eren looks different all the time

Grasping at straws: Ymir ain’t dead

hmm… tinfoil hat theory here: but we’ve seen with Eren & Historia that people can access memories not belonging to them.

Could it be that Gallard tried that trick with attempting to see his brother’s memories, as Rod used showed Historia Grishas, but couldn’t, but did see Ymir’s?

Supporting evidence 1: Gallard never says he ate Ymir, and when we see him standing in front of her he’s in similar clothes to what he is wearing in the present. No signs of syringes, no rolled up sleeves or third person ready to inject him. Could it be that since he last saw Reiner he went and visited Ymir in whatever location she is being held? 

Supporting evidence 2: Ymir’s Titan looks like Gallard’s.

Now that might seems like it should be in the against it column, but consider this: Isayama is a grade A troll (sub note: Bert going to bite his hand at Utgard).

Ymir’s shifter form looks exactly like her regular titan form, something we’ve not seen at any other time (the albeit brief glimpses of Eren and Armin show radical differences). The other noticeable difference with Ymir vs other shifters is that she was a regular titan for 60 odd years, while most are for a few minutes at most.

Conclusion: It’s pretty darn weird that Ymir’s regular form looks so much like Gallard’s shifter form (not to mention the picture book shenanigans). It’s all rather convenient… a little too convenient.

Additionally Gallard says she also wanted to bring back Marcel’s “Jaw” - this could be taken to mean that is the titan designation he now bears, but he doesn’t confirm it. After all he says he was chosen for the operation nine years ago as well - so did he get his titan then?

For instance if he is actually saying (official translation pending):

“This never would have happened if, nine years ago, when I was chosen for the operation on Paradis Island… I had been given the armoured titan instead of you”

Meaning he could be bitter he was given a different titan which meant he stayed back in Marley territory, so wasn’t there to protect his brother.

After all there are NINE titans:

1. King - Uri / Frieda / Grisha / Eren

2. Attack - Owl / Grisha / Eren

3. Colossal - Bert / Armin

4. Female - Annie

5. Armoured - Reiner

6. Jaw - Marcel / Ymir

7. Beast - Zeke

8. Quad - Piku, Piek or however its spelt

9. ????

If Gallard does have Ymir’s titan, we’re still missing one - who given how the Marley have been talking about their war effort should have been fighting with the others, or at least mentioned - so it could well be that Gallard is actually the as yet unnamed 9th titan and Ymir is just being held captive.

“But why would they just hold her captive not take her power back?” I hear you ask.

Well for one, she’s shown herself to be a (somewhat) willing prisoner, and thus a source of information about the wall society / military. She’s also shown herself as having rather flexible loyalty towards the vast majority of people in the walls.

And secondly, she’s leverage against the only other branch of the royal family outside Zeke and (translation & horrifying implications for the other, especially female, shifters pending) his kid - Historia.

If the Marley forces want to get control of the coordinate (seeming to be unaware of the First King’s trap), they want / need a royal bloodline. So a reasonable plan would be to defeat Eren so they can get their control over the co-ordinate and the titans, then use Ymir as bait to get Historia to come with them, and have more royal blood available and a puppet to take over the island more peacefully.

Thirdly, if Gallard has been a shifter as long as Reiner, the Marley might not have had a suitable candidate to take over Ymir’s titan - Gabi, Falco and co are all still around 10-12 years old, so when Ymir arrived they probably would have only just begun their training.

So if Ymir was a passive prisoner there would not have been the urgency to take the power from her, especially as we’ve seen with Eren how hard it is for someone to learn to control their power.

Additionally with the Marley’s comparatively advanced technology they would find it easier to keep Ymir contained even if she did turn hostile - put her in a concrete vault with only narrow staircases out and she’d have a very hard time escaping.

And lastly, from a narrative point of view, there are very few deaths that have not been shown explicitly - especially of named characters. So while it is possible Isayama hecked this up big time, that we weren’t shown regular titan Gallard standing before a chained up Ymir, but rather casual wear Gallard, feels significant.

But this may well be wishful thinking of course

Pink Tea

Summary: Levi actually doesn`t like black tea very much. [Canonverse}

AO3 Version: Pink Tea

It was a known fact that Captain Levi enjoyed tea, some even thought his entire diet consisted of it. Because he liked tea, everyone who liked the Captain made it for him, in order to impress him and gain his praises, but they never did, it was always `thanks` in that flat tone of his that always insinuated `it`s not very good, try again`. Little did they know it wasn`t because they`d steeped it too long or used the wrong blend, or even the wrong tea cup, but because they all assumed Levi liked his tea black and bitter.

Levi loathed straight black tea, despite popular belief, and whenever someone made him a cup he`d make sure add about a hundred spoonfuls of sugar to it. It`s why no one ever saw him preparing his own tea, or drinking it after they`d served it to him, what would they think if they saw their war hardened Captain pouring all that sugar into his tea because he couldn`t have it black?

Drinking black tea in a plain white mug was manlier than sweet tea with lots of cream in his favorite baby blue tea cup, and he had an image to uphold. It was like if he asked for strawberry milk instead of a beer, like choosing a unicorn over a horse, you just didn`t do it. So Levi kept his little sweet tooth secret, never would anyone see him pouring half the bag of sugar into his tea, or the fact that the tea in the black tea tin was actually his favorite rose blend.

He`d sit up in his office, choose one of his favorite tea sets and drink his feminine choice in drink in peace, it`s where he thought he was completely safe from prying eyes and mocking gazes. He liked having his fluffy quilt of cotton and floral fabric, an old one he`d found, but was able to mend himself, and a good book, particularly romance novels where one couldn`t be with the other due to their age difference but somehow they would love one another anyway and live happily ever after.

No one ever dared disturb him during this time, everyone around knew they were his designated relaxation hours. Everyone who`d been with him for long enough knew that, everyone except Eren. Eren who looked up to him the most, Eren who would lose all respect for him if he knew how soft his Captain really was, Eren who never fucking knocked before coming in.

“Captain! I was looking all over for… you.” Eren shouted coming in, only to pause at the scene before him. Captain Levi curled up in his way too big desk chair bundled up in a rose patterned blanket that seemed to swallow him whole, a book with a romantic title, “To Love Him Is Wrong, But I Cannot Bring Myself To Be Right”, and was that two guys on the cover? But most of all he had a well made, pearly pink, china tea set with cherry blossoms and rosy branches painted all over it and a tea cup full of creamy looking peach colored tea, definitely not the dark black he usually drank.

“Captain what are you…?”

Levi looked like a cross between furious, embarrassed and ready to cry.

“You`re so…”

Here it comes, he`s going to cut into his ass and never respect him again. Levi would have to beat him harder than he had at the tribunal to get him to take him seriously ever again.



“Wow, seriously sir, you`re just adorable if you don`t mind me saying so!” Eren squealed, holding his own face in his hands. Levi blinked, technically, this was what he`d been dreading, to be seen in a soft, weak light, but… it didn`t feel so bad with Eren doing it.

“Is that so?” Levi had to be sure, Eren nodded eagerly at the question.

“Mh! It`s awesome you can be cute like this but still kick ass!” The boy praised. Levi hadn`t ever thought of it that way, but still…

“Ahem, thank you Eren. But you can`t say anything about this okay?” Levi said, Eren looked confused for a moment, like he wanted to ask questions, but then understanding filled his green orbs instead.

