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The recent chapter got me wondering how SNK is going to end. While it looked like a deceptively straightforward chapter it made me realise something very big.

So we know that in one generation there are a total of nine shifters each with a power of one particular Titan. The way to pass on the power is to either get eaten or die after living the shortened life span of 13 years after which the co-ordinate (a bond that connects all Eldians) will pick a seemingly random Eldian to inherit the powers.

This got me thinking; What if a titan shifter eats another shifter? Will they get the power of two Titans?

Now we know for the fact that this is in fact possible.
Grisha (the attack titan) ate Frieda Reiss and gained her powers which in turn was passed on to Eren when he ate Grisha.

Thus reducing the number of titan shifters from nine to eight with the power of two Titans with Eren.

Now here is how I think it will end.

One shifter will have to eat all the rest, thus gaining the power of all nine shifters. Eren seems like the most likely candidate because he possesses the powers of the co-ordinate which means that if they find a way to kill him in a way that snaps the bond of the co-ordinate to the Eldian’s then he can put a stop the Titan curse and prevent it from passing on to others as he’ll die possessing the power of all nine titans.

By doing this the co-ordinate will snap thus freeing all Eldian’s of the curse making them unable to turn into Titans. This will also subsequently mean that all the mindless Titans will revert back to humans as they will also lose the ability to become Titans in the first place without the co-ordinate tying them together.

It will solve the Marley and Eldia crisis too as the Eldians no longer possess a threat to Marley without the Titan genes thus putting a stop to the discrimination and separation.

Now if this is true we have to consider a few things.

1)Eren WILL die.
I think this is inevitable no matter what the end is because Eren has never been the AND then he lived happily ever after character. Sacrificing himself for the sake of saving humanity and quite literally ending all Titans while doing so is the thing that fits him perfectly.

2)Eren will have to eat Armin.
This is the worst part of this theory but also the thing that makes me positive that this theory maybe quite true.

For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why Armin became a shifter. It’s utterly out of place for his character and I just can’t see him fitting into the category of the other Titan shifters such as Annie, Eren, Ymir, etc because he’s a strategist over everything else and definitely not a fighter like the rest.

But then again what better way of tearing the readers hearts out than making Eren eat Armin and truly weigh the cost of saving humanity, a goal that he’s been so set for since the beginning. It’s the only thing that will make him waver, we saw how he and Mikasa were willing to go to whatever lengths to save him and the fact that they fought so hard to keep him alive only for this end makes it a whole lot more crueler yet fitting of the entire them of SNK. Armin I feel is the kind to readily accept it and sacrifice himself just like he did during the battle in shiganshina.

A lot of people think that since Armin is the narrator he’ll be alive by the end of it. I personally think this story has no narrator but is simply being read out from Armin’s journal which he was seen writing in 88.

3)Mikasa will be the last one standing.
No matter which way I look at it this is probably the most sound theory of all. It’s not only because of the dream panel we had in chapter one where Eren saw Mikasa saying goodbye but it’s because there is no other way her ending can go.

A cruel and beautiful ending just like her character.

While she’ll be alive to see the world freed from Titans it will be only after both Eren and Armin have been cruelly snatched away from her leaving her all alone but yet giving her the opportunity to be her own person.

This is an end that will show character development and with her saying goodbye to Eren when he’s about to die will mark her development into someone who can stand on her own now thus fulfilling what Isayama had said in his interview of them having a bittersweet ending where Mikasa will become her own person and stand on her own two feet without depending on Eren.

I think this is how SNK is going to end but God I hope I’m wrong. I won’t be handle any of this.

OK so I couldn’t but help but feel something was up with Zeke here in this panel.

I think it’s pretty obvious that Zeke was the person Eren has been sending the letters to.
Note letters because Zeke has been responding back, why Falco has been sent back and forth with letters for Eren over the past month.
The baseball and glove make it obvious that Zeke had just been there and made contact Eren, giving him the things, he knows that it’s Eren for sure.

But this panel made me I realize that Zeke is in on Eren and Reiner meeting in that basement.

When Falco calls Reiner to come with him, Reiner is hesitant but Zeke almost assures him that it will be fine for him to go, he even questions Reiner, saying doesn’t he think it will be enough time to just quickly go with Falco? Almost as if he pushed Reiner to just go with him.
Zeke doesn’t even question the matter of what Falco wants Reiner for, and I’m almost 100% sure it’s because Zeke and Eren have planned this.

And I’ve got a feeling it may be that they want Reiner to join them?

