eren's bday


Happy birthday to @lemonorangelime from some of her favorite brunets! :3

jean trying to bake a cake for eren’s birthday to make it all special while eren is away at work and burns it because he has no domestic talents whatsoever so he has to run to the shop and buy one instead and makes it home just before eren arrives

jean tries to pass off the cake as his but eren knows he totally brought it but he appreciates the sentiment so keeps silent instead and eats his slice of the cake while taking breaks to nod as jean brags about his baking skills and ignores that jean got his favourite flavour of cake wrong


My bday and Eren’s bday are coming and this is great bc I can eat a cake for me and for him XD <3 

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fluffy canonverse eremika for the talented and sweet @jaegerchips!! everyone go wish her a happy birthday, she’s a fantastic artist and this fandom is so lucky to have her. have a great one, alexa!

Mikasa enjoys watching her friends with Historia’s orphans. There is a coolness in the coming fall but there is work to be done that keeps their blood moving, and they have to stay active to keep up with the children.

Sasha and Connie are good at entertaining them, especially the ones around ten who are most appreciative of fart-based humor. Jean and Armin are a little unsure how to act, but the older children like hearing their stories. Historia reminds Mikasa of her own mother, stern when she needs to be and fiercely protective.

Eren is best with the littlest ones. The babies find easy comfort nestled against him. Mikasa remembers the feeling from when she held him after he first emerged from his titan form, how warm and loud his heart beat, drowning out the rest of the world.

The day’s training and chores are done, and the light is disappearing when Mikasa finds Eren in the nursery, helping one of Historia’s employees get the youngest ones to bed. Under the fading sunset streaming through the window Eren looks more relaxed than Mikasa has seen in too long. The break from war is doing them all good.

“I’ve got a stubborn one,” Eren tells Mikasa. 

There is a girl of perhaps one year in Eren’s arms and he sways where he stands, a steady rhythm. The girl is facing away from Mikasa, but Mikasa can see her small fist clenching and unclenching.

Mikasa comes closer, enough to put a hand on Eren’s shoulder, but she doesn’t.

“I don’t think,” Eren murmurs, “she knows what Hange’s been putting me through this week.”

“I don’t think she cares,” Mikasa says, and Eren snorts.

Historia never asked them to help with the children, only with keeping the place clean, but Eren goes above and beyond. Being with them brings him out of the shadow of the walls, gentles the dark circles he’s too young to have. Mikasa is glad to see it, glad for any respite they’re granted.

The child turns her flushed face toward Mikasa, and she smooths back her hair. Mikasa hums absentmindedly while she does, and the girl’s eyes widen for a moment before blinking sleepily.

“I think she likes that,” Eren whispers, and so Mikasa continues.

The tune is aimless but it does its job, and within a few minutes the girl is breathing evenly on Eren’s shoulder, eyes closed.

“You’ll be a great mom one day,” Eren says, and something builds warm in her chest.

“You too,” Mikasa says, and backpedals when Eren bites his lip against laughter. “You know what I mean.”

They are quiet together for a while. They are quiet enough to let the possibility build between them, too distant a dream to discuss, and just tangible enough to hope for.


“eren?” levi asked, tapping his knuckles on the door that led into the kids bedroom, taking a few steps forwards after carefully twisting the door nob and pushing forwards. he door creaked and the floorboards sqeaked under his feet as levi stepped forwards. he could hear the soft gasps of crying from his bedroom next to erens and had decided, after a few moments of comtemplating if he wanted to deal with a sooky- possibly wet- child, to go see if everything was okay. eren was trying to muffle the cries too to seemed as they got quieter as levi stepped forwards.

he knealt down beside the bed, voice soft and calm as he asked “are you okay?” a hand reached forwards to tug the sheets back to reveal erens snotty face ( to which levi pushed aside any thoughts of how he didnt want to touch the kid with mucus and tears all over him ) and gently used his fingers to brush aside some stray brown locks.

he looked along the bed, before back to eren again. no signs of wetness, thankfully, levi thought, looking back to erens face. it’ll either be an upset stomach or a bad dream. hopefully the dream.

Levi has a habit of tagging along when his boyfriend goes in for work, and one day one of the models for the photo shoot doesn’t show up. Even though his family owns the company, Eren takes pride in doing a good job and earning his money, so he’s freaking out trying to find a replacement. 

Everyone with a phone is rushing around to fix the problem, and one of the designers (*cough Hanji *cough*) notices Levi hanging around in the background trying to stay out of the way. They quickly find Eren and bring up the idea of having the other man model, and after asking Levi if it’s okay, they quickly get back to the shoot. 

Once Eren starts taking pictures, it’s obvious that Levi isn’t comfortable trying to be sexy in front of strangers. His poses are stiff and his facial expressions are forced. Luckily, the intended model does end up showing up. 

Levi’s pictures don’t have to be used, but someone leaks one of the photos, and his fame takes off in a matter of days. Carla demands that Levi be the main model for their next big shoot, and Eren ends up being his partner to help him loosen up.

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they probably were only together for a few months when eren's birthday rolled around and jean didn't even think to ask so he was like "hahaha my birthday's coming up soon jaeger u better get me smth good" and eren's like "oh yeah mine's like.... tomorrow haha" and jean just freaks out internally and stays up all night trying to figure out a gift and he's so frazzled that he ends up getting him dollar store candy and a ring from on of those little crank machine things that you put a quarter in

OH MY GOD CUTE!!! i can totally see this happening too jean is so clueless and tries to pass it off like he knew the whole time hes such a dork

and although it’s small i bet eren appreciates it vvvvvv