It looked like Eren was going to give him some lecture about pride or something so Levi shut him up quick, “It`s our special secret.” He whispered, immediately Eren`s face lit up like a Christmas tree, not just anyone got to know about the Captain`s special secrets so he must have really trusted Eren in particular! Aa, he wanted to brag about it but, if Levi trusted him to keep it a secret then he wouldn`t say a word.

“Yes sir! My lips are sealed!” Eren promised,

Levi had never been more relieved it was Eren who`d barged into his office.

Once Eren had found out about his little secret the boy had pestered him until he`d given him the recipe for his ideal tea, five spoons of sugar, three splashes of cream and use the rose blend on the top shelf of the pantry, and the shifter took it as his duty to prepare Levi`s tea from then on, because he knew Captain`s secret now so he could prepare what he liked, and Levi let him. Only because somehow the brat`s tea was a hundred times better than his own. When he made it, it was just sweet enough, always steeped to perfection, always had a creamy texture and was never gritty, sometimes he`d even put actual rose petals in for extra flavor.

No longer did Levi have to tiptoe about just to get a cup of tea, because Eren always seemed to know when he was craving it and would be at his door with a steaming pot ready for him. But it became more than tea too, he brought him warm sweaters, Captain always looks so cold in that blanket, new books, I didn`t know what you liked to read but this one has guys on the cover too, and kept him company.

Levi didn`t know how close they were becoming, how he would let Eren share his quilt because it was big enough for both of them, let Eren blush himself silly trying to read his romance books aloud, let the cadet lay his head on his lap when he got sleepy. And when he finally did notice, he didn`t mind as much as he should, at all really. He could admit it, if only to himself, he really liked Eren. In the kind of way his novels described, his heart would beat fast, his hands would sweat - disgusting - and he would feel light whenever he was near. Geez he really was turning into a girl wasn`t he?

Still, he should have guessed such bliss couldn`t last.

It had been another day, pretty slow in terms of training and such since there wasn`t anything urgent to learn so Eren had come to his office earlier than normal, baring his usual gifts of a large blanket and tea and cookies to share. Levi had looked up from his blasted paperwork to find the boy smiling down at him and he allowed himself a small one in return. He pushed his work aside, Eyebrows would get it when he finished dammit, and opened his arms to invite Eren over into the large chair like always. Eren had happily squeezed in next to him, draping the big blanket over their heads and shoulders and poured the two some of his delicious tea.

Right as they were settling in, Eren laying his head on Levi`s to read over his shoulder, they`d switched out romance novels for action/adventures, the door was flung open in a flurry of `I`m sorry for intruding` and bad undercuts. Oluo stood in the doorway bowing until he was almost in half and holding out more paperwork, seriously, more Erwin? Do your own damn paperwork! Straight out in front of him. Instead of jumping up Eren had pulled him closer protectively, not knowing who had been coming in at first and Levi sat completely still.

“F-forgive me sir! You weren`t answering your door so I…” Oluo had started up with his rambling apology and raised his head to do so properly, but he was met with the sight of Captain Levi looking terribly small wrapped in a giant fluffy blanket with… with the newbie! And what was with that tea? It was pink! Just what exactly was he seeing here!?

“What is all of this?” Oluo yelled, of course he bit his tongue in the process.

Eren`s eyes shot over to look at Levi who was still frozen with shock and looked ready to cry again, he had to do something to keep the Captain`s secret, as painful as this would be for him, he couldn`t let his Captain take this, it was time for him to repay all his kindness these past days.

“Ahem, this is all me.” Eren said seriously, his voice was really out of place in the fluffy scene. Levi shot him a look of disbelief but he didn`t stop, let me do this for you sir, he thought. “I… I like all this kind of stuff, and I dragged Captain into with me, and because he was kind he stayed, even though he doesn`t like this kind of thing at all!”

Oluo sneered at him, “Hah, should have known you were a weirdo, what are you some kind of girl? Hah! You`re lucky the Captain`s such a good man, I wouldn`t have let a rookie like you get away with it though, I`d-”

As Oluo continued to lecture Eren, Levi couldn`t tear his eyes away from him. This boy, with so little already, had taken such a hard blow to his pride, saved Levi from humiliation, without even being asked to. He was sitting through the harsh words hewas supposed to be getting, he was the one who liked all this, in fact, Eren was the one who liked his tea black without anything else between them. Eren had taken the bullet for him like it was nothing, he would have never imagined he cared that much.

“Enough Oluo.” Levi ordered, he couldn`t let this continue.

“But sir! He`s the one who dragged you into-”

“Hoh? Did I stutter? That was an order soldier.” He told the man darkly, and with a not manly at all squeak he scurried out of the room, making sure to close the door behind him so Levi wouldn`t give chase.

After he`d left Eren let out a nervous laugh, “Haha, that was close wasn`t it sir?”

“Why did you do it Eren?” Levi cut in, why would anyone, no matter how close, take that kind of pain for another?

Eren`s eyes darted around uneasily as he let out another laugh.

“W-well I promised to keep your secret didn`t I? And I-”

“Eren. Don`t lie, what`s the real reason? Even if you were keeping my secret you didn`t have to take the blame.”

Eren sighed.

“I-I guess there`s no hiding it then huh?” … “I-I like you Captain.” The boy admitted, ah, Levi`s heart was skipping every other beat again.

“And because I like you, I had to protect you sir. Please forgive me for having these weird feelings for you!” Eren pleaded, he pulled the blanket they`d been sharing over his head further to hide himself completely from view.

Eren liked him. Eren liked him. He could feel not only a burning blush covering his cheeks, but a big - big for him that was - smile spreading on his face as he let out a breathy laugh, there was nothing really funny about it, but it was more of a relief kind of laugh. If Eren was weird, Levi supposed he was too right?

He wiggled his way under the blanket with Eren, even as he tried to shift away and hide more, and pulled him into a soft kiss that stopped his struggling instantly. Levi wasn`t very experienced, he just sort of, held their lips together, but Eren hummed contently and it felt good, really good, even if they weren`t doing anything. When he could bring himself to pull back a minute or so later he whispered to the boy,

“I like you too, Eren.”

Eren gaped when his lip fell away from his, his eyes growing impossibly larger - because they were already so big - at his superior`s confession. Levi was a bit nervous, maybe he had read his words wrong and Eren didn`t like him that way. Maybe Levi had made a comeplete fool of himself and really made Eren lose respect for him that no beating would restore.

But then Eren`s dropped jaw formed a smile, a happy, joyful smile, like Levi had promised him the world in just one confession.

The grin on Eren`s face made his own small smile grow just that much more as the kid pulled him into a bear hug and laughed like he`d heard the funniest thing in the world. His laughter was deep and contagious and Levi started laughing too, his lighter, quieter giggles mixing with Eren`s well.

What were they even doing? Giggling like two teenagers - technically one of them was - underneath a blanket like it was their own little world. But Levi didn`t care, for once in a long, long time, he was just happy. The two eventually calmed down enough to form words, Eren`s first ones were thanking him for accepting his feelings. Speaking of thanks, now that they were technically together he could…

“Eren, I want to thank you for saving me before.” Levi said lowly, shifting himself closer to Eren`s lap. Eren looked at him strangely, reminding him he`d already said that. Sigh, this brat had no idea how to take hints did he? Figures he would fall for someone like that.

“No, I want to… repay your kindness Eren.” Levi purred, taking the boy`s face in his hands as it finally clicked for him, you could practically hear it.


“Mmhm, would you like that Eren?”

Eren nodded.

Taking that as the approval he needed, Levi pulled the blanket away from their heads and let it fall to the floor. Eren laid back on the plushy chair when Levi`s hands pushed him against it, using his shoulders as leverage to crawl over him and straddle his waist.