That may be a stretch but it could also be a possibility(っ˘ω˘ς )

Theory: Mystery Man IS Eren

 I know I’m not really the type to post Attack on Titan theories but I just can’t help myself with this one because I am 99.9999999% sure the “mystery man” we see in chapter 93 and 94 has to be EREN. The only reason why I’m not 100% sure is because I’m keeping in mind that there’s a chance Isayama might just pull a “here’s a new important character!” move, which honestly doesn’t make sense in this case for so many reasons… but you never know, right?

So with the latest chapter out, I knew that Isayama was going to bring this guy up again. Of course, I was hoping that the identity of this man would’ve been revealed already but it looks like he’s purposely keeping the identity secret to keep us readers on edge.

Now for those of you who wonder why I am so confident that this is Eren, I can first state the obvious point:

1. Appearance: Considering that there has been a three year time skip, it would be realistic to assume that Eren has grown out his hair even more by now. Aside from that, chapter 90 heavily implied that there was going to be a great change to Eren’s character. His tired eyes and lengthy hair was not only meant to be symbolic of his mental state, but also a new direction to his character.

I know quite a few people have already made these panel comparisons, but it’s important to keep in mind that in this panel above, the mysterious person is spying on Reiner (I will get into more detail about the importance of this later).

Now I know this one seems a bit of a stretch, because I’m going into the nitty gritty details but bear with me for a minute. We know that Isayama gives distinct facial features despite his inconsistencies (although that’s because he has improved on his art), and since we aren’t given much of the mystery man’s face to look at, I figured we can pay attention to his nose. So we know that Eren has grown out his hair since chapter 90, but we can also see here that the man’s nose shape looks very similar to Eren’s (scroll up to compare with the first panel of Eren). It’s not crooked, curved, or super round. It has just that shape that would fit within Eren’s facial profile. Had there been any other character with this hairstyle or someone who could possibly have grown this hairstyle as well, I wouldn’t have pointed this detail out because there are of course other characters with this similar nose shape. The mere fact that Isayama is only giving so little for us to look at makes me think he had to leave out some sort of hint, right? In fact, he could have completely cut out the mystery man’s face so that we only see his hair and then Falco’s face.

Aside from the nose, it’s hard to tell the eye shape but I can say that it appears to be a bigger eye (which Eren has) if you look at the distance from the eyebrow.

Furthermore, if you look closely at the man’s hair scalp area, it is in the same position as Eren’s is. The hair separates in the middle. The fact that this detail is added in this panel above further points out a clue as to who this person could be.

Also, side note but if this does end up being Eren then it seems that the guy has grown a bit of a stub (which honestly makes me so excited for some reason??? lol)

I also need to stress that if this were a “new” or “unknown” character, why would Isayama go through the effort of hiding the man’s face and showing as little as possible? Clearly this is someone we know and considering that he reappears in this chapter means this guy isn’t just some random dude we should feel sorry for, or??

Lastly, I just want to briefly point out that the armband being misplaced implies that this person clearly isn’t familiar with this environment, which is why most of us can at least agree that this is a spy.

2. Eren likes to “act” before he goes in for the kill:

I would like to remind you guys the times Eren has tried to “trick” his enemies by playing innocent before attacking them. Here are some examples:

I think these parallels are important to point out because they show an aspect of Eren’s character, that being that he likes to deceive his enemies (although in a bit of a childish way). For Eren to play as an injured soldier seems very fitting to his character. Of course, I get that he’s a spy and has to “fit in” with the crowd, but he could’ve skipped the effort of cutting his own leg off, right?? Well, I would say that Eren wants to portray himself as weak and vulnerable because that brings less suspicion. I doubt that the Marley soldiers are going to pick on a guy missing a leg, and through this Eren can easily win their sympathy as he did when he tried to rescue Mikasa from the kidnappers. 

3. The mystery man was spying on Reiner:

If you were to ask yourself who Eren would look for if he were to spy on the Marley, wouldn’t the best candidate be Reiner? I mean, if this spy really isn’t Eren, why pay particular attention to Reiner out of all people?? It could have been someone on a much higher position if we’re talking about getting secret information. The fact that this man was watching Reiner heavily implies that he knows who Reiner is, and is using him to find the others. Sure, he could also have gone for Zeke since he has seen the guy before, but I’m sure Eren holds a bigger grudge against Reiner for the moment (he also only saw Zeke for a brief moment so there’s that too). That being said, I have a feeling that this foreshadows a reunion between Reiner and Eren. I wouldn’t be surprised if Eren still wanted to get rid of Reiner first before making any other move. This would make more sense as to why he would choose to spy on Reiner more.

