Tumblr Tuesday: She loves to Draw

1.    Who is erectionoftheheart?  

- Erectionoftheheart is incidentally a blog of a seventeen-year-old-girl; who likes to draw and to take pictures. She’s trying to learn arts in every single way she could and wants to travel around the world with her love one day. She’s pretty reserved most of the time and has terrible mood swings, too. Lots of people (her friends, even) think that she is a boring person. She herself, does too most of times actually. But really, she is an appreciative and approachable person irl. She gets socially awkward sometimes tho. Physically, she’s like 5'5-6" tall, and has huge, round face. She sucks so badly at making introductions btw. 

2.    What do you want in your life?

-  Freedom, maybe. My guardians seemed to be forgetting that I am already 17 and that I need a legit teenage life just for chrissakes.

3.    Can you share your love story?

- The story’s pretty long, and I want it to be as private as possible so I would not tell you everything. All I could say is maybe, what I have right now is more of like a forbidden love (lol I know that sounds sort of cheesy or what but whatever). We seem to be so perfect for each other but a lot of people are intruding and are trying to ruin our relationship in so many fucking levels. Nevertheless, we’ve been with each other for years now still going strong. :-)

4.    Describe a typical day in your life.

- Most of my days are spent just lying around and lazying. I am a huge lazy ass, but

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