They looked at each other for a moment, breath quickening at what was to come, Eren made the first move with a noisy `gulp` and pulled Levi close by the small of his back with one hand and tilted his head forwards with the other, closing the gap between them second time. Eren was more forceful than Levi had been as he worked his lips against Levi own, loving the sound of his stuttering gasp when he dared dart his tongue out to slide across his plump bottom lip to coax them to part.

He let his hands wander down this body he`d admired for so long, caution slowly slipping from his mind, running along Levi`s back, his arms, his hips, before settling on his ass to give it a timid squeeze, causing Levi to let out a scandalized squeak, making the mistake of opening his mouth to let Eren enter it easily. Levi didn`t seem to understand at first, why his mouth was suddenly so hot, but he still moaned at the feeling of Eren tongue inside his mouth, against his own, rubbing against it and exploring every part it could reach.

Eren pulled back, Levi`s lips chasing after his as he did so, to tug at the Captain`s shirt, his implications clear. Levi blushed harder but lifted his arms so Eren could pull the cloth away. Eren`s hands instantly stroked his sides and grabbed at his hips, muttering to himself `so smooth` and `pretty, you`re very pretty sir` as he was captivated by the newly exposed skin. Levi felt flatter but, also cheated. Eren was still fully clothed…

“N-now you.” He insisted, trying to sound firm. Eren held back a smile, he was being shy again. Either way Eren obeyed, taking his shirt from the bottom hem and slipping it over his head confidently, though he did feel a bit exposed now since Levi was no longer the only one like this and was staring at him so intensely. Silver eyes roamed his chest and abs shamelessly, but his hands were a different story, hiding themselves deeper into his brown locks, too frightened to venture down.

“Hey, it`s okay, go ahead.” Eren encouraged, wanting Levi to feel free to touch him as he pleased, and to feel those hands on his body. Levi nodded a bit, mostly to himself and placed both hands on his chest, biting his lip in concentration. He stayed in that position, unsure of what to do next, Eren couldn`t help himself as he reached out to cup his face with his hands.

“You`re so cute Captain, please do as you wish with me.” He cooed, Levi looked up at him through his black lashes, flushing at the compliment, before letting his own hands wander as Eren`s had been, carving out all the harsh edges and dips in his muscles, getting startled whenever Eren couldn`t hold back a shudder. Levi let his fingers trail back up over Eren`s body, tickling the back of his neck and… oh.

“Ah! Levi!” Eren gasped, Levi forced himself not to jump right off his lap in fright, he was nervous after all, but that passed all too quickly when Levi realized he was the one to make such a sound spill from Eren`s mouth so forcefully, it gave him quite the boost in his confidence and he boldly brushed the spot on the back of the brunet`s neck again, earning another loud pant.

It was something like a titan wasn`t it? The weak spot at the nape, and Eren was a titan too so… it made sense didn`t it? Idly Levi thought of Hanji having an out right fit at the information, but she wouldn`t be getting it, Levi decided this would be his own secret as he kept rubbing Eren`s nape, he was the only one who was going to know exactly what Eren liked. He felt like he had some kind of special position by knowing it, and he was selfish so he wouldn`t be letting anyone else find out.

“You like it, Eren?” The raven mumbled softly to the shifter, who had gone limp against his shoulder, shuddering every other second. He could feel him nod vigorously from where his head lied. To his surprise though, Eren pulled his head, and neck, away from Levi`s grasp suddenly. He shook his head, like he was trying yo convince himself, and told him,

“S-sir, I want to be gentle with you, but if you continue to do things like that… I don`t think I`ll be able to hold back.”

Levi blinked, then a blush took over his face when he realized what the cadet was implying.

“W-who said anything about that you idiot! Don`t get so ahead of yourself.” He hissed, Eren opened his mouth to apologize then, his eyes wide at the realization of his own statement and face looking a bit disappointed but Levi stopped him before he could say anything.

“B-but since, since I`m repaying you…”

Eren immediately perked up like some puppy. Tch. That was annoying.

“Don`t be so eager.”

Now he was a kicked puppy and Levi felt bad.

“Ahem, since I`m repaying you, please… do what you wish with me.” The captain forced out, repeating Eren`s own offer from earlier, looking away from Eren`s intense gaze as he took in what he was saying. But that`s all he was doing, just looking and damn it all if Levi wasn`t embarrassed enough already.

“Well? Say something you- AH!”

The moment he was fed up with the silence was the moment Eren pounced on him, pinning him to the desk in front of them - behind him? - and staring down at Levi with an animalistic glint in his vibrant green eyes. Levi`s silver slivers widened at the sudden, but slight, pain in his back from being slammed against hard wood.


“I really tried holding back sir, but when you talk like that… Please forgive me for this.”

With that Eren dove forwards, pressing their bodies together as tightly as he could, almost crushing Levi in the process with his weight, and began to rock back and forth, rubbing their arousals together. Levi covered his mouth to muffled the girly noises that were spilling from him, his other gripping Eren`s back for dear life as the boy grinded onto him.

Eren wouldn`t slow down, going full force the moment he was upon him, panting harshly like a dog into his ear, mumbling things like `captain`s skin is so soft` and `your voice is so sweet sir, let me hear it more`. The desk protested at the constant rhythm of back and forth, back and forth, creaking it`s complaint loudly beneath them.

“Ah! Eren, Eren slow down,” Levi panted, becoming overwhelmed with the sheer amount of contact. Eren growled lowly, like it was the worst thing to pull away from Levi even for a second.

“No.” He told him.

At any other moment Levi would have been furious, but right then he couldn`t possibly think of anything other than Eren caging him against the desk as he grinded his back against the smooth wood. It felt like hours Levi lied there, just taking whatever Eren had left, he didn`t notice his own moans rising in pitch, coming at a faster frequency, didn`t feel Eren`s thrusts becoming erratic as his own hips bucked with a mind of their own.

“Mmh, mn, I-I`m- ah!” For the love of Maria he couldn`t even warn Eren he was about to-


White spots danced across Levi`s tightly shut eyelids as he reached his high, Eren still frantically rubbing against him, before finding his own relief with a long groan, then plopping down onto Levi`s heaving form in exhaustion. They lay there, panting as they calmed down. Eren lifted his head from Levi chest to smile a dopey smile up at him, and Levi couldn`t do more than ruffle his brown locks lovingly in return.

He could chew him out for ruining two perfectly good pairs of uniform pants later.

Attack On Titan Chapter 91 Thoughts

Hmm, this new series seems pretty interesting.

I mean, World War II inspired settings aren’t original, but World War I is a little rarer, at least… and this Titan thing? We Evangelion now?

Wait.. you’re telling me it’s not a new series?


The truth is, I find this being a sort of “start of a new series” execution of this chapter super interesting because the last chapter felt like the end of a series. I haven’t quite seen something like this done this way before and there is a thematic point to it.

It’s the start of a new, but familiar struggle.

As we basically open up with once again, an Eldian boy looking for freedom.

The enemy is different, but still all the same this time around.

This is a very thematically important chapter because our new children are completely oblivious to the real enemy. They are completely complacent to a regime not very different from the one the walled people were trapped in - and our protagonist Eren was completely unaware of, too.

I think this series would’ve been absolutely mind-blowing to me if I were still a teen and it’s incredibly valuable that it’s so popular and aimed for that audience.

Because I know it would really help me to see the world from a very different perspective. It’s interesting how the anime director Tetsurou Araki said the very same thing in his recent small interview about season 2.

