2// abuse trigger warning

The two boys found a table, next to the window. Andy sat cross-legged with his feet up on the chair, and rocked a little. There was banging on the window, the moment Ashley stood up to get them both a drink.

“Hey! Hey Retard!” Andy kept staring forward, frowning, trying to ignore it. He snuggled in to his big grey hoodie, and curled up a little more, still ignoring.

 When Ashley turned around, he was bright red. He looked furious. He stormed out the door, towards them. Andy watched, with wide eyes, shaking his head. Ashley held one of them buy the shirt, he was positioned, and seemingly ready to break his nose.

Andy hit the window with his fist. ‘No, please don’t!’Ashley thought for a second, before he scowled again, and hit violently. Andy squeaked, and hid his face. He couldn’t watch.

 When Ashley stormed back in, Andy was stood up. He was hugging himself, with his feet turned in a little bit, rubbing one arm a little with the other.

“Andy?” Andy looked at the floor, and sniffled. To Ashley’s despair, he noticed the note left on the table.

 ‘I thought you were different.

 He looked back at Andy,

“No, Andy, please, he deserved it,” Andy’s face scrunched up, his voice was quiet, so quiet you could barely hear it. He shook his head disapprovingly, as he spoke.

“Y-you didn’t n-need to- do Th-at,” he stood shaking for a moment before he walked out. He wanted to cry. He thought he’d finally met someone who understood him. Now it was gone.

 He stormed through town, until he got to school. He was 2 hours late.

 He stormed straight into the learning support office.

“Andy, are you alright love?” he shook his head, wiping the tears from his eyes.

“What’s the matter flower?” He dropped his bag on the floor, and sat down on the seat on his left. His LS sat next to him. His knee bobbed, and he fiddled with his own hands.

“Andy? You can talk to me flower,” a tear made its way down his cheek, silently, and he shook his head.

“Come on, I know you can. Talk to me.”

“I- I met someone- th-is morning and- he helped me up and- and he could- sign. I thought- I thought he was dif-f-erent but,”

“He wasn’t? What happened?” He couldn’t make himself talk anymore. So he just signed it instead. ‘He punched someone’

“Oh honey. I know how much that scares you after your dad,” she rubbed his back up and down a little, despite the no touching rule the school had in place.

 He sat. And he remembered. How his dad had hurt him, how he’d been bruised and broken, how his mom came back to find him lying there, sobbing, covered in bruises. Any kind of violence took him back and as he’d lived it, it was very important that no one else had to go through it.

 “Are you alright going to class hun? Stay with me until Lunch, and then go to your afternoon classes, yeah?” Andy nodded. She smiled.

“Well done Andy, you’re alright hun,”

Giving a hand

Author ladyoftheteaandbloodMy submission for SSS
Tomsell in distress.

Tiny smutty one shot

Tom actor and OC.

Toms late on set and may need a hand to help him!

WARNING SMUT, yes ladies I tried again to write smut so grab a biscuit and tea/coffee and have a laugh.

Please feel free to be rude about it or even if you did say you like it. You will be unable to hear my tears or cries of joy as this is the internet.

One part of my job on “The Night Manager” was to round up erent actors who were not on set on time. I went round like some private school matron, herding the poor guys and gals back where they should be. One actor you never had to do this for was our star.Tom was on time for everything, sometimes only just but he’d be where he was needed when he was wanted. From my point of view this was a shame because all sorts of naughty thoughts came into my head on the idea of being Matron to him. So it was somewhat of a surprise when the director told me that it was the very man himself I had to go fetch.

Tom’s home from home was one of the hotel rooms that looked out on to the pool, nice work if you could get it I thought as I tapped on the door and called his name.

“Tom,Tom you are wanted on set” The voice from inside sounded sleepy and not at all like the perky chap we had all come to love.

“Fuck it, how have I over slept?, shit so sorry, I’ll be with you in a moment”  came his voice, much scuffling and rummaging came from the room as you could hear clothes being dragged on…..the sound that came next was inhuman and I yelled

“Tom are you all right”

“No! Yes ,don’t come in” the sounds that followed left me in no doubt that Tom was not alright and my Matron instinct got the better of me,

“I’m coming in, you’re not alright” In I barged already to save Tom from a rabid fan or an attacking monster, no one would hurt our star on my watch. What I actually saw was a very sheepish Tom with his hand holding a towel over his nether regions.

“What have you done?” In a slightly distressed and very embarrassed voice he said.

“It seems in my hurry to get dressed, I’ve caught my…um….dick in my zip” his sad, little, puppy face and his obvious uncomfort should have brought the mothering instinct out in me, instead I roared with laughter and had to sit down on his bed.

“Come over here you idiot and I’ll help you out”

“No you bloody won’t, this is a man only thing and I will solve it myself” now Tom looked indigent and I laughed some more.

“Look you prat, if you do this wrong your singing will be an octave higher and you’re chances of having children much less so, “Let the dog see the rabbit” so to speak and I’ll sort it. “

He very reluctantly came forward and dropped the towel and I had to stop myself gasping, bloody hell the rumours were true, he was a very BIG Boy and rather a beauty, cos let’s face it girls some dicks can be awfully ugly. It didn’t look at its best at the moment stuck out of his jeans with the foreskin just caught in the zip.

“Don’t you wear undies?”

“Well contrary to popular belief, yes but as you know I was in a rush”

“Well the best way to do this is to moisten the area, as it will help it slip out”

“With what?” I grinned my cutest grin and slowly ran my tongue over the bit that was caught, Toms breath hitched and I was not sure if it was the shock of my administration’s or the fact it hurt. Holding him in one hand, sort of,I gently released him from the zip with the other, not being able to resist giving it/him a kiss all better. This was now not helping as Toms dick very quickly stood loud and proud, straining to be loved. Well what could a girl do in that situation, what would you have done? Me I went back to the war zone and ran my tongue slowly along the whole glorious length. Its warmth, velvet skin and raised veins, all getting equal attention before I swirled my tongue round his mighty head one last time then engulf him with my mouth. Pumping him hard with both hands while noisily sucking for all I was worth.

I could hear his breath getting shorter and shorter, when he grabbed my head and pushed me back on the bed, yanked my skirt up and  removed my underwear in one fluid movement.  Climbing on the bed to join me, he pushed my legs apart and dipped his head. He was as silver tongue as any Loki fan hopped he’d be, his tongue caressing and teasing my clit first with long strong motion and on to circling and sucking. In no time at all it was my turn to yell as my body buck and I longed for him to fuck me. He moved up the bed swiftly placed his enormous cock against my entrance and dived in with hearty and full throttle thrusting, Oh yes Dick could dig very deep.

“Sorry my love this will only Be a quicky” but no real apology was needed as we both hit orgasm together and rode out the storm till our bodies came down from their joint highs.

He looked me at me with those deep blue eyes and smiled,

“Do you know I have wanted to get to speak to you all filming, Filming Shit” and he shot off the bed like a scared rabbit grabbing his jeans to pull up.

“Here let me help you with those, we don’t want you to hurt yourself,do we?”

As he shot out the door in one piece, he yelled behind him,

“Hey help me get out of them tonight, just in case?”

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