Paul: Daniel, I’m so happy to be doing this Q&A with you!

Paul: If it was my last day I would be in a penthouse suite at the Ergife…and I’d do whatever makes Daniel happy.

Daniel: Both myself and Elijah look alike.

Paul: I cry over women all the time and by women I mean Daniel.

Daniel: On my first date with Paul he took me to Burger King, Paul is cheap!
Paul: I took him to Burger King because I heard that Daniel is easy!

Paul: Being in Rome is a wonderful experience!

Paul: I made a short in Poland. It was wonderful, I spent a lot of my life in Poland.

Daniel: I was working at Planet Hollywood and Paul came in and gave me one of the biggest tips I ever made.
Paul: (talking about Daniel) I thought he was cute!

Paul: When Phoebe comes home I ask her if she kissed Daniel.

Paul: It will be like Snow White, Damon will kiss Elena and nothing will happen and then I will kiss her and she will wake up! True love!

Paul: I love Nina, I saw her last week in a parking garage, she’s doing great… she was begging for change.

Daniel: Paul has nice finger nails.

What would you do if you met your characters? Daniel: It would be a double date!

What do you think of Elijah with Hayley?
Paul: I don’t like it!

Credit: @/Con_Diaries and @/Silmosetti