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SnK Ask Game

Eren: What’s your goal in life?

Mikasa: Person you’d do anything for?

Armin: What places do you want to visit?

Ymir: What’s your sexual orientation?

Historia: What’s your name? Would you change it?

Erwin: Would you make a good leader?

Levi: Any weird habits/obsessions?

Hange: If you were a different organism what would you be?

Moblit: Have you ever drank alcohol?

Mike: What’s your favorite smell?

Reiner: Who do you most admire?

Bertholdt: What makes you nervous?

Annie: Worst lie you ever told?

Sasha: What’s your favorite food?

Connie: Have you ever pulled a prank?

Jean: Which celebrity do you most resemble?

Hitch: Do you have a crush on anyone?

Marlow: What’s your pet peeve?

Is Eren jealous?

I was rereading the manga, and I noticed how Eren must have heard Jean speaking with mikasa and how Jean complimented her hair. 

Eren was still close by when Jean called out to Mikasa and by the time Mikasa catch up to him he talk about her hair right away(What great timing) telling her how her hair is too long( he didn’t need to touch it but he did), and suggesting to do something about it, which made Mikasa decided to cut it.

Does he not want other people to look at her?

He might have been unconciously jealous here, since it’s probably the first time his seen someone took interest in her, and must have felt overprotective towards Mikasa

Gokusen - Sims Vision Recall

覚悟しいや !!

Levi and Eren as Yankumi and Shin ( v ̄▽ ̄)

Hahahaha listen, I tried okay?! This looks so plain but was surprisingly difficult to put together. I guess bright and bold colouring isn’t my forte…

Still, I had a lot of fun doing this and I may attempt another hehe


artist’s twitter and pixiv @samoimo

(Same author as the doujin “honey honey trance”)

I’m so sick of the amount of ereri reposters on instagram. Someone pls shut down @justan_ererifangirl ‘s account. Like the amount of stupidity—the kid had the nerve to not credit me or the artist, apply some dumb filter on the images she stole, and caption it “when bae doesn’t wanna cuddle”. 😑

I’m done translating for a while…I really don’t wanna have to write my name down when all I’m supposed to be doing is translating

anonymous asked:

I'm a bit curious so i wanted to ask you: what are your current feelings about eren? Do you hate him? Or are you neutral towards him?

No Anon, I don’t hate Eren.  I’m not particularly fond of him, but I certainly don’t hate him, and I’m not insensitive to his fate.  It’s just that at my age I’m not particularly drawn to impulsive teenage protagonists with anger issues unless they’re Prince Zuko obviously.  I can understand his appeal to others though. 

I do think that Eren is a very interesting character and I’m intrigued about how his character arc and his role in the plot are going to play out.  I’ve been very critical about Yams handling of plot in the past, but I’ve always thought his real gift is in creating complex characters and Eren is no exception. 

FWIW I do hate his brother.  Hate him with a fiery burning passion and there is nothing I want more than to see Levi slice him into teeny tiny pieces. 

The Same, page 16



1) This is written and meant to be read in manga-format.

2) I looked up the Japanese sound effects, but they still may not be correct. Please feel free to correct me and I’ll update the page!

3) If you can’t read the dialogue, please let me know and I’ll include transcriptions of each page!

4) Please DO NOT repost this as your own anywhere.


I hope you enjoy this page of The Same, my original alternate scene for ch. 105 of Attack On Titan! This was drawn by hand then cleaned up digitally, as well as adding shading and other details. New pages will be uploaded as they are completed!

anonymous asked:

Is there a term in psychology to someone who lost their family and now they try to build another one to cope with the grief? I think Levi noticed that Eren has this kind of a family complex, the need of this warm structure so this is why he put all of his friends in his squad.He knew it would make him give his best to protect them and Eren imagined the old squad when he looked at the new one and when he looked at mikasa he saw his real family... I think he's kind of hungry to this familial vibe

This is one of those asks that I’ve sat on for awhile to think about. The psychology of grief is not one of my realms of expertise so, as a good researcher, I’ve done some looking.

I don’t believe there is a specific term for this concept because, to be honest, reaching out to one’s support system is a natural reaction to grief. Its not necessarily a “complex”, which would imply that it is a maladaptive coping mechanism. I found a very interesting press release from Stanford University that overviews a study showing that healthy grieving is more often accomplished by a.) interacting with others who have experienced similar trauma as well as b.) engaging in productive activities that help get your mind off the grief for a period of time.

For all of Levi’s somewhat social ineptitude, he knows on a personal level how important it is to keep the friends you love and respect close to you when you’ve had a hard, traumatic life. Did he know this scientific information? No, of course not! But it was hard to not know at that point in the story Eren’s closeness to the rest of the 104 and some of their shared traumas. Let’s also remember that most of them also graduated in the top 10 of their training class which I’m sure helped Levi’s decision. (Also, objectively speaking, keeping all the main characters in one squad makes it easier for storytelling!)

If Eren was assigning people specific “family” roles, then I would be more inclined to say perhaps there is some projection or something more serious going on. In my opinion though, poor Eren is just, like you said, “hungry to this familial vibe” because of all the losses he’s experienced. And I do believe Eren and Mikasa have both stated they consider one another actual family.

I tend to think that Levi sees a lot of himself in Eren (or at least did at this point of the story). Levi has definitely shown himself that he gives his best to protect those close to him, so it makes a ton of sense that he would assume the same of Eren as well.