Frisk - mortal

Chara - demigod

Flowey - Erebus

Asirel - ares

Toriel - Hera

Asgore - Zeus

Papyrus - Hermes

Sans - Cupid

Muffet - Arachne

Alphy’s - Athena

Undyne - Astraea

Monster kid - hebe

Mettaton -Aphrodite

Grillby - fire nymph

Napstablook - Apollo

Gaster - chaos


Painting Process: Burdan/Erebus

I often get email asking about my painting technique, so I thought I would show a step by step process of one of my personal favourite pieces Burdan, from initial drawing upto the finished article

  • The figure was initially going to be alot darker, but I felt that it just didn’t work and through out the balance of the backround and the focal point of the hair
  • So I started again from scratch, user a paint roller to cover the canvas with a lighter flesh tone, which allowed the dark areas of the previous attempt to show through. This also allowed the charcoal lines to their full impact. I then filled a large brush with thinned down black paint and held the canvas upside down to let it drip upwards.
  • The finished piece practically painted itself, I think in total, the final stages took about 4 hours, before I knew it, I was finished!

Some times a painting just comes together better than you can initially envisage, this was definatley one of those

greek mythology/myth picspam series >> erebus

“Erebus, Erebus. The never ending chaos. The source of every life. Gave birth to darkness and the black night. Darkness, darkness rules everywhere, lighting flashes to tear it apart. Thunders hit the mountains of mother earth, slowly the rage stop and the earth sinks in eternal darkness. Darkness rules everywhere. Darkness, darkness, faithless darkness. And this eternal night who feeds on truth in the abysmal chaos. Darkness which grew in thy womb.“


Suggested a couple scene in my drawing suggestions box. I sat down and thought of Couples and coupely things they could do, I chose the 4 best sketches.

I love the Nyx one the best :D Those two are adorbs. She comes home from work and hes like I gots to go create some darkness in the light and sweet tender moments before Erebus departs. <3