EDIT 4. Eren being the spy fits with the narrative:

@featherpoet made a pretty good point about this so I’m just going to simply quote what they said:

“Since we’ve passed over to the Marley PoV, we’ve seen sooooo many parallels between the characters that grew up there and the ones we knew from Paradis. Gabi -> Eren, Reiner -> Armin, etc. So, it makes narrative sense that the infiltrator would also fit into some sort of mirrored position, since that’s the kind of story that Isayama is telling.

Eren Jaeger is named after Eren Kruger. You know. The spy who informed on the Marley and had a premonition about Mikasa and Armin. It makes soooo much sense that the second Eren would also sneak into the Marley camp. Like, the narrative framing is just too good to pass up. No other character could fit that well.”

EDIT 5. There are parallels seen between Reiner and Eren in the chapter:

@lady-bluebird-luv makes a case pointing out the similarities the two characters have, and I think this only strengthens my prediction that we’re going to see Eren take the role that Reiner had when he was infiltrating Paradis Island. To quote: 

“Both of them have come face-to-face with what they consider to be monsters. We also learn in this chapter that Reiner’s father is Marleyian, and his mother is Eldian. Eren’s parents are both Eldians, but his mother is a Walldian while his father is from outside of the walls. In fact, both Eren and Reiner have fathers from the other side of the walls. for Reiner, it’s the wall between the true Marleyians and the Eldians. For Eren, it’s the wall between Paradise and the rest of the world. In a sense, they’re both hybrids.”

With the previous chapter where we had the mystery guy watching Reiner, I think this parallel we’re seeing only further strengthens my theory that that person is definitely Eren. It’s almost symbolic when you think about it because if this person is Eren, then there might be an implication that Eren might want to take away everything Reiner cherishes (hence making that panel feel more eerie because the danger is literally behind his back). Think about it, we see Reiner in that moment trying to guide the kids away from a place that he considers to be too dangerous, and coincidentally but not coincidentally we see that mystery guy in that direction. Now do I think Eren would do something that cruel? Well, considering the parallels we’re seeing now, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Eren doing it for sake of making Reiner feel the same pain as he did when he lost his mother. 

Now I’ve noticed there are certain claims that have made people skeptical about this person being Eren, and there are a few I would like to argue against:

1. It’s too obvious!!

Okay, first of all, this isn’t the first time Isayama has been “obvious” in regards to the mysteries of AoT. Remember the Female Titan? It was pretty obvious that while all the characters were trying to figure out the identity, most of us knew it was Annie with all the screaming hints we were given. It’s true that sometimes Isayama likes to give as few hints as possible so that the reader doesn’t figure out too much but I think in this case Isayama wants to warn the reader that this person is someone we should watch closely rather than wonder who the hell this person could possibly be.

2. Why would the Survey Corps take such a risk with Eren??

My guess is that either this is actually part of the Survey Corps plan OR Eren decided to run off on his own due to disagreements. Besides, the Survey Corps HAS made risky decisions before. They always have, and it’s not sure whether Eren is the only spy right now. However, I’m gonna go with the latter because it really does make sense that Eren would go on an independent mission. Let’s refer to chapter 45, shall we?

Remember these pages? It’s pretty telling that this is a foreshadowing of what’s to come for Eren. So to say that Eren would be rash enough to charge against an entire country on his own isn’t too crazy to believe. This is exactly what the reader should expect Eren to do. It was him after all who brought up the idea of killing the enemies on the other side. When Eren has a new goal, he’ll charge after it even if everyone else disagrees with him. 

3. Eren wouldn’t be stupid enough to wear the armband on the wrong side!

Ummmm… yes he would actually?? A hot-headed, emotional, acts-first-thinks-later-type-of-guy would do just that??? Sounds like the Eren I know, at least. This isn’t Armin we’re talking about here, you know?? I highly doubt Eren would pay attention to such a small detail. This is the guy who denied all the evidence that Annie was the Female Titan, despite how obvious it was (although be it that his emotions clouded his judgement). He’s never been the guy to come up with a brilliant plan, and I think we can all agree on that. Consider the fact that this guy likes to “look at the bigger picture”, I don’t think you should be surprised that he made such a simple mistake. 

4. The mystery man has limbs cut off! Shouldn’t they have regenerated??

I know others have already explained this one, but I’d like to point out anyway that Reiner managed to control his bitten arm from healing. In this case, it’s very possible that Eren is doing the same and must’ve trained himself to hold back from healing. No need for further explanation.

