Hoy, 30 de marzo, es el cumple de uno de los personajes más importantes y más queridos por todo el fandom, nos sedujo con sus ojitos y su inconfundible TATAKAE!
Hoy es el cumpleaños de nuestro querido EREN JAEGER! MUCHÍSIMAS FELICIDADES!!!

Sigue el super especial en nuestro Twitter, será durante todo el día!


I haven’t painted digitally in so long! It’s nice to have my bb boi as my muse–plus I had so much fun working on this. HHHHH.

Okay cupcakes aren’t a prominent dessert food (or desserts in general) in the snk universe, so I like to think that Historia–considering how they’ve become good friends now–had this made for Eren. I ALSO LIKE TO THINK that it’s a cupcake because *cough* resources are currently low. Dammit, your majesty, we can only go for a cupcake right now!! 

(but really I only chose to draw a cupcake because it’s easier to draw bye)

What people mostly want from snk season 2:
  • People who haven't read the manga: oh boi oh boi I want so many answers, I need to know who the colossaus and the armored titans are, I'm excited to see the beast titan and everything they showed us in the trailer om g
  • People who have read the manga: oh boi I'm so excited to hear the new opening theme

Happy happy happy birthday to the loveliest and most amazing guy out there :) happy birthday to the one who makes me so happy no matter what, to the one who deserves endless amounts of love and happiness! Thank you for always being so genuine and such an incredible, kind and sweet friend. Thank you for always being there for the ones you care about and thank you for never ever giving up! 
Keep working harder than everyone else, keep fighting to achieve your goals, keep showing everyone how awesome you truly are, keep smiling, have fun, live fast, enjoy the love people give you and never stop being the way that you are!!!
You give me something to look forward to, something to be happy and excited about, something to be happy about, you make me feel a bit better when there’s nothing to be happy about and for that I’m grateful. 
You are brave and beautiful, I hope to see you smiling and full of life once again very very very soon! You inspire me and I love you oh so very MUCH! There’s so much to love about you and honestly I can’t imagine myself ever getting tired of all those little things that make you so unique. You are incredible and special and you’ll always have a place in my heart! 
Happy birthday, Eren ♡

Levi may have done this

But he also did this