The whole purpose of this chapter is to show how a corrupt leadership controls it’s people. Because we have the context of the previous 90 chapters, what is actually happening here is clear to us, as readers and I think as a teen who didn’t think about or notice these things at all, this would’ve been a incredibly eye-opening chapter.

The main component of it all is ignorance and complacency stemming from it. This chapter finally tells us what “don’t be complacent” truly means in the context of the series. 

It means the ability to look at the society we live in critically. Which is incredibly ironic considering some of Isayama’s words a few years ago. Just goes to show that this kind of “complacency” affects us all and we’re not aware of it until a strong wake-up call.

I’m not from the US, but the patterns of the Trump presidency aim for the same kind of complacency: it aims to shut down any questioning of the decisions the government is making and Gabi has no such ability because she just doesn’t *know* and has been conditioned to not *know*.

The only thing the Eldians on the mainland need is a group of “aware” people, like the Survey Corps were for the people inside the walls - this story tells us to be “aware” and truly look at society.

So hey, the walls probably really do represent society. So, we probably either need to destroy the walls and rebuild them or keep them standing and simply change their shape somehow (so that there are no more Titans in there). Depends on the author’s perspective. 

This is such a valuable story to tell and I don’t think there are many out there.

Gabi and the other children’s wake-up call isn’t going to be pretty, but it might just be the start of the end, as this chapter is - and the biggest thing is that there would be a wake-up call at all. How do you learn the truth and become aware of the flaws of a society if everything is done for those flaws not to come to light?

I just find this chapter so fascinating. This explains basically everything about the Titan Trio and the situation of the Eldians on the mainland even if we only see one shot of Reiner.

It’s the unsettling air of how cheerfully Gabi accepts and talks about all of these things that have caused so much pain to all the cast we’ve seen so far and then there is this unsettling image:

Her eyes tell a lot.

I like Gabi’s character a lot because she clearly is a very strong-willed person, but like all the other children, she is still just a easily-influenced child.

Oh and the chapter answers the question of who the remaining shifters are - therefore Ymir has a much bigger chance of survival and the Coordinate and the memory erasure ability are confirmed to be the same, along with the Reiss family being the Fritz family.  

Reiner and Zeke are on a time limit, but we see Reiner and we’re told both are having successors chosen, so good - those spoilers weren’t true.

Oh and there is a 3-year timeskip, which I’m okay with. The mourning is postponed because the battle isn’t over yet - I’m much more positive we get something by the end of the story instead. You mourn after the battle is over.  

I really, really liked this chapter. Like, really, really, really liked this chapter and I only expected to like it a little.

Episode 26-a new dream?

This is my little pet theory I’ve been thinking about since watching the 2nd recap movie in late 2015, and I started getting very vocal about it towards the end of last year; and wanted to mention it one more time before the episode airs. Basically, I believe we’re going to see another titan-magic-related dream through Eren’s eyes next episode (hopefully right after the OP to parallel ep 1). Let me explain.

Remember Eren’s ep 1 dream? Filled with grotesque and bloody imagery, though the most striking picture was the the body of Carla Jaeger lifted from the Jaeger household, only to be eaten by the smiling titan as we all saw later on. Of course everyone remembers, its arguably one of the most discussed and confusing scenes in the entire franchise, especially since it differs from the “see you later” manga counter part.

Now, with the more recent developments in the manga, its more or less implied that these “dreams” really are memories from a different time period (future or past) from Eren or someone else, sent to him through the Eldian path network, but even so, we still don’t know what that dream meant and why it occurred at that specific moment.

Lets take a more precise look once more

Purple flowers moving in the wind, followed by Eren waking up. Now, we know that these purple flowers always appear somehow related to instances with ”titan magic”, like the dream here, or when Eren shields Mikasa and Armin from cannon fire in Trost. Another time is Eren’s filler dream from ep 22, and though that one wasn’t necessarily titan magic related, it paralleled the ep 1 dream in multiple ways, essentially reminding us of its existence and importance. So, the next instance is a pretty curious one, isn’t it?

EP 25- Eren, Mikasa, Armin and Jean are in the room Eren rests in, discussing the previous battle. And, for some reason, are we not only seeing the purple plants once again, but the window is open and wind is seen passing through the room due to the movement of the curtain. That’s a pretty darn strong parallel to the ep 1 dream, is it not? 

And then came the recap movie. The post credit scene gave us a shortened version of Nick and Hange a top the wall, but chose to end on a non-manga-canon scene, Eren opening his eyes and sitting up in his room.

Now, when the creative staff decided to end the movie on this scene, there obviously had to be a reason for it. Ending it on Hange’s “is the wall filled with titans” would be cliffhangerish enough to end the movie, but instead, Eren wakes up, without saying anything or whatever, and just stares at us. Okay. End.

I thought for a while that that’s a weird way to end things but…then I realized that, in the background, the flowers could still be seen, and, the window was still open and the curtain was still moving in the wind…just like episode 1.

In my book, this scene pretty much confirms that we’re starting things off with another dream tomorrow. The placement of the wind and the flowers in both ep 25 AND the movie simply isn’t a coincidence, and there’s really no other explanation. Flowers=titan magic. Wind+flowers+Eren waking up=new dream aka new memories to confuse us forever. In the billboard PV that came out in December, there’s a glimpse at a scene between a woke Eren and Mikasa in this very room–non canon and most likely yet another parallel to the ep 1 dream–Eren talking to Mikasa after waking up. 

The question is, if that dream really happens, what will we see? The ch 1 see you later? Ch 50 smiling titan? Eren Kruger? Lets find out in a couple of hours :D 

Anonymous submitted: this lil drabble was inspired by that photographer eren and nude model levi pic you posted and also by simsmonogatari’s a m a z i n g ereri sims edits/screenshots!! im sending this from mobile so lets hope the formatting doesnt get all weird omg, vaguely nsfw!!!

“Move your hand a little,” Eren tells him, and Levi scowls.

“No.” His hand stays exactly where it is, leaving him with at least a little modesty. “I thought you were an artist, not a pornographer.”

“But your arm keeps getting into the shot,” Eren complains as he adjusts the settings on his camera. “It’s disrupting the composition of the photo.”

“You just want to take dick pics of me, admit it,” Levi drawls, amused delight bubbling up in the pit of his stomach as his boyfriend flushes and hides behind his camera again.

“It’s art!” he rushes to exclaim, rambling on about lighting and composition and contrast, all of which goes completely over Levi’s head. He doesn’t know shit about photography or about modelling, but Eren had assured him that it was fine.  

(“It’s okay, just do what I tell you and we’ll be all good,” he’d said while he’d still been setting up their living room for the impromptu photo shoot, and in all honesty, the thought of Eren being the one in charge and bossing him around is somehow very appealing, even if it’s not in the exact context Levi might have preferred.)

The photos are just for Eren’s portfolio, so it’s not like the whole world will be ogling at Levi’s naked body. Even so, he can’t help but to fidget a little under Eren’s intense gaze. They’ve seen each other undressed countless times, but this is different. Eren’s hovering over him fully clothed while he’s left bare and vulnerable, all of him on display, and it’s not helping at all that Eren’s looking at him like a damn gourmet meal.

Levi turns his head away, pressing his face against the cushions surrounding him. He hears Eren chuckle from somewhere above him.

“Could you turn over for me?” he asks, and Levi is glad to comply. If he’s laying on his stomach at least he’ll be less aware of Eren’s eyes on him. That’s what he thinks, at least, but as soon as he’s changed positions, Eren’s hand is on him, gently stroking along his back.