5. It could be Jean since he has disguised himself as Eren before!

Okay, this one really doesn’t make any sense, considering that if this is true then the Survery Corps are allowing a man with a missing leg to for some reason disguise as Eren with longer hair which NO ONE from the Marley side (Reiner and Zeke) remember him having??? I mean, I highly doubt Jean became a Titan shifter unless he ate Annie which just makes my brain hurt because this theory just doesn’t add up whatsoever lol. Sorry, but I just don’t see a severely injured Jean to follow a plan like this. 

6. Reiner and Zeke would recognise Eren if they saw him!

Actually, no I don’t think they would. Not at first glance, at least. With longer hair, a stub, and a missing leg, one could easily overlook Eren as just another injured soldier. Keep in mind that having longer hair makes it easier to hide his face from others. Eren’s change in his appearance makes all the more sense for him to go undercover. 

7. How are the Survey Corps going to defend themselves if Eren is gone?

I think after the multiple ships sent to Paradis Island that ended up disappearing, I don’t think the Marley are stupid enough to continue sending more. After all, Zeke did mention that they needed a “proper” plan to retrieve the Titan powers. Also, they still have Armin, and maybe even Annie I mean ffs she better not still be in that crystal after all this time lol. I’m sure they are not completely helpless without Eren’s power. 

8. How would Eren not be spotted when coming over to the Marley side?

Well, considering that we know this mysterious guy is all injured, it’s very possible that Eren used this injury to disguise himself as a soldier who was part of the 4 year war. Did he use a small boat to come over? Or did he hijack one of the ships that tried to invade Paradis Island? If he did the latter, then it would have been reported being seen arrive back. My guess is he used one of the Marley soldiers to help him navigate through Marley territory without being spotted. It’s very possible that he still used one of the ships that invaded Paradis Island but found a way to sink it before being seen (he is a Titan shifter so I’ll leave the rest to your imagination). Hell, maybe he even managed to find himself in the middle of a battle before the war ended and that’s how he came up with the idea of injuring himself so it could look like he was on the battlefield. 

So those are my opinions on the Mystery Man as of now. I’m sure I’ve probably forgotten to add some other important points so I’ll be sure to do so if I feel the need to. Feel free to agree or disagree. I’d love to hear what other thoughts people have but for now I am definitely leaning towards this guy being Eren. All the clues seem to point to him.

So… a while ago during the one of my usual readthroughs, I noticed something in Chapter 50 which I’ve been meaning to talk about.

When Eren first uses the Coordinate, they are at a pretty desperate situation like Levi later says. Mikasa is hurt and can’t fight, Eren doesn’t have his 3DMG on and is pretty much done at that point, but the thing about the 3DMG is… they’re on a plains land. Sure, they can use the Titans, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make here.

They are literally in the middle of a grass field. Grass. Grass. And then… after Mikasa and Eren run away… there’s this shit right here:

….Wait a second… what the… O_o

Why are trees growing there?! What the hell?! Where tf did those come from?!?!

Okay, this is immediately linked to my theory that Titans are plants but more specifically… this flower/plant thing has been foreshadowed so much at this point, that I’m betting my money on the theory that the Source of all Organic Material is a tree/plant of some sort. Because 1) @falcon94ssy ‘s analysis, including the constant talks about bloodlines like here:

The flowers in Eren’s dream, the flowers inside the Titan in Episode 9… there are references everywhere. Titans only moving during sunlight and regenerating limbs?

Oh and 2) Isayama REALLY likes Norse mythology. It wouldn’t surprise me if the World Tree was the source of all organic material at this point.

Eren using the Coordinate, aka the direct connection to the source seems to have made those trees grow. Now this may just be scenery artwork but like I said, you don’t see small trees growing around the main characters on a pure field of fucking grass. This has been my analysis of this. Now hurry up Isayama.

Hanji: Can anyone tell me why Levi has survived the war this long?

Armin: Because of his experience and hardships?

Mikasa: Because he`s too small for the titans to make a meal of?

Eren: Because the titans go to eat him, see his face, and go “Damn bitch, you fine as fuck” and let him live.


Eren: That`s my theory and I`m sticking to it.

Why is Eren in Marley? (Theory)

I said that I wasn’t going to make a meta about the identity of the mysterious guy™, because I do believe it’s Eren, but I will talk a little bit about why Eren is in Marley, or at least, my theory about what could be the case. It’s going to be a bit far-fetched because I don’t have a lot of things to back this up entirely. The general idea is the point I’m trying to make, and not specifically the event that I’m about to mention, so keep that in mind.

Also for the record, since we don’t have an official translation yet, I will be using a fan one, here.

