I think my country has it worse. Basically here if a girl lost her virginity before marriage she would immediately be branded as “slut” “second-handed girl” “don’t have any moral” etc… sigh)

In their dramas too, you have seen how the male protagonist would yank the girl on the wrist to stop her etc.

We can also see it on the radio interview when nini rubbed soo’s hand (when soo had that red hair),

soo saw the camera, pulled nini’s hand lower (did he tried to hide their linked hands behind the desk? lol)

it seemed nini rubbed soo’s thigh?

^^^apparently in the full video (of the interview) baek and a member of the girl group (it was not only exo who got interviewed at that time. and sorry i dont remember which girl group it was, my kpop knowledge is a bit shitty) participated in arm wrestling, resulted: baek lost, the girl won. AND THEN the host immediately said something like; “A girl should’ve been delicate/soft not strong/brute like that [you].” (sadly I don’t have the link but I swear to god I saw the clip on my dash, or was it on YT? hmm.)

In a different radio interview, Chen also had commented about this. He was asked whether he wanted a boy or a girl as his future child. He chose boy bc he thought having a girl is a worrisome. He said something like, “So many bad things would happen to girls, especially in this [entertainment] industry(?)” (same as above, I don’t have the link. I watched lots of exo interview videos on YT a year ago)

Back to kaisoo. Remember this 

Now connect the dots. Based on what Nini had said, I (and as well many other kaisoo shippers) take that Soo isn’t quiet when Soo is with him. We have been wondering what kind of stuffs these dorks talk about… Imo these 2 talk lots about some deep shit when they’re alone

Ofc, they have their playful moments —

chen was like “chill the fuck out”

soo was like “no! lemme go”

look he only nudged chen

but with soo, he grabbed soo’s arm

— but, I think when they don’t always joke/play around all the time (duh) they would talk about significant things [probably politics, ideologies, etc], not only just chilling. Imo their personalities fit the idea [talking about deep stuffs] bc they don’t seem to be the type to gossip around, [at least not when they’re alone/together IMO].

(Idk prob they would gossip around when they’re not flocked together? like when they hang out with other people? – it had been said that nini hang out with his buddies outside the group (you know who) often, and somehow my mind can’t stop to think that they’re gossiping around when they hang out ( bc his buddies seem to be the playful/teasing type, so I guess they would talk more about lighter topics, but I could be wrong). GUYS gossip too It’s not only women’s things to do.)

Soo also had said this before.

“Mature and sophisticated” Soo wouldn’t say this if both of them don’t talk about some big heavy stuffs often. Often? Well yeah, if they only talked about heavy topics once or twice, Soo wouldn’t have the “sophisticated” impression about Nini (suho seemed to laugh at soo’s words choice tho lol it seemed he didnt believe soo? he did agree with soo tho [in the video], but i think he couldnt disagree  even if he wanted to. bc then it would be unethical? if he did the topic would get dragged on and prob would make soo flustered. he just seems not to be the type to fluster/tease others? if it was baek or chen  i think they would disagree just to mess with soo lol)

(Maybe this is me being delulu but Soo seemed to see Nini in different light (different if we compare it with how other members view nini?), like soo was entranced yet proud at the same time about Nini? like he glorifies him? no, it’s too extreme, like… he sees nini in higher level? 

bc not only he chose nini to be the mature and thinking in sophiscated one (i mean there are xiumin and suho in the group, why nini?), 

soo chose nini to be the most handsome guy in exo (others voted for themselves but soo voted for nini thus nini won - nini had 2 votes, others had 1, soo had 0 bc he gave his vote for nini), 

soo chose nini as the member with the best body in exo (even shindong said, “no, i mean between the 3 [baeksoochen] of you” he still didnt want to change his answer), 

soo had said it twice that he would fall for kai [1st. bc of nini’s perfomance - this is in magazine interview i think? i dont remember , 2nd. would fall [in love] if he was a girl - exoluxion japan] (gdi low-key much)  

erhm…im drifting out from the main topic, sorry.

