Tell me where the good men go,
Before I wash away,
Walk me down the old brick road,
So I can die where I met you,
Hold me like we’re going home,
Turn your tears to rain,
Bury me beautiful,
Heaven knows how I loved you…


Working on a reincarnation AU I clearly couldn’t pass up the chance of taking the babies to the ocean *A* Timewise this would be before Eren found Levi, hence only the 104th squad.

Oh and this is only the first part, the original plan was to post many more at once but it’s taking much longer than anticipated so please have these for now ;A;

They say two ravens perch on Odin’s shoulders, whispering the secrets of the world into his ears. 

AU where everyone is a placeholder for figures in Norse Mythology. I have been taking more painting classes this semester so I figured I’d try some things out but BEFORE I KNEW IT I relapsed into old habits. >_< Anyways, I took a video so here we go. 


Okay can like someone please explain that one part in the court scene?

Literally Levi was shown behind the railing just a second or two ago before Eren started yelling

but in the five seconds he had before he planted his boot in Eren’s face, how did he get over there?? And so fast??

Levi never seizes to amaze me.