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Snk Crack Theories Week

August 2: What if…

The Ackermans are genetically modified humans?

Titan Dina was a red-herring in chapter 50, the true reason Eren can command Pure Titans is…

Ackerman interference.

Byproducts of Titan Science can produce interference unconsciously which can disrupt the invisible titan-commanding mechanism.

It’s said that Ackerman Clan are the byproducts of titan science.

What if the Ackermans are non-Eldians undergone titan serum injection experiments, just like the AquAdvantage salmon:

According to wikipedia, the monstrous fish is engineered like this: 

 A growth hormone-regulating gene from a Pacific Chinook salmon, with a promoter from an ocean pout, was added to the Atlantic salmon’s 40,000 genes. This gene enables it to grow year-round instead of only during spring and summer. The purpose of the modifications is to increase the speed at which the fish grows without affecting its ultimate size or other qualities. The fish grows to market size in 16 to 18 months rather than three years.The latter figure refers to varieties whose growth rate has already been improved by 2:1 as a result of traditional selective breeding. 

(Meanwhile, scientists are worried that these GM salmons would escape from aquaculture facilities and breed with the salmons in the wild, ruining the gene pool and causing an ecological disaster.

The GM salmons are BIG FISH.

The Ackermans are SO HEAVY despite their ordinary human size, just like the opposite of the titans, which are so light despite they look so tall.

The GM salmons grow fast.

The Ackermans heal fast.

*Side-eyeing the likely deliberately removed snk 51 scene in Snk Season 2*

What’s the mechanism about the Ackerhealing process?

Perhaps, the metabolic rate of Ackermans are engineered to be faster than normal humans, by adding genes of the nine great titans into the Ackermans’ genes.

So even serious injuries like rib fractures can heal within one week—the new body cells can quickly replaced the damaged cells, forming new human tissues.

But as a trade off, the higher the rate of metabolism, the faster the rate of the break down process of calories within your body.

Since the metabolic rate of Ackermans are higher than normal humans, they need higher quantity of food per day. They eat A LOT.

Chapter 89

The mysterious rapid weight loss of Mikasa

Thanks to the news about the 13 years Curse of Ymir, it seems Mikasa Ackerman had lost mood to eat. Without consuming enough food, the energy stored within the body is used for the metabolism.

Weight loss problem—solved!

Back to the mystery happened in chapter 50.

It seems everyone agree that a titan shifter can transform into a titan only if he have strong thoughts and injure himself. The later part—has anyone think about the mechanism behind it?

Originally posted by sleepsauce

The titan shifter need to open a wound so his blood can contact with air, that he can connect to the invisible paths in the air to transport those titan tissues from the Coordinate, from another dimension!!!

There’re paths exist in the air.

Just like the invisible wifi.

Or radio waves.

The titan-commanding system just like a wifi system.

Can something disrupt the Coordinate system, like a wifi interrupter?

If the Ackermans can do it, then how?

Originally posted by snkfanatix


Remember who got injured before the Coordinate activated scene?

If an injured titan shifter can connect to the Coordinate (wifi) to obtain the titan body, when an Ackerman gets hurt, would something happen to disrupt the paths?

Only royal family members can master the power of the Progenitor Titan, seems like the power is protected by a password and only royal members know about it.

Or like a locked door.

Your wifi router at home has password, am I right?

What if someone can remove the password and use your wifi?

Ackerman interference is the answer.

How to open a locked door without a proper key?

You Ackersmash the door. 

Titan Dina is a red-herring all along~:)

Originally posted by silversunsandgoldenmoons


Attack on Titan Season 3 Release Date & Season 4 Info from WIT Studio statements

THIS IS LEGIT GUYS From the producer of attack on titan @ Anime Expo 2017 america 

Holy sheit, Isyama stated that the manga will end on septermber/October 2018  . ATTACK ON TITAN MANGA WILL END ON OCTOBER 2018

omgomgomg  thats new thing,  im calculating it now , 
July 2017 we have chapter 95 , the beginning of volume 24 so,,,

Vol 24 : ch 95-98 (jul - oct)
vol 25 : ch 99-102 (nov-feb)
 vol 26 : ch 103-106 (mar-jun)
vol 27 : ch 107 - 110 (jul-oct)

omgggggggggggg i think s3 gonna be 25 eps since the preview showed the manga covers and it stops on the sea cover of volume 22 and it would be too boring if they only show the political issue arc inside the wall , so the uprising act shiganshina will be included *IM NOT READY* 

therefore it means S4 just gonna be 12 episode of final arc of war   *shhriekss* 

this is legit once again

Armin Reiss

This theory could easily be wrong of course, it’s called a THEORY for a reason, but it’s fun to write about these things. This one is about the famous theory that Armin is royalty, that he is Armin Reiss(or Fritz). No, this is not based on the fact that him and Historia look alike, this goes much deeper. 