“So stunning,” he mutters in a reverent voice, his fingers leaving Levi’s skin just as they’re about to caress over the cleft of his ass. “Stay just like that, please.”

Then he’s snapping away again, and with each click of the shutter Levi feels some of his tension ease. It’s just him and Eren, his lovely and kind Eren who would never do anything to make him feel uncomfortable or insecure. In fact, even now he keeps whispering idle little compliments to Levi, admiring the arch of his spine and the inviting roundness of his ass.

“Can you lean over to the side?” he asks, and after Levi’s done just that, adds, “Good boy. You’re a natural at this, so graceful and obedient.” The words are spoken in a light and playful tone yet upon hearing them Levi’s still fighting the urge to grind his hips down against the sofa.

It gets even worse because soon Eren’s flopping down next to him, his gaze alight with a sort of fond intimacy that makes something in Levi’s chest clench up. “No face shots,” he insists when Eren maneuvers him to turn a little and aims the camera at him - that had been his one and only condition before agreeing to this.

“I know. Tilt your head back,” Eren says, and after Levi’s done that, he lays a careful hand over the hollow of his throat, his fingers splayed out as far as they’ll go. For a short exhilarating moment he thinks Eren might choke him, and for fuck’s sake, why is that thought making him so hot and bothered?

He crosses his legs as tightly as he can and hears Eren breathe out a gentle laugh.

“See, I told you it wouldn’t be so bad modelling for me,” he says, and he’s right, damn him. After getting a couple of shots of his hand on Levi’s neck, his touch wanders lower along the lines of his collarbones. “Oh, wait, the light is perfect here, you’re perfect. Stay still for a little longer.”

He does, even though he’s itching to reach out and touch Eren and shed him of his clothes, too. Instead he waits while Eren takes picture after picture, occasionally advising him to turn or stretch his neck the other way. All the while Levi’s extremely aware of Eren’s eyes on him. His attention is solely on Levi, and Levi lets himself drown in it, lets each hushed praise wash over him and indulges in the fact that, at least for now, he’s the center of Eren’s world.

“You know what would also look really good on you?” Eren wonders out loud. “Body paint.”

Levi snaps his head back down to glare at him. “No body paint. It would mess up the whole apartment.”

For a few moments Eren seems dejected, but soon enough he looks like there are numerous other ideas brewing in his head. “How about lace?” he asks.

“That’s,” Levi starts off, pausing to think for a while, an inexplicable blush rising to his face, “acceptable.”

Eren beams at him like the damn sun, all but blinding Levi with his gentle smile. “Great! I’ve been wanting to shoot in low light so how about some candles for the next time, too?”

“Sounds more like a romantic evening than a photoshoot to me,” Levi quips, his head spinning pleasantly at the thought of there being a next time. “Just how many naked pictures do you need for your portfolio, anyway?”

“As many as I can get,” Eren nearly purrs, finally setting the camera down as he wraps his arms loosely around Levi, purposefully sliding his thigh in between Levi’s leg. “Do you know how difficult it is to resist you, though? You’re so enticing that I could just eat you up.”

“Go ahead, then,” Levi murmurs and pulls him in for a kiss, Eren’s lips deliciously soft against his. That talented tongue sweeps over Levi’s bottom lip in a demanding manner, and Levi gives in, as he always does when it comes to Eren, thoughts of lace and candlelight and more of this sweet intimacy already settling in at the back of his head. 

Oh my godddd!!! (๑♡⌓♡๑) Anon I LOVE YOU SO MUCH for writing this, this is amazing!!! This AU has been in my mind all the time since yesterday and you went and did this amazing piece, thank you so much, it’s perfect, PERFECT!!!

For the ones who haven’t seen it, this is the artwork this drabble is referencing!

(Artist: Lena_レナ | Source: | Posted with permission.)

Also tagging my dear @simsmonogatari so she sees this. Now I’m going to read it again (⺣◡⺣)♡*.

aotaku-jaeger104  asked:

Hey! I was wondering if you could recommend some enemies to lovers fics? I noticed you didn't have any in the tag. Thanks!

Aw sorry! It’s something I always forget to tag. I will try and go back through the blog and re-tag at some point. 

Summary: The one that’s not actually about grinding, but the rivalry between Eren ‘who owns a coffee shop’ Jaeger and Levi 'who owns a tea shop’ Ackerman. They might fall in love along the way.

Summary: Levi is a cursed albino merman with a bad temper and a ticking time limit to his thirty year lifespan which is drawing dangerously close to its end. The remedy for his curse? True Love.
     No one thus far has captured the salty creature’s heart, that is until he lays eyes on a certain brown haired young man who is tasked with the impossible… Cleaning his tank.

Summary: Levi is the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Sina always taught to believe that the native people of Shiganshina are nothing but blood-thirsty savages, demonic and evil. But when his life is saved on more than one occasion by a handsome street rat named Eren, everything Levi has been taught will be tested and challenged to it’s limits.
     When all Levi has been taught to believe from the time he was born was to hate someone because they are different, because they do not look like him or because they don’t believe in the same things as him, can he learn to forget everything he’s grown up to believe and love someone he’s been raised to hate?


anonymous asked:

I hope this doesn't sound rude but can you please tell me some of the canon ereri moments in the series?

Hey anon! This isn’t rude at all. I’m glad you asked :)

I came across a post on tumblr describing a LOT of ereri moments in the anime & manga. I would write everything here, but I think this post describes it so good, It would be best to read it.

I recommend all ereri shippers to read it. People can take it different ways, some can say that this is just a platonic and respectful relationship facts, some can say that that’s just how their characters perform, etc. But in my eyes, there is so much ‘ereri’ in those scenes. You can definitely see their concern for one another, and how their relationship change as time goes on.

Also, there are other posts i’ve came across on other sites, which gives information on canon moments in the manga, here are the links-

All of these gives us canon ereri moments. So it would be great for you to read it!

I hope this helps anon ♥


((sequel to meringue and chocolate))

“Can I lick the spoon when you’re done?” Eren asks from where he’s sitting on the counter watching Levi work.

He damn near spills the caramel all over the cupcakes he’s supposed to be carefully coating. Eren hangs around in the kitchen so often that Petra jokes they should start paying him already, but there’s still a part of Levi that cannot believe he’s actually here, spending time with him out of his free will. Sometimes he’ll compliment Levi’s baking or swoop in to kiss him on the cheek, which consequently renders Levi unable to function for a moment or two.

“Uh,” he replies and sets down the pan just to be sure. He’d rather not waste his caramel by splattering it all over the floor in the case that Eren does something terrifyingly adorable. Sure, he has a second batch of it bubbling away on the stove since lately he’s gotten into the habit of baking rather generous amounts of pastries. That’s all Eren’s fault, too, it’s literally impossible to deny anything from him when he fixes you with one of those wide-eyed looks, so of course Levi offers him samples of everything and revels in every little contented hum and blissful sigh that Eren lets out as the sweet taste hits him.

He hands the wooden spoon to Eren, its surface still coated in sticky golden caramel from where Levi had been using it to stir the mixture. He’s transfixed by the movement of Eren’s fingers as they wrap around it, and when he darts his tongue out to taste the caramel, Levi swears he can feel his very soul escaping his body.

The thing is, he wants to do things to Eren. Indecent, horrible things. Sure, they’ve hugged and kissed and stuff, and that’s all fun and good, but quite often he’s struck with the realization that he wants to completely wreck Eren and reduce him to a writhing, desperate mess.

