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Because Mac’s smirks, smiles and laughs give me life.

All gifs from MacGyver 1x19 “Compass”

Is Baby Avengers stories about adventures Kamala wishes she’d had with Avengers past, or is Baby Avengers like Muppet Babies, and it’s lil’ Thor and lil’ Tony Stark and Kamala is their Nanny?

From “Champions” #1.MU.




1. excess; an excessive amount:
    a surfeit of speechmaking.

2. excess or overindulgence in eating or drinking.

3. an uncomfortably full or crapulous feeling due to excessive eating or drinking.

4. general disgust caused by excess or satiety.

Verb (used with object)

5. to bring to a state of surfeit by excess of food or drink.

6. to supply with anything to excess or satiety; satiate.

Verb (used without object)

7. to eat or drink to excess.

8. to suffer from the effects of overindulgence in eating or drinking.

9. to indulge to excess in anything.

Surfeit is a very old English word. It is recorded as early as 1393. It comes from the Latin roots sur- meaning “over” and facere meaning “to do.”

“Love comforteth like sunshine after rain, But lust’s effect is tempest after sun; Love’s gentle spring doth always fresh remain, Lust’s winter comes ere summer half be done; Love surfeit’s not, Lust like a glutton dies, Love is all truth, Lust full”
- William Shakespeare

Romance For Piano And Violin In F Major, Op. 11
Bamberg String Quartet, Peter Lang, Wilhelm Kienzel
Romance For Piano And Violin In F Major, Op. 11

Romance For Piano And Violin In F Major, Op. 11

By Composer Antonin Leopold Dvorak

Performed By The Bamberg String Quartet Featuring Peter Lang and Wilhelm Kienzel

Love comforteth like sunshine after rain,
But Lust’s effect is tempest after sun;
Love’s gentle spring doth always fresh remain,
Lust’s winter comes ere summer half be done;
Love surfeits not, Lust like a glutton dies;
Love is all truth, Lust full of forged lies.
–  William Shakespeare , “Venus and Adonis”

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You shouldn't tbh

Well it made me feel better so I’m gonna lol

It’s purpose will not be to defend the writers, just to understand Kara. It’s odd, like she’s some entity separate from them…

But as fans, fan fiction writers, and headcanon-ers going into the summer and the next season, it’s important to have an understanding of Kara and her head space.

But a lot of people are having trouble with that because of their immense dislike of Kara’s lost love interest. 

And I think Kara’s giving of the necklace to Mon-El is a good place to start because it symbolically represents, to the disgruntled fans, the sacrificing of everything in Kara’s life for this romantic relationship.

But to Kara, the character, it doesn’t signify that at all. 

And the thoughts and meta that address Kara after this point will be built upon a huge misconception if people can’t get past this idea enough to integrate how Kara is really feeling into how they perceive her.

I think I have a way to understand it that will help people feel what Kara feels and know why Kara does the things she does, but in a way that separates it from Mon-El the person. Because a lot of people aren’t capable of seeing him as something to miss.

Essentially, it’s The Anti-Mon-El’s Guide To Loving Kara

(Maybe I’ll call it that…? Hmm.)

But if you’re not anti-Mon-El (or at least anti-how the show prioritized the relationship) or you don’t care about Kara enough to want to understand her, it’s not gonna be for you.

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A quick (and very belated) birthday present for @paintedrecs.ย 

Just a little bit of Jack being an emotional wreck, er,ย โ€œpassionate,โ€ during the summer after graduation. Hope you enjoy <3

Jack likes how much the snow can still scare him.

He remembers clearly the first time it ever did. A quick drive home from a New Yearโ€™s party as a kid, falling asleep in the backseat, with his father at the wheel and his mother softly murmuring to him in French.ย The wind picked up without warning, and the snowflakes got larger, and Jack remembers sitting up fast to stare between his parentsโ€™ shoulders out through the windshield at the darkness that was suddenly even darker.

Visibility extended for all of an inch beyond the hood of the car, and Jack remained on high alert the entire rest of the drive. Even if there was nothing he could really do. Even if, years later, he wonders if that lack of visibility wasnโ€™t exaggerated by his young mind.

But any true native of the north knows to be wary of the ice as much as they enjoy it. Which is, honestly, the most balanced relationship Jack has ever had withโ€ฆ Well. Anything.

It keeps him grounded. It reminds him that the most beautiful and natural things are also the most dangerous.

Bitty is the most dangerous thing that Jack has ever allowed himself to face.

Bitty is also the most beautiful and natural thing that Jack has ever let himself succumb to.

โ€œโ€ฆJack? Where are you, Sweetheart? Where did you go?โ€

Jack blinks and focuses back in on Bittyโ€™s face on his laptop screen. โ€œOh. Uh, nowhere. Sorry. Iโ€™m fine.โ€ He swallows. โ€œSorry.โ€


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If you need to travel with your baby by car in hot weather

- Try to make the trip in the coolest part of the day. That’s usually in the early morning. 

- Make sure your baby is in the shade in the car when you are travelling. 

- Keep the car cool using the air conditioner or opening the windows.

- Never never ever leave your baby alone in a parked car! Cars quickly overheat and your baby could die of heatstroke! 

- Ask yourself if you really need to travel during hot weather. Maybe you can postpone it to a day with mild(er) weather?