eren's bday


SNK Pirate AU based on a D&D campaign I’m currently playing. 

The eruri bit is based on my character who fell in love with a soldier and has tried everything from seduction to threats to get his lover on board of his pirate ship.

In this AU captain Levi runs a ragtag crew of teenagers all with different reasons for choosing the not so glamorous life of a pirate. Everytime they are in the port town Erwin lives in Levi attempts to convince Erwin to go with him. The kids run a very lucrative betting pool amongst various sailors trying to predict when and if Erwin decides to join Levi.


Happy birthday to @lemonorangelime from some of her favorite brunets! :3


Full view b/c I can’t figure out why tumblr makes things fuzzy D:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EREN. Levi got you a new jacket ;P

“It started with an argument, and ended with a contract”

  • Levi: goddammit kid. You’re reckless, you don’t think… and you look like a bloody carrot!
  • Eren: I just give it my all old man! Why should I hold anything back? And if you don’t like how I look, maybe you should dress me eh?
  • Levi: Tch. Fine. Consider yourself a face of Legion then…don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…
  • Eren: What…just happened Marco?
  • Marco: I’m not sure Eren, but I’m pretty sure you just got sponsored by the biggest name in snowboarding…

Erwin and Levi are co-founders of the popular boarding brand, “Legion”, of which Eren is now a face of ;D

PS it’s a replica of Levi’s DECK, not his DICK. LOL I see you in the tags, and I spewed my tea every-where thank you! *cries for days*

Levi has a habit of tagging along when his boyfriend goes in for work, and one day one of the models for the photo shoot doesn’t show up. Even though his family owns the company, Eren takes pride in doing a good job and earning his money, so he’s freaking out trying to find a replacement. 

Everyone with a phone is rushing around to fix the problem, and one of the designers (*cough Hanji *cough*) notices Levi hanging around in the background trying to stay out of the way. They quickly find Eren and bring up the idea of having the other man model, and after asking Levi if it’s okay, they quickly get back to the shoot. 

Once Eren starts taking pictures, it’s obvious that Levi isn’t comfortable trying to be sexy in front of strangers. His poses are stiff and his facial expressions are forced. Luckily, the intended model does end up showing up. 

Levi’s pictures don’t have to be used, but someone leaks one of the photos, and his fame takes off in a matter of days. Carla demands that Levi be the main model for their next big shoot, and Eren ends up being his partner to help him loosen up.