What am I trying to imply in this post is that kaisoo might or might not have discussed about how unfair women are often treated/sexism? I can’t put a theory which one of them had the idea first/initiating the conversation about this matter but my guts telling me it’s Soo? Since he wore the shirt first, then Nini said those things (protect girls) later on

Sure, Soo might’ve just worn that shirt for fun. But remember this guy has a good English pronunciation, seems to favor English songs, watches quite a lot Hollywood mainstream movies. His English isn’t bad. He must’ve known what that “gender equality” tag means when he decided to wear it.

And Nini too. Some of you might’ve thought that he said those words to please the female fans/boost his image. But if he did, then why he said that? He could’ve chosen others sweet words to make the girls squeal. Imo he was genuine when he said those lines.

I think that’s it.

Sorry if this isn’t a “theory” about KAISOO IZ REALL but it’s more leaning towards to how close they are. Bc imo people need to be really close – especially people with KaiSoo’s personality [reserved] – to talk about such deep matter like this (IF they DID talk about it*, bc this is just a theory folks, im not saying this is true happened to them). At least I do. I won’t talk about ideologies/principles to people whom I’m not close with (bc i’m afraid my view would be judged or frowned upon or belittled).

Again, this is just how I view them. Thank you for reading.  Sorry for some mistakes, English isn’t my native language :)

I’m not sorry if this is too long, and too deluded, go complain at me and i’ll send you my sloth pictures collection.  SUE ME FOR BEING A DELUDED TRASH.


INTJ and INFJ went to the theater to see Manon Lescaut - awfully favourite lovestory written as a hopelesly romantic poem, that none of them have ever read of course. After the show ended, they sit by cloakroom waiting for toilet.

INFJ: *about main female character* So… basically she was just young naive bitch who cares more about expensive gifts than love and devotion.
INTJ: *quiet*
INFJ: *doubtfully* Or… erhm… I know how terribly it sounds but… Am I right? I mean, people love this story, talking about how romantic it is, but I don’t why. It’s just like… stupid soap-opera… Erhm…  
INTJ: Yeah, you are right.
INFJ: *passionately* She was seriously a total whore!

BTS series; Are you bulletproof?

PART EIGHT<<                                                                             >>PART TEN 

PART NINE ”Playing with fire”

Word count: 3.3k

Where you left off: Picking a white lace lingerie for tonight’s dinner, you decided to buy a red, blue and pink one. Jessica was smiling like crazy when you handed your credit card to the cashier, she knew she had done a great job.

“10 minutes until dinner, are you ready?” She asked.

“I think so.” You replied, still unsure if this was the right thing.

“Great, our ride is here. LET’S GOOOO” She giggled as she walked towards the entrance while dancing a bit. You walked behind her, but couldn’t leave the thought of how the boys would react to your “new” look.

“Please let this be a successful evening…” You whispered, low enough for only you to hear.

You felt your sweaty hands, as you fiddle with the chain of your necklace. You looked over at Jessica, who was changing to a pink dress. Oddly enough she had an emergency kit in her bag, where she stored a dress and makeup. Luckily for her, she didn’t need other pair of shoes, when the ones she already wore was perfect enough. She had everything in that kit, perfume, dress, hair pins and makeup. It was like she got it, just for this occasion.

“Who are you, Dora the explorer?” You chuckled, as you looked at her struggling with the eyeliner

“Maybe I am, just the sexy version” She replied.

Giggling a bit over her answer, you thought about the boys. What would they be wearing? What if you stood out too much? There was no turning back now and you got more nervous as you got closer to the restaurant.

Jessica was lucky enough to finish her eyeliner before the car stopped outside the restaurant and she gave you a thumb up on her good work.

“Ready?” She asks, as she put her hand on the car door handle.

You took a deep breath, as you looked at yourself.

“Ready.” You finally answered.

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