My poor excuse of my entry for Eruriren Weekend (day 2) that was over A MONTH AGO OTL.

I didn’t draw this with the intention of still entering, but oh well, I would’ve chosen a theme like this for day two (present, modern day) so yeaaah. I just quickly wanted to finish it now, that’s all OTL 


I finally did it!!!

Okay so ever since I drew the first “cover” for my fic “I’m Levi’s” (first pic) more than a year ago, I had made it my goal to expand the art by adding Levi to it once I would finally reach the turning point in my fic. Yes, there is a reason why I made Eren like this in the art and I deemed it important to make a “development” of the first version. (”Cover” here means that this is how I would like the front and back cover to be if my fic were to be in book form - which it will never be tho lol) 

So the turning point was achieved in the story for a while now, but I didn’t work on the continuation (second pic) up until today because I had feared the most that the pic wouldn’t turn out the way I was imagining it… But it did!! ^~^ I am no artist, but what I can say is that this luckily turned out as perfect as it could be with my poor skills (imo).

Third pic is a “clean” version of the art, meaning there is no title.

I am so happy with the result and I had even experienced some overwhelming feelings while going through my fic for this c‘:


Bonus, a version with quotes taken from my fic:

I was desperate to get home to draw my gorgeous son ;u;!! And it’s super late but I if leave this for tomorrow, I might keep working on till I hate it and decide not to share it (the story of my life) xd

Incorrect Snk quotes #13
  • Eren : *phone starts ringing*
  • Jean, looking to see who's calling: Lmao, you still call your dad “daddy”?
  • Eren, answering the phone and making direct eye contact with Jean : Hello Captain.
  • Jean: *chokes on drink*

I was gonna to just sketch this idea bc I refuse to draw full bodies let alone things like furniture and backgrounds lel but I kept zooming in and working on their faces so decided to go all in (could keep woking on this but felt so much regret?? Enough self-imposed torture I say). Anyway! One of my fave mangas had its brothers in opposition taking a break from their fight to share a cup of coffee just the two of them at some point and it was such a nice moment I thought it would be nice to see Eren and Zeke like that :P