New Aesthetic: Eren and Mikasa’s Hands

like in Chugakkou in Mikasa’s fantasy– you seeeee how after Eren puts his hand in hers her thumb ever so slightly touches his hand (’:

And in Ep. 25 you can see how much she’s missed him and how long she’s been yearning to share a moment, I mean just look at the way she squeezes his hand like that, so powerfully get so gently like she’s never gonna let go…

And here, in Ep. 22, it’s as if Mikasa’s telling Eren that everything’s gonna be okay despite the losses, and that she’ll always be there for him with that waaay she holds his hand like that, and whether it’s out of exhaustion (which at the time, is admittedly more likely) he just lets her, but I’d like to think that somewhere subconsciously he felt a little better because he knew that she’d always be by his side, and 

T^T I need more Eremika in my life *sobs*

Levi: I`ll take full responsibility over Eren.

Eren: C-captain, so suddenly!

Levi: What? I made that clear in court didn`t I?

Armin: Pfft, c-captain, where Mikasa`s from `taking responsibility` for someone means taking them as your wife.

Hanji: Oooh, tying the knot already Levi?

Erwin: Am I to be your best man?

Levi: You fu-

Eren: I accept your proposal captain, I`ll be a good wife!

Levi: *entire face blushes*


The many voices of Yuki Kaji

Animes: Tokyo Ghoul, Black Butler, Attack on Titan, Diabolik Lovers, Noragami, Magi, No. 6, One Punch Man, Fairy Tail
Song: Apashe - Golden Empire (ft. Zitaa)
Editor: animacy

Levi kills Marina Inoue (Armin’s Japanese voice actor) Titan in chapter 80.

Levi faces Yuki Kaji (Eren’s Japanese voice actor) and Ishikawa Yui (Mikasa’s Japanese voice actor) Titans in chapter 81.

Another very convinient coincidence - Isayama really has a very, uh, special sense of humor.


I feel like this is such an unpopular opinion, so I actually looked up some forums, and blogs where a disliking for this shipping was discussed. The majority of the Levi x Eren shippers who were there, kept saying that the people who disliked it didn’t support gay people, or only supported straight ships.

FUCK THAT. I am a bisexual woman, and I love a ton of gay ships.
I don’t, however, support ships that border pedophilia. Levi is in his 30′s, Eren is 15 years old! Not only are they super, duper different, but they are both in much different positions in life. I’m sorry but I cannot see either of them being interested in the other. Why doesn’t anybody ever consider the actual personalities of the two? Seriously, I just don’t get it.
If you don’t think that this borderlines pedophilia, please just think about a 30-something year old man dating a 15 year old boy in real life. What if that came across the trending news headlines one day? Wouldn’t you be creeped out by that? I sure as hell would. When I was 15 years old, I was hit on by a man in his 30′s & let me tell you, men interested in children that young have something wrong with them.
I know it isn’t real life obviously, but idk. It’s just super gross the way people ship a kid with an adult. I know I might get hate for this, and people may try to justify it but I know some people will see this as a valid point.

So yeah, Levi X Eren is a gross ship, but this is just my opinion & I’m not saying anything is wrong with those who ship it. I just don’t get it at all. This is obviously gonna offend some people, but if you guys have the right to post your support for it, I have the right to post my dislike for it & the dislike for it shows up a lot less, than the support for it.
Again, I’m not saying you who ship it are weird, y’all chill. :)