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Happy Ereri day! :D

So, I said I’d create/finish an Ereri fanfic I was making…

Here it is! Credit me if you reblog this.

Eren X Levi- Reunion and Reunite

“Levi,” I started anxiously, “It’s been a while.”

“It sure has, you brat.” He stared up to me with a big, deadpan stare.

I smiled tenderly. Memories started to flush into my mind, and I teared up.

Without the whole crew- Hanji, Armin, Mikasa, and Erwin still out there fighting- It’s become a little lonely.

“I got a question…” I blushed a bit and looked away real quick, attempting to conceal my now-red cheeks.

“What is it?” He questioned me impatiently.

“Well,” I began, looking back at him nervously, “What if I told you I wanted to get more than a phone ring?”

“What the hell do you mean by that, Jaeger?” He asked me in monotone, growing impatient.

“I want a ring that is brighter than our phone calls. One that can last forever instead of a 5-minute conversation.” I answered with a frown, before adding, “In fact, we can both have one. I promise to get you the best one I can find.”

He looked at me like if I was a complete idiot, before he realized what I meant and cracked the code. His hair whipped as he turned his back on me, and he shouted, his eyes shut and cheeks blushing.

“You brat. You fucking brat. I’ve been waiting for you to say that.” He spoke with a raspy, choked-up voice. He turned back to face me after a moment. His eyes glittered in gloom and water droplets began to form around his eye sockets. His eyes were squinched up as if soap got into his eyes, and I could definitely tell.

So, I lurched forward and wrapped my arms around his small, soft body. He was trembling uncomfortably as he was fighting back, sniffling.

Finally, he gave in, and embraced me, starting to allow drops of gleaming-clear water fall down his red cheeks and drop from his chin onto the floor. He was biting his lip intensely and shaking. Pure moans of pain were making their way out of his mouth as he starting to breath uneven.

Wait… Levi… is crying??

I thought, shocked. I only held on tighter as he continued to shed tears from his face. I think it was time for me to speak up.

Shhhhh” I tell him in a whisper, “You’re gonna be okay.”

He opened his eyes, now red from the current state he was in, and he started to explain everything, gasping once in a while, fighting his sobbing,

“Well, everytime someone loved me, they would just die. That’s fucking it. They would just *sniff* DIE!” He began, angrily clenching onto me.

I opened my mouth to speak up, but I stopped so that he could continue.

“I could never tell them I loved them back.” He glared at me solemnly.

“Poor Petra.” He added in a muttered but loud enough to be heard tone.

I flinched at the sudden reminder of his old crew. They definitely were a warm family for me when I first entered. Levi never told me he loved her, though.

“But,” He paused to wipe a tear drifting down his face, “When you came around…”

“Yes?” I urged him to finish, lifting his chin. He had no choice but to look at me now.

“…I never knew you’d live for me to say this.”

My emerald eyes widened in anticipation for what he was going to tell me.

I love you.” He finally confessed. I gasped and I clenched him tighter, bringing him to the air, spinning him around.

“I LOVE YOU TOO, LEVI!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed cheerfully.

“Let me go, you shitty brat!” He hollared in response.

I, of course, brought him back to the ground after that. Even now, he was still scary enough to pose a threat to me.

“Sorry.” I chuckled, Levi crossing his arms together, pouting.
“I still want that ring you promised, though.”

All I could do from then on was portray the biggest, widest smile I could ever show. The best part is, if anyone ever asked me why I was happy today…


“…Let’s just say I’m a very, very lucky man.”

Armin and the rest of the male barracks had their jaws nearly touching the floor by the time I finished. Armin immediately raised his left hand up into the air, swishing it back-and-forth.

“Eren!” He called out desperately.


“Who’s the one who’s going to marry you? Surely, Sasha, Krista, Ymir, Mikasa…” He trailed off, “Ya know… a beautiful girl like that??”

“Well,” I started to answer him, “His name is Levi.”