Some of the caramel is running down and dripping over Eren’s knuckles, but he’s quick to lap it up before it gets any further. He’s very talented with his tongue, Levi notes, scorching heat crawling up from the pit of his stomach as he imagines all the other things Eren could possibly do with his mouth. He knows how Eren’s lips feel against his, knows how lovely and soft and ticklish it is to have them brush against his jaw, but as he watches his tongue darting out in careful little licks, he finds himself craving a whole different kind of affection from him.

“It’s really good,” Eren remarks and beams at him, as innocent as can be. “A little salty but sweet at the same time.”

Levi’s done. He’s done, okay. How dare Eren sit there fellating a kitchen utensil while glancing at him from between his lashes and looking so damn tempting with his wispy hair and the wicked smile lingering on his lips.

By the time Eren’s finished with his treat, Levi is convinced that he’s doing it all on purpose. Those noises, fuck, the quiet little mewls of delight and satisfied moans that fall from him in between stealing coy looks at Levi, it’s far too seductive to be just about the caramel. Eren even seems a little disappointed once he’s licked it all off, nibbling at the spoon idly with his brows slightly furrowed.

Without even thinking about, Levi grabs an another spoon and swirls it through the cooling caramel in the pan, slow and purposeful.

“Here.“ He hands the spoon to Eren after having made sure that it’s generously coated in caramel. “You can lick this one, too.”

Differences between the Anime and the Manga - Episode 25

#intro #Ep1 #Ep2 #Ep3 #Ep4 #Ep5 #Ep6 #Ep7 #Ep8 #Ep9 #Ep10 #Ep11 #Ep12 #Ep13 #Ep14 #Ep15 #Ep16 #Ep17 #Ep18 #Ep19 #Ep20 #Ep21 #Ep22 #Ep23 #Ep24 #Ep26 #Ep27 #Ep28 #Ep29 #Ep30

The episode was written by Yasuko Kobayashi (Ep1, Ep2, Ep4, Ep9, Ep14, Ep16, Ep20, Ep24, Ep26, Ep27, Ep30),  the directors were Masashi Koizuka (Ep2, Ep13, Ep17), Shintaro Itoga (Ep12, Ep20), Tetsurō Araki (Ep1), Daisuke Tokudo (Ep17).

The episode overwrote ch33, ch34 from page 1-10 and page 27-34.

WARNING: There’ll be an ocean of salt for this episode. It diverged from the manga so much that I can’t say anything nice about it. I feel that would automatically be an insult for the original work, and thus an insult for Isayama. This post will of course be very long.

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Day 24 - Plot of Your Favorite Movie

Pairings: Eren/Mikasa & Levi/Hanji, Shingeki no Kyojin

Words: 11946

Rating: T (Language)

Inspired By: Welcome to Jurassic Park, Theme from Jurassic Park, A Tree For My Bed (Jurassic Park Soundtrack)

Notes: I have far too many favorite movies to actually have one be all end all movie but Jurassic Park comes pretty close. It’s a movie I’ve loved since I was seven years old and that will never change. I cried when I watched Jurassic World in theatres because it was everything I loved about the first movie. That was where this story came from too! As I was walking into the theatre I was thinking about this prompt in particular and thought it might work. And then I saw an image of Levi stuck in the park with two terrified and slightly lovestruck teenagers like I didn’t sign up for this but if you think they’re getting a scratch on them you’ve got another thing coming. I couldn’t resist. I also had to bypass some of the science stuff to make it less tedious to explain but I figure most everyone knows how it works lol Also please forgive my dinosaur knowledge. I tried to be as accurate as I could but I don’t have any access to scientific case reports, just google ;-;

AO3 / FF.Net

Life Finds a Way

(Day 24 – Plot of Your Favorite Movie)

This was Hanji’s idea. Levi never wanted to step foot off their site cause they had, you know, a lot of damn work to do but she just wanted to go on some tropical vacation to an amusement park or wherever the hell they were going. Of course, not even he was dumb enough to pass up the grant that Dr. Jaeger promised when he showed up at the dig site for only one price; Levi and Hanji had to come put a stamp of approval on a park.

Levi never cared for theme parks, especially any dinosaur themed. They always catered to kids and spewed out false information to excite people more. He was a scientist; he didn’t spend all those years in school to entertain children who wanted pet a dinosaur or whatever.

This wasn’t any park though. There were real dinosaurs here.

Levi couldn’t believe his eyes when he stepped out of that Jeep. He could hardly believe the way the ground shook, the way he heard their calls in his ears. How could this actually be a thing? How could they be real? How how how…

Even going through the labs, seeing the babies hatch, being told this was rea,  that Dr. Grisha Jaeger and his scientists brought back dinosaurs, and seeing it with Levi’s own eyes, he still couldn’t believe it. Hanji was much more apt to buy into everything and ask a million questions at the labs that nearly made them miss lunch. He dragged her away after that.

He was told it was DNA, he was told they were only girls to be able to control population; he was told everything was safe. He was told him and Hanji were here to make sure everything looked and felt as accurate as it could. Levi couldn’t lie, it did look and feel so real that he wasn’t sure what to believe but the scientifically sound facts laid out in front of him.

These were real dinosaurs.

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Chapter 90 Thoughts

Mixed indeed. I was giddy when I first saw the spoiler images of the kids happily playing in the ocean, but the feeling lasted for maybe half an hour before everything else kicked in. 

This chapter left me anxious for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on. Maybe it’s because of how often we get hit over the head with some heavy themes, like the pressing need to prevent a hellish history from repeating itself, and pondering if true freedom is really possible.

Seriously, it’s brought up a good three times by different people in different situations. Isayama may as well be spelling it out for the readers at this point to emphasize its importance for future events. Each time it’s mentioned, it’s coupled by an explanation as to what causes this cursed history to repeat.

In the opening pages, Pixis points out that hiding the truth would be a cause. They would be no different from the royals of the past 100 years.

The senior journalist Levi and Hange converse with sees the cause stemming from dehumanizing people. He wonders if it will only end if all the Eldians are killed, as their enemies so desire.

Eren thinks to himself that it will inevitably happen from failing to drastically change the situation. Change which usually comes in the form of great personal sacrifice. 

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anonymous asked:

This is probably ooc but can you make a fic where mikasa is stressed and tired of fighting and seeing her comrades get hurt and eren trying to comfort her pleaaaseeeeee


Pairing: Eren/Mikasa || Rating: K  || Words: 1,748 || [AO3]

Warnings: none

A/N:  I’m very sorry this took so long. When I got this ask I was dealing with a lot, but I’m doing better now. This takes place in an Alternate Universe (in canon of course). Thank you!! I hope you like it (: 

“Don’t say that, Mikasa.”

She swallows the last of her medication, each tablet sliding harshly down her throat. It’s awfully bitter, forcing her to cough around the taste. Eren pulls the cup away from her fingers gently, a deep breath pushing past his lips.

“What happened isn’t your fault.”

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To all my fellow snk shippers out there!

Eruri: This was a wild ride, guys. But I believe the most beautiful aspect of our ship has always been it’s mature and realistic side; the inevitable angst, the dynamic of two tired, lonely men finding a little joy in that horrifying world and facing it’s cruelties together. Which they did, until the end. Just because Erwin is dead, doesn’t mean that Levi’s love for him died. I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more about Erwin in the Manga. And just because they didn’t get a happy end this time, doesn’t mean they can’t be happy later on. Until then, there’s always AUs to dull the pain.

