Goodbye, my godness.

Today has been confirmed that Ymir, our godness, is dead. She was eaten by Marcel’s brother, Galliard, when she arrived to Marley’s country and after that she wrote love’s letter to Historia. An other beautiful character dead again. It will be painfull follow the anime and see her alive, because she never will be with us again. She was a character who surffed a lot since she was little because she carried to her shoulders the weight of a name which changed the entire world. When story avanced, she started to like me a lot and anime makes me love her more. She was beautiful, she did jokes of bad tastes, she was abrupt, people treats her like she was insensitive, she doesn’t fall good to people, she was inconsiderated and carefree. Also she killed some people. But in the bottom of her heart she was capable to love and help others. For example, when she transform herself in Utgard’s Castle to save Historia and others, even she showed tenderness with Connie when he gave her the knife to fight. Even she left behind Historia to go with Reiner and Berthold knowing that, probably, she won’t see her anymore to protect her, because Ymir loved her. She decided live her life with any arrangement since It was given her a second chance to live, a rebirth. She acepted herself. She only did what she wanted, she lived how she wanted and she loved who she wanted without care what others thought. She only wanted to do other people happy, even if she would have die. Ymir taugh us we must live with pride in our hearts, no matter what. We must acept ourselfs and give to us a second chance. So thanks Isayama, to create a character like her. All of us will miss her. Goodbye, our strong and beautiful godness.

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The Nine Titan Shifters List (Updated - Chapter 93)

Eldia (Paradis Island)

1. The Founding Titan/Progenitor Titan/Coordinate - Ymir Fritz > 145th Fritz King/First Reiss King > Mr. Reiss (Rod and Uri’s Father) > Uri Reiss > Frieda Reiss > Grisha Jaeger* > Eren Jaeger

2. The Attack Titan/Rogue Titan - Eren Kruger > Grisha Jaeger* > Eren Jaeger

3. The Colossal Titan - Bertolt Hoover > Armin Arlert

4. The Female Titan - Annie Leonhardt (Neutralized)

*After eating Frieda, the Founding and Attack lines merged into one before being passed to Eren Jaeger.


5. The Armored Titan - Reiner Braun

6. The Beast Titan - Zeke Jaeger

7. The Jaw Titan/”Jaws” - Marcel > Ymir > Galliard

8. The Cart Titan/Quadrupedal Titan/”Cartman” - Pieck

9. ??? - Unknown

After this chapter, it’s confirmed that Galliard is Marcel’s brother and he is the one who ate Ymir. In other words, the “Dancing Titan” is actually Jaws. R.I.P Ymir. Also, Pieck is revealed to be a girl.

Also, the Beast Titan is set to be inherited by Colt, although Zeke isn’t certain. Reiner also states Gabi will be the one to take the Armored Titan, although the last few pages and his conversation with Falco seem to hint that it will be Falco, due to his resolve to protect Gabi. We’ll have to see how it plays out.

And lastly, Jaws’ current status once again opens the gap that is the 9th Titan Shifter, who we still haven’t seen it. It’s obviously in control of Marley as Eldia only had 2 originally, but who it is exactly is another point which we have to wait for.

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I wish you would have gone with this beautiful smile in your face instead of sadness. Goodbye forever, to a stronger woman like you, Ymir.