Let’s begin with the very start, before Armin was even born. Who were his parents? We know nothing about them, but what’s strange is that we know everybody’s parents except for his. We’ve seen the parents of jean, connie, eren, mikasa, levi, erwin, annie, Sasha, historia, grisha and so on, which makes it weird that Armin has been left out since he is a main character. But we do know his grandfather well and I found something interesting about them, please look at Armin and the grandfather well and tell me what they have in common… Go Google them and then come back to this… Take your time, look at them well. Got an idea? Cuz I don’t. They look nothing alike! Armin is blonde and has blue eyes and the grandfather has brown eyes and hair. This might just be a genetic thing, but from a writer’s point of view, it could mean something. But the grandfather himself is very odd. We know that he was the one who named Armin and was with him until the very end and even gave him the outside world book, but I’ll back to that later. All this made me realize that Armin was closer to him than he was with his parents. To be honest, I think they didn’t care for him at all. He was constantly bullied but they did nothing at all, they left him behind, they even allowed him to go out with the book that could get him in trouble and even Armin spoke about them harshly, saying “You’ll die in a stupid way like my mom and dad,” Which is not a good way to speak about the dead! Especially about your parents! You may argue that his parents died differently in the manga, but don’t forget that every change done in the anime was by isayama himself, so that can’t be used as an argument. So about the book, where did it come from? Shiganshina is the poorest place in the walls, so how could they get their hands on the book about the outside world? Remember who else had books about the outside world? Grisha, and where was he from? Far from the walls. That’s a hint, but a little one. Speaking of, Grisha was told by Dina (royal blood) that her kind is hiding somewhere, that royal blooded people are lost, so maybe we could use that info too to explain why Armin’s parents ended up there. (ps: those couple in ch55 aren’t his parents, because there were no confirmations). Where would his parents go? I’m sure hey knew that the world outside was full of titans! Were they idiots? Leaving their son to die? Maybe they’re alive, or dead as we were told. Not sure. They left before the attack, did they run? But why the hell would they ever encourage their kid to want to leave the walls where hell is waiting? I wish I knew. About the similarities between Historia and Armin are many, besides their looks, the main one being childhood. Other kids beat them up daily, their parents abandoned them and yes, they look alike, so alike that Armin once even was mistaken for her and kidnapped, remember that? I do! That scene couldn’t be there for no reason! Every scene in aot is a hint to the future events (or isayama just wanted to draw armin in drag lol)

Another argument I hear often is “But Historia makes Eren remember things when she touches him,” And yes, that is true, and so does Armin. It’s very silent, but once you notice, you’ll understand why I’m taking this so seriously. First, we know that if they make skin contact, Eren remembers things, so let’s begin with episode 5, where Eren grabs Armin’s wrist to save him. Eren remembered nothing there, why? Because when he grabbed Armin’s arm, he grabbed his sleeve. It’s a tiny detail that could be missed, but they didn’t touch skin. Next ep where they did was the ending of ep 8, where Armin holds Eren’s hand. How does the next ep start? Eren remembering being inside the titan which he forgets when Armin lets go. Next is ep 13. People ignore the fact that Armin woke up Eren! He entered in consciousness and woke him up, which only a Reiss could do. Then in the manga when they once again hold hands, the panel is drawn as if their hands are glowing (he didn’t remember anything cuz right before Historia already helped him remember his past), crazy right? It all fits, or I’m just overthinking. How come nobody ever talks about the fact that Armin freaking heard his titan talk in ch 85?? That has never happened before and we’ve seen every other shifter talking about how their titans work, but this has not once happened!!! That scene creeped me out! The titan cried too! Some said that it might be Bertholdt, but even if that’s true, we’ve never seen Eren talking to Grisha(the previous owner)!! It’s like something only royal blood can do, because nobody else did it in the entire story. And don’t forget that the Owl said to find Armin and Mikasa! so there’s something more the world needs from him, because rn the war/attack is starting (maeley vs eldians) and it’ll be a bloodbath. Armin rn is the colossal titan! Imagine if he’s royalty too. They could win the war. But why am I fighting so hard for this theory? Because of what isayama said about ch 89,  This is so important!