Ereri: Both Levi and Eren are strong people who care deeply about their friends. And while Armin is clearly one of the most important people to Eren, he doesn’t mean as much to Levi as Erwin does. Friendship is a different kind of love that runs just as deep as romantic love and can be just as scarring if it is ripped from someone as suddenly as in this chapter. Just because Levi chose to defend Erwin’s chance to live against Eren, doesn’t mean that every bond those two shared is now gone. Eren would have done the same for Armin, he looked like he was about to. Hell, I’d punch my S/O to save my best friend. Doesn’t mean I’ve all of a sudden stopped feeling anything for them.  We’re fine guys, they just need some time to get over everything. 

Eremin: Congrats. 

Winmin: Same boat as Eruri and a few following ships I’m afraid. But both Erwin and Armin would have readily sacrificed themselves for each other. Armin will continue to look up to his true Commander and I highly doubt that he will be thrilled about Erwin’s sacrifice, but it will surely make him more determined than ever to lead the remaining survey corps to humanity’s victory. Also, there are AUs. 

JeanMarco: Y'all got one-third of your revenge! Congrats (Unless your Bertl fans).

Reibert: He went down fighting like the brave warrior that he is. Reiner is proud of him and I’m quite sure that he’ll tell him that, whether Bertl is around or not. 

Beruani: I know, it’s okay. Annie will know, one day she’ll know.

Springles: They’ll be alright. Connie’s got our girl and she’ll be fine and they’ll get out of there. If we’re lucky maybe we’ll even get a scene of Connie feeding her and tugging her in and taking care of her like she deserves. 

Eruhan: They were with him till the end guys. Hanji will take his place until they get to meet him again. My heart hurts too, look at that sad fondness in her eyes…  Hanji will keep his legacy going, will keep a piece of him wither her even if it only is the bolo tie. 

Rivamike: Keep holding on guys. I am.

Erumike: We did it, guys. We can rest now. Our huge babies are finally at peace and together, drinking pina colada and playing mini golf together with their old mates and their youngest recruits.

Rivarmin: Congrats guys, our smol one saved our slightly taller one!

Levihan: They’re alive! Both! I mean phew, close call. They’ll get through this shit together.

Aruani: New chance, guys! Just you wait until they’re back in the inner walls.

Rivamika: Both hotheaded little shits that will protect their loved ones at all costs. Even from each other. But that’s just natural. Again, it doesn’t mean they’ve lost their connection. Just that they’re even more alike. 

Yumikuri: Patience. 

Sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone (which I likely have) feel free to add but please no ship hate, that’s the last thing we need right now.

Cue HSM Music * We’re all in this together *

A Heroic Parallel, Part 2: Mikasa & Levi

(I had to open with this panel, didn’t I? It’s just too awesome.)

This series examines how Eren, Mikasa and Armin are paralleled in the Veterans of the Survey Corps, as well as how they are becoming more like their peers in a process I like to call ‘Soldierfication’. The previous instalment discussed the connections between Armin and Erwin; this time, we’ll be looking at the Ackermans.

When Levi was first introduced, his most obvious connection with Mikasa was their shared badassery. But as we learned more about Levi and his motivations, it became clear that, like Mikasa, despite his cold exterior, he wants above all else to protect the lives of the people he cares about - the difference between them was that he had learnt to put his duty above his own desires. Their parallels most shined during the Uprising Arc with the bombshell of their shared lineage, and with it, the associated parallels in their backstories and relationships.

Soldierfication for Mikasa thus far has shown her becoming a more disciplined soldier with growing respect for authority. When she disobeyed Levi and attempted to kill the Female Titan in the forest, she was almost killed as a result. She only survived because Levi saved her and he was incapacitated as a result. Her guilt over this caused her sense of responsibility to grow as well as her trust in her comrades.

This trust grew to the point where she even entrusted Levi with Eren, her constant priority #1, by rescuing Historia instead.

So what about Chapter 84? Doesn’t her kerfuffle with Levi undermine her growing discipline?

In actuality, the startling thing about her “battle” with Levi was not that she turned on him, but how incredibly restrained she was while doing so. Levi was totally exhausted and utterly at her mercy; the Mikasa of Chapter 22 would have ripped the serum out of his hands and, if necessary, slit his throat.

But she doesn’t force it out of his hands. Despite holding all the power in the situation, she pauses and listens to what her Captain has to say.

Nor do I believe for a second Mikasa was completely constrained by Hange’s grip. If she’d kept on struggling, with her strength she would have definitely broken free, but upon listening to her superior’s words, she ultimately allows Levi to make the choice - and is rewarded for her development with Armin’s life. It was a gauntlet to test how far she has come, a struggle between her innate impulses and her developing discipline - which her inner Soldier won. 

That doesn’t make Mikasa’s future full of sunshine, though. While it might not signify his death, Levi’s separation from Erwin may foreshadow Mikasa’s separation from the recipient of her own ‘Ackerbond’, Eren. And given Levi’s record, she’ll have to harden her heart against more loss still.

Next instalment here.


Request:  Hey could you do something with mikasa x reader just like some fluff between the two of them. Sorry if it’s confusing it’s the first time I write a request to someone - Anonymous 

Make A Request

Pairing: Mikasa x reader

Word Count: 894

Warnings: Just a lil muffin fluff, Female reader

A/N: I wrote this in less than an hour and I hope it’s to your liking anon! I didn’t know if you wanted something more, but if you did my inbox is open!

Originally posted by sookashira

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anonymous asked:

Levi and his current squad plus hanji's reaction to leaving what they thought was the only civilization left and entering a midern world like ours

grouping some together because theirs quite a few! hope you like it ヽ(^。^)丿 i’ve only seen the anime so if theres any OoCness that would be why! also i asnwered a request like this for Eren here i’ll still write him here as well but if you wanna read that you can x

Levi & Mikasa would both be fairly surprised at the discovery of the new civilisation and would almost refuse to accept it as being real. Seeing all sorts of strange technologies and the strange people would be something that they’d find so intriguing. Upon venturing into the world and exploring it, they’d find it to be an amazing place and would love all the difference things. They’d try to act as casually as they could about the whole situation but they may look a bit strange at times as they’re seen poking at objects that they don’t know about.

Eren & Jean would be in complete shock and would be unusually quiet. The idea of there being other civilisations was hard enough for them to comprehend but for that civilisation to be so advanced and different from their own was just to shocking for them. They’d stick out like a sore thumb as they roamed the streets and looked and all of the unfamiliar things and tried to understand just how things worked in this society. They’d like it a fair bit and would want to bring back what they thought could be useful in the fight against the titans. 

Armin & Historia would look around with wide eyes and shocked looks on their faces. Seeing a place thriving and so different from their own amazed them and left them speechless. They’d want to spend a fair amount of time there, roaming the streets and talking to people, trying to understand and learn as much as they could about the strange place. They would take it as a learning experience and would want make the most of it and would find themselves enjoying there time spent there, 

Connie, Sasha & Hanji would absolutely love it. The flashing lights, loud streets and strange technologies were all so new to them yet they found themselves to be completely intrigued by them. They’d run around the streets like toddlers that had been let loose, picking things up and trying them, eating all of the different foods, watching people and the way they did certain things. They’d be drawn into buildings with flashing lights and neon signs and would walk around with wide eyes and excited looks on their faces. 

anonymous asked:

Have you seen that BeruAni game art? Can you write headcanons? ❤️

Oh yes, I have seen the Beruani game art! And yes, it made my heart happy. And yes I can write you headcanons, but I’m not sure if you wanted them just to be headcanons about anything or about the game, cause I don’t know anything about the game… So I can give you some random Beruani headcanons? Yes? Yes. 

