Since I saw a post about Armin being the sun in Eren’s life, and how he even resembles the sun and sky in terms of physical traits, it made me realize something. 

If we’re strictly talking about official manga coloring, then Eren is pale, with black hair and icy gray eyes. Now compare that with Armin:

Together they’re the moon and the sun. Seriously. 

I see what you’re doing, Isayama  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The 14 days of Eremin come to an end today!

Thanks to everyone for your contributions. I hope everyone had fun!! Please keep the tag just as active even if the event ended! Eremin week should be every other week!

While this blog is back to regular posts, I’ll keep reblogging the fanworks I missed during the event.

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anonymous asked:

Please, don't worry to answer my question so soon, let the eremin week finish if you like... anyway, I was thinking, after the fandom compared Grisha's sister and Armin, if everything we have seen in the manga and interpreted as eremin moment was wrong. if Armin is only a brother figure for Eren? That's cute, beautiful, but I would be quite sad to be honest. Sorry if this question was already made. And thanks to hear my worries.

Thank you for the ask! I decided to answer after eremin week was over. Not that I have a massive wall of text to show for the wait, sorry. 

I’ve noticed the similarities people are point out too. And I have to agree that Armin and Faye look a lot alike - as well as both having wonder in their souls. However, do you know who else people have compared Armin to? Dina and Karla (- and visually to Nifa, Uri, Historia and Petra). Honestly, there are just as many comparisons there, but even so, I’m a bit reserved about jumping on either of those comparison bandwagons. Firstly because I think Isayama’s art style leaves something to be desired, meaning it’s possible that he has a certain way of instinctively drawing certain types of characters (feminine, dreamy, meant to be sympathized with, “good”, etc). Think “my OCs all look alike”. While I can buy that Isayama may have meant to parallel Armin with another character, I don’t think he meant to parallel him with 3-7 of them (unless he means to say Armin is the embodiment of Faye/Dina/Karla, aka all females loved by the male Yeagers, hm). So unless it’s all of them, the fact that it’s not clear to people which character Armin is actually paralleling, tells me that he probably isn’t. Not beyond the “some characters have dreamy hearts”; I can buy that Armin and Faye are meant to be the same type of character in this story (pure, sweet, dreaming), but not that it’s a foreshadowing to what restrictions lie in Eren and Armin’s personal relationship. 

Now, Isayama has said that he thinks childhood friends getting together is a bit weird because they’re like siblings, so I think there is a possibility that eremin will remain a platonic brotherly sort of love. But this rule would also apply to Mikasa (which also have been speculated to parallel Grisha’s mother). And beyond Armin and Mikasa, there has been little to no romantic build-up between Eren and other characters. My point here is that if eremin is restricted to platonic love by the similarities and rules, no other ship will probably happen. 

That being said, I love eremin the way it is right now. They already love each other so much it’s inspirational. So I don’t worry, and I hope you won’t either, anon, when you think about it. ^^


“Sleep well, my friend
There will be another moment we’ll meet again
Just let it go
Sleep well, goodnight
You’re something to remember
I wish that you were here by my side”

- Everything’s an illusion / Mayday Parade

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