 See how in ch 89 he corrected his writing from “eating royal blood,” to “Touching the royal titan” and right after that scene, the panel shows Armin looking at Eren zoomed in. (so to activate the coordinate, eren must touch a royal titan, not a human) I wonder who that titan could be that eren could use for the coordinate… Nothing can save the main characters rn, except maybe this. IF Armin ends up actually being royalty, then it means that they can use titans to fight against the Marley and actually survive and even win. Armin could save them all, because nothing else can. This is the only hope I have left to see my characters win against the world, because them alone is not enough for the war they’re in. and don’t forget that the story is ending, we’re reading the finale arc, so something like this could bring the story to the big climax, the main one being ”freeing the wall titans” as armin said would one day happen. That WILL happen and this theory is how I think it’ll be. Armin and eren working as one. We know zeke wouldn’t be the one to do it because the marley are afraid of the walls being broken down and the titans escaping, and can zeke even control the titans? Probably. But so can eren, but not without the help of a royal titan. These hints were dropped for a reason. Look at how his titan looks just like the other reiss titan we’ve seen. Isayama never had unnecessary details in his story. All we can do is wait and see what will happen next.   


Theory by @historia-lux-veritatis. I’m just writing it down, she’s too shy to do it (my English is not perfect so I apologize in advance for any mistakes)

In this latest chapter, Eren asked Falco to send a letter for him. But who can possibly be the receiver?

Many thought it could be Zeke, or perhaps Reiner. But Falco would have probably read their names! Eren seems to have grown up and to be more mature. He wouldn’t make such a rookie mistake.

Plus, Zeke is probably plotting with Magath, listening to his conversation with Willy. As far as the SC knows, he’s loyal to Marley.

So, who’s left? Any infiltrated member of the Survey Corps?

Seems unlikely (but not impossible). Eren was able to infiltrate easily among the ones hurt in war. But where would the others hide? How could they get an address where you could send letters to?

Only one person comes to mind who both Colt doesn’t know the existence of and could become an ally to Paradis. Someone who doesn’t live in the ghetto… 

It may sound crazy but… What about Annie’s father?

In the last few chapters Annie’s appeared many times, so Isayama may be slowly trying to introduce her back again in the story.

Think about it: Annie isn’t loyal to Marley at all. She’s doing her job just to get back home to her father. If she comes out of the crystal, her best chance to go back home is by siding with Paradis. Annie’s father doesn’t seem loyal to Marley either and he could be helping the main cast by hiding them and sharing all the info he’s got about the Marleyans!

Plus, remember Annie at the beginning of the chapter pretending to be Kenny’s daughter? What if Isayama is trolling us and making a parallel with Eren, who as well is pretending to be willing to get back in contact with his family when he actually isn’t?

Just a theory, you guys. I’ve seen noone is talking about it so I thought to make a post about it

Snk 98 thoughts: The Rising Storm

Honey, you’ve got a big storm coming.

Willy Tybur and the Marley leaders are definitely plotting something.

But first, let me talk about one thing which has been bothering me since the beginning of the Marley arc:

Who has been using Eldians as titan weapons during the wars about natural resources?

It’s Marley. M-A-R-L-E-Y.

But it appears people from other countries show strong hatred on Eldians. How about Marley?

Hate can make the whole world blind, I guess.

Okay wait a minute.

So Marley has invited many of his enemies to the festival in Liberio.

Isn’t it a perfect time to destroy them and spread more fear of Eldians across the world?

Remember the Tybur family is going to declare a war on Paradis during the night of the festival?


What solution? Probably this:

“Paradis Eldians are our common enemies despite they’ve done nothing to us! Marleyan Eldians GOOD! Paradis Eldians BAD!  Marleyan Eldians GOOD! Paradis Eldians BAD!”

Even Willy seems to admit he (and the Marley leaders?) are “writers of history”:

So, exactly how to make the plan work?

—Creating a chaos, with many dead people and foreign guests, and than saying that Paradis people are responsible for the Red Wedding style of tragedy.

Titans sent by Paradis to crush Marley and the entire world.

Marley has titan serum. Marley is totally capable to do it.

And then, many countries will join Marley to crush Paradis.


The EEEEEEEKKKKK….ah nope.


Probably the Marley’s enemy in the East.

The one supporting the Eldia Restorationists many years ago.

And I can bet one bucket of squid that Hizuru has already forged an alliance with the Paradis Eldians.

If that’s not the case, I wonder how Eren can sneak into Marley, without knowing how to sail on a modern ship?

Remember Eren blended into the Eldian soldiers in area near Fort Slava and aboard a train, so he could reach Liberio District?

And let me bet more things.