  • When Annie realized that she had feelings for Bertholdt, she cried, because she hated the fact that she was in love and didn’t know what to do about it. Bertholdt just always knew that he loved her, and never had that world-shattering realization. It was just a fact for him. 
  • When they move in together, they acquire a dog and a Reiner. The dog is a little miniature schnauzer named Penny and Reiner’s their third best friend. 
  • Annie and Bertholdt are the epitome of the childhood best friends to lovers trope and you can’t convince me otherwise. 
  • Both Annie and Bertholdt dislike winter; Annie because she’s naturally cold and the weather only makes it worse, and Bertholdt because the dreary weather makes him sad. So they compensate for the misery of winter with extra cuddles, Friday nights staying and watching movies, and hot chocolate. 
  • They talk to each other all the time. Like, they’ll whisper to each other in class or pass notes. They joke around at lunch/dinner/squad hangouts. They lay in bed or on the couch just talking into the wee hours of the morning. They just talk so easily to one another. And since both of them are generally pretty quiet, reserved people, it comes as a huge shock to everyone when they can’t get the two of them to shut up. 

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revisiting proper tagging (ereri & rivaere)

last year i made some posts about: why it’s important to use the proper tag, how to tag fanart when it’s posted on site such as pixiv, how to tag fanfic when it’s posted to website such as AO3

i will be speaking about these topics again, making corrections, and addressing other troubling issues. if you have not read these previous posts linked above, i greatly encourage you do so before reading this post

the first matter of topic i would like to begin with is one that has been troubling me since the last time i had conversations with shippers. a lot of ereri shippers spoke to me because i am a rivaere shipper, so my view is biased and i did not understand them entirely. one of their concerns was “why are rivaere shippers so insistent about the tag not being unanimous when their preference is the more popular one?”

i came to the conclusion that for either side, we both have this view (the ship not our preference is more popular) because you always want to see more of what you like so that is why we are both thinking “this preference is more popular than the other!” but to be honest, such a thing doesn’t matter. it doesn’t matter which is more popular… because you are going to ship what you’re going to ship, and ship it how you ship it, regardless because it’s what you like.

with that said i was still curious on why some shippers had that view so i figured i’d go check out both tags myself on place like pixiv

the above image is screenshot the search results on how many ereri エレリworks are on pixiv, as of 06/03/2016 there are 18813 results

i then searched the rivaere tag on pixiv, there are 30011 results for rivaere リヴァエレ works on pixiv as of 06/03/16

that is quite a lot more works in comparison… but it may just be rivaere shippers are more active on pixiv and ereri shippers are more active on sites like twitter or have their own blogs or self hosted websites where they prefer to post on. but to see this sort of comparison is a little disheartening to someone where such a thing as quantity matters and maybe newer fans who are swayed by such a thing as ‘what is more popular’ will view it as negative thing, but that is only the surface. both preferences are very popular. these are both big numbers!

i also decided to look over at results on toranoana, a very big doujinshi shop, as of 06/03/2016

the amount of rivaere doujinshi for sale is a little higher than ereri doujinshi for sale, but the number is still very close. our ship is popular through and through! don’t worry! 

but so far i am only looking at jpn fandom works because i am more familiar with them (i’m doujinshi collector, and strict tagger so it is expected…) and even though western fandom does borrow (and steal D:) jpn fanworks all the time, we still create our own fanworks don’t we? the most utilised medium of the western fandom is my second topic of concern: fanfiction

i made a post about properly tagging fanfic, on place such as AO3. like i mentioned before, i am a rivaere shipper, have strong preferences and am very strict about tagging. i myself have only used the tag “levi/eren yeager” and have never used “eren yeager/levi” and being more comfortable with the jpn mentality of tagging, i’m sorry, i did not know of this problem:

though the numbers are a little different, if you look through the results you will notice they are the same. the problem is not always “shippers are using both tags” but AO3 is treating both tags as the same tag. it doesn’t matter what order you put the names in when you search or tag your work, you will get all the same results. AO3 will change the order to the most popular order too. why is this so? the problem is western fandom usually has one dominant preference and it’s ok to use a tag unanimously; great! some of you are thinking, we can just use the tag unanimously as the majority have been doing right? can’t be helped? …sorry, im making this post because we are failing to have be unanimous… while i’m sure there are other fandoms that have had our issue of either preference being such big hot shots, i do not think they have experienced it on the same scale we have which is why there is always such abominable conflict between shippers of ereri and rivaere in the western fandom

ereri shippers are often frustrated that there “isn’t much” and rivaere shippers are frustrated that ereri shippers are “in our tag”. if we’re talking about AO3, ereri shippers are “in our tag” bc they are being forced into our tag and ereri shippers are having trouble finding eren/levi when it’s being constantly tagged levi/eren

because we are looking for fic for either of our preference through one tag: “levi/eren yeager”, it’s a lot of stress because we don’t know how it will go every time. because of this stress we have not been good to the other. we argue on stupid topics like who’s preference is “better”, or more IC, or more socially acceptable/progressive and so forth and that all just doesn’t matter. it is pointless conflict. we have different views and tastes to the chemistry of this pairing involving two of the same characters, that is just how it is. i’m going to like what i like and you’re going to like what you like and nobody should shame the other, or try to convince the other on what is “better” because we all decided based on what kind of person we are, and what experiences we’ve had before- what we prefer.

the solution to this problem is not difficult

to avoid conflict we need to have separate tags. 

it is what the japanese fandom does and why they have separate tags based on preference. to prevent this sort of needless animosity and disorder and instead be courteous and organised. we can do it. we are already borrowing their tags that do this: “ereri / rivaere”. we just need to use the tags correctly. 

shippers who are against correct tagging. please stop being lazy, and please stop bullying shippers who request correct tagging of you. please consider taking the high road and instead of harassing a fellow member of our fandom on something like their wording or preference, to be considerate of their feelings and tag. this also goes for shippers who request correct tagging and are refused it. instead of being as inconsiderate as those who refuse you and harassing them in retaliation, please just block the person you know will not tag correctly. not everyone can get along with each other.

this brings me to the third matter, how to resolve the second

presently, the biggest task is correcting the tag on AO3. what do you think? ereri shippers? rivaere shippers? shippers of both and どうでもいい? i propose the following:

1. we contact AO3 and request a distinction of name order for the tag so it can become 2 tags

2. top/bottom preference is to be also tagged like:


3. the borrowed japanese tags (ereri, rivaere) will be used on AO3 should 1. be refused by AO3

some shippers are already doing 2 and 3 regardless, but i think if it becomes a common practice then the mistake of trying to use ereri = “levi/eren yeager” as a unanimous tag can be fixed. shippers with strong preferences can stop mingling and stop viewing works they have no interest in. all it takes is a little of your time (much less time than you reading my novel of a post rn, sorry) and some consideration. you can do it. i can do it. we can all use the tags as they should be used.

we both have the same goal, to enjoy this pairing we love in the manner we love it. it cannot be done if we do not accurately tag our work or refuse to tag our work.

i will be accepting asks on this topic. if you are confused, would like to share your input, are familiar with the workings of AO3, or would simply like to have chat please come speak to me. please be aware unless you request to me that our asks be private i will post your ask(s) to the tags as part of this discussion. 

everyone’s input is important to resolving this issue and understanding it.

thank you so very much to all who read this, like this and reblog this

i greatly appreciate it and sincerely hope i will not have to make a post like this again