“Bard does his best to look after his family because they are really all he has left to live for.” — Luke Evans about Bard x x

today my blog exists for exactly one year and that’s why i made this follow forever: to thank all the lovely people who made this a wonderful year for me (mutuals in bold) 
so here we go (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

first of all a special mention to the super great Elsa 
also thanks to the very nice herchnsns for letting me use a part of her edit :)

and now some more cuties i love! 
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I never thought I would have over 1000 followers, let alone 1500. I might have a Tumblr awards soon, if I can find someone to run it with me. 

So here is a small thank you promo, for some people I talk to a lot, or blogs I simply love, to see on my dash. Blogs that cheer me up, or make me laugh, etc. 

Special Friends:

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Recently, I hit a really strange number of followers for me, so to appreciate some of them, I decided to make a small follow forever. Just because your url or name isn’t on here, doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I probably forgot at least someone. The Company are my friends, the ones who talk to me, who listen ,or I love with all my heart. 

The Company

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Follow Forever 2013

Thank you for a wonderful time. I wish all my follower a merry christmas and a happy new year.

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I’m very inactive the last few months and my blog is more out of queues than anything else. But people still stay awesome and there a new and old. So this follow forever is once again about anyone who’s amazing, people who talk(ed) with me and surely some who have no clue who I am. [*waves awkwardly at this moment*]. With my head of a bread, I have surely forgotten about a bunch. So at the end of this post you find a blogroll. And with this go on with happy blogging XD. (without any special order as always)

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eredluins replied to your post: everyone is buying ticket…

it’s actually the same by me. You cannot buy a ticket earlier than two weeks before the movie comes out

everyone in the usa is like “ha ha ha here look at my guaranteed place in the theatre im going to burn down when i have an emotional breakdown because of this stupid movie ha ha ha” and im legit screaming because I WANT TO BE THERE TOO OKAY AND I JUST NEED THAT FRICKING MOVIE RIGHT FUCKING NOW