This Eastern lady will keep playing important role in the future story, maybe she’s the Mikasa who is Eren Kruger’s childhood friend.

And some of the Paradis casts have already arrived at the main continents.

Mikasa’s probably working with the Hizuru people and finally learnt how to become one of the East Sea people EEEEKKKKKKKKKKK

The Storm is coming and I am so excited AAAAAAAAYYYYYYEEEEKK

Eren’s Full Transformation List - Documentation

Ever since the reveal in Chapter 88, as well as the common knowledge that the more a Shifter uses their powers, the more of an effect it has on their body, I’ve been meaning to talk about this but never got around to it. But now, it’s here!

We’ll be taking a look at a full list of all of Eren’s canon titan transformations/titan shifts and will keep a counter in order to estimate the total at the end. Keep in mind there have been off-screen shifts, for instance in the training with Hange, so we can estimate the minimum amount of transformations. Here we go!

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Chapter 94 theory:

I am sure that the person spying on reiner is Eren! Zeke said that the ships they sent to the island vanished or were destroyed, so what if Eren and the rest used them to get to the Marley country? They could’ve stolen the uniforms and tortured the people for info like they did once. Eren also grew out his hair, looking exactly like the hair we see here! It makes so much sense! Even Eren said that he wanted to go to them to kill them in the last chapter he was in! And it’s been years! They had time to plan this! There’s hope after all!

Eren + Reiner: Saviors of “Humanity”

If there is one strong uniting factor between Reiner and Eren it is this. Both of them built their entire life’s purpose upon what were essentially childish dreams, and then neither could truly process it when reality failed to measure up to their starry eyed expectations. 

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“We sought freedom and our compatriots paid the price for it. There’s only one way to pay them back. Our actions will follow us until they are repaid. If you can’t then we’re doomed to repeat it all again. The same history. The same mistakes. Again and again forever. Even if we die, Even after we die. After all…you started this story, didn’t you?” -Eren Kruger

Amputee-kun is totally Eren

So I wanna add a couple more thoughts on the whole amputee-kun thingy, and by now everyone in the fandom has at least considered him to be Eren. The hair and facial structure, the thematic implications of Falco of all people talking to him, the fact that his leg could be him holding back his healing powers etc. 

I wanna add some additional comparisons to the whole deal, that could be further indicative of his identity, and for that, let’s take another look at Attack on Titan Zero

For those who don’t know, that was the original 2006 oneshot entitled SnK that Isa had drawn…the first time he put his attack on titan idea on paper, so to speak. The oneshot features many similarities to what we know of SnK today…titans eat humans, humans can turn into titans, humanities memories were wiped out and the survivors of the titan appearance live in cities secluded behind giant trees.

And THIS is our protagonist, Private Mukamura

Looks familar?

I mean…I don’t need to point it out, right? If amputee-kun is indeed Eren, he would now officially share a hairstyle with the original SnK protagonist…that’d be appropriate for at least the final arc, right?

But there’re more similarities between both protags! They share their hatred for the titans, are considered humanities last hope, and inspire courage in others! Our Eren is very much at least in part inspired by his 2006 counterpart.

There’s also the fact that both of them are titan shifters, and both of them turn into the one and only Shingeki no Kyojin, the Attack Titan

He’s looked fresh since 2006 lmfao. The titan designs are pretty identical, and Mukamura’s hair equals his titan form entirely–Eren’s human hair hasn’t been too far off, but still hasn’t reached titan length….until now, as amputee-kun’s hair matches the rogue titan hair pretty much perfectly. Coincidence? Hell no. 

Last but not least, some of the in-story developments match amputee-kun’s situation quite well^^

The local military branch, to which he had transferred only a mere month ago, suspects him of being a titan infiltrator who came from outside. Granted, he really is a titan, though not an enemy of humanity, but that’s besides the point. If amputee-kun is Eren, we’d have this exact situation going on right now: a titan infiltrator from outside has invaded their military, but he is in fact the protagonist.

I know Zero isn’t overly indicative of the whole story, there’s plenty of differences between the main series and this, but we’re approaching the final arc now, a thing that Isa has had at least partially planned since the very beginning of the story, and we’re starting to pick up these similarities. The protag having the same long hair as the series’ titular titan is an idea Isa has had for over 11 years from the looks of it, giving us that for the final arc seems more than appropriate, doesn’t it? Mukamura and Eren are so similar already, that’s really just the final gap to bridge. And as mentioned above, the setting is already quite familiar. 

This, to me at least, reinforces my belief that amputee-kun is really Eren, and oh boi, am I so incredibly excited to see where this goes.