July 29: War Chief Friday

The Hometown Society

In chapter 71, Grisha said that people were living peacefully without the fear of the titans inside the Walls, “despite the divide between the rich and the poor”. It may have shed some light on the social structure of the Hometown.

To make it simple, let’s say the Hometown is a reverse of the Walled Country ruled by the Reiss family—the disparity between the rich and the poor is low, yet people are constantly living in fear of the titans.

In my headcanon, Hometown is a country practicing socialism and its people are ruled by a military government. That public opinion there emphasizing the importance of “contributions to the country as a warrior”, encouraging teenagers to be warriors after they have underwent compulsory education—harsh combat training, lessons about the lost history of the world—How the First King had turned Hometown people into colossal titans to fill the three Walls. The senior warriors also brainwashing the young with hatred of the majority race living inside the Walls. 

In this post, I’m going to put my thoughts on Hometown together. Let’s begin with my imaginary social hierarchy of the country:

All humans are equal, but some humans are more equal than others.”

Despite the low disparity between the rich and the poor, social stratification still exists—which people are divided into 4 main groups mainly according to their origins. People of different races were living in separated districts. The warriors are the most powerful and respected, while the outcasts are those who fled to Hometown seeking for asylum, receiving limited resources from the government and resented by Hometown locals.

The warriors (titan shifters) are crucial to the survival of Hometown people. Without the protection of Walls, their jobs are to construct barriers to block the invading mindless titans, defeat them and even leave the territory to gather food and other natural resources for the citizens—just imagine it is a Snk version of the Warriors series written by Erin Hunter~!

“Zeke is a descendant of the Ackermans and slowly moved up to the role of war chief.”

In my July 25: Ackerman Monday and July 28: Family Thursday post, I suspect the Yeagers are actually the Ackermans who had abandoned the surname bestowed by the royal family. After they had escaped to Hometown with the Asians, they strive to earn their status in Hometown. With their excellent physical strength, they were accepted by the governors and allowed to dwell in the Local District.

Zeke actually hated the Ackerman elders and even his father as he thought they were stubbornly caring the entire “defying the First King’s will for the betterment of humanity inside the Walls even if it means giving up your property and lives” stuff and keep “brainwashing” their next generations about the importance of learning the truth of the “lost history”. He’s like “Come on why so serious? Let’s consider it as a game and have fun while smashing those SCs in wars!”

So what’s the relationship between Zeke and Grisha?

I believe they are twins. After Grisha was sent to a mission in Walled Country, Grisha had vanished. After many years the warriors found out Grisha had betrayed the Hometown and even built his own family, married a woman inside the Walls, making them extremely furious. Zeke said he understood Eren’s feeling, because Eren suffered from a choice his father made. Zeke suffered from a choice the deceased Ackerman leader(s) had made. Zeke said Eren is brainwashed by Grishawith words about fighting for the walled side and avenge for his mother instead of using the Reiss-like mind-manipulating ability.

After Zeke had approved by the senior warriors, he received an injection and became a titan shifter, who had the ability to turn into a Beast Titan.

Annie may be a descendant of the majority inside the Walls, making Reiner questioned her loyalty to the warriors.”

It may be out of topic, but suddenly I remember what Reiner had said to Annie:

Annie’s family fled to Hometown and was considered as the Outcasts. Her father trained Annie hard so that nobody would look down on her:

After Marcel was eaten by Ymir in her titan form, Annie was the last minute replacement sent to the breach-and-spy mission together with Reiner and Bertholdt. 

Zeke known Annie’s background and actually confident of her skills as a warrior. Perhaps he’s planning to rescue her in the future.


Okay can like someone please explain that one part in the court scene?

Literally Levi was shown behind the railing just a second or two ago before Eren started yelling

but in the five seconds he had before he planted his boot in Eren’s face, how did he get over there?? And so fast??

Levi never seizes to amaze me.