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Some more Battle Ready Baggins! Looks like there’s some flowers in there. 

“That night after their heated argument, Bilbo and Thorin had spoken for a few days. Their journey was silent, Fili and Kili cracking a joke or joining in some small talk with Bofur every once in a while. Gandalf and Legolas would just observe. 

There was a lot of tension in the air, Bilbo and Thorin wouldn’t even be near each other every time they would make camp. Thorin was regretting everything he said that night, he regretted seeing the tears in Bilbo’s eyes. Now here they were barely sharing a word and it just feels like a mountain is on the dwarf’s shoulders.

Well he was King under the Mountain. Heh. 

While traveling towards the next settlement, Thorin kept a distance away from Bilbo on the road. He would glance up at the hobbit every now and then, but he would fail to try and say anything every time. 

It was spring, so it wasn’t a surprise when he saw that some of the trees along the forest were in bloom. Thorin watched as Bilbo passed by a tree that was heavily littered with white flowers. He recalled their conversations from their journey to Erebor, how Bilbo would describe the different flowers in his garden - what they meant, what they could be used for, how the white ones reminded him of the happier times with his mother -

Thorin blinked, looking up to the flowers. Hm. 

The dwarf went up to the tree and had ran a hand over some of the large flowers, feeling every petal along his fingers. He looked ahead towards Bilbo, and then turned back to the tree. He quirks an eyebrow and pulls out once of his daggers from his coat. 

Bilbo rode along the road on his horse, lost in his own thoughts as he kept his eyes towards the ground. He heard the thunder of running hooves and he looked back to see Thorin riding up next to him. 

“Mr. Baggins,” the dwarf proclaimed, “I must speak to you.”

Bilbo furrowed his brow, looking up with a tired expression, “Not now, Thorin.”

“It is important,” Thorin was holding onto the reigns of his horse with one hand, holding something in his hand with the other. 

“I am in no mood for any conversations, dwarf,” Bilbo turned away, his eyes looking away from Thorin. 

There was a pause, Bilbo unaware that Thorin was reaching out to him.

“Fine. Then I will leave you with this -”

Bilbo turned his head a little more away from the dwarf, “I don’t want any more arguments, Thorin,” he snapped. 

Another pause, Bilbo closing his eyes to try and drown out whatever Thorin was going to say. He was tired of the tension, he was tired of seeing Thorin and just thinking about the ache in his chest, he just wanted to be left alone. 

But nothing came. 

Instead he felt something settle behind his ear. Bilbo opened his eyes and raised a hand to his head and felt the softness of a petal - a flower petal. 

There was a large white flower behind Bilbo’s ear, and he gave a small smile at the thought. 

Though he pause, confusion setting upon him. He looked up to Thorin, and found the dwarf riding ahead of him. Thorin looked back, giving a small, tender smile towards the hobbit. 

There was silence, but it felt as if Thorin was saying, “Think of our happier times.” 

Bilbo blushed and guided his horse to ride along side Thorin. 

From a few yards away, the company was watching the hobbit and the dwarf king as they road ahead. Fili couldn’t help the snicker on his face as Kili begrudgingly thew a pouch of coins towards him, they had made a wager of course. Bofur smoked his pipe with a smile, glancing at Legolas who just shook his head. Gandalf was riding along, and even though they were far behind Bilbo and Thorin, he could definitely tell that the two were gently holding each other’s hands.” 

A little shorter then the others. I thought you guys would enjoy the small cute story. :)

Stay tuned. 

Imagine being a wolven skin changer and always protective of Legolas

A/N - Well I started this in 2nd person then decided I couldn’t really get it to work in second person so made it Third person! (Sorry if you don’t like third person, it was just so much easier). Anyhow, this is the first part. I don’t know if I’m going to upload the second part because I kept arguing with the last few paragraphs and It just would not work for me. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and constructive criticism is always welcome! 

Words: 1,323
Paring: Legolas x Reader
Part two

Legolas had no idea who the wolf was that continually saved his life. He was fifteen when he first met the wolf. The spiders that haunted Mirkwood caught him off guard. The white wolf appeared out of nowhere and disposed of them almost immediately then, with a huff in greeting, it disappeared into the woods.  His father thought he was crazy and waved him off with a chuckle.
Tauriel theorised that it was his mother; that his mother had been reborn as an abnormally large white wolf to protect him.
Legolas didn’t believe in those superstitions though.
 Instead, he chose to believe he was gifted when it comes to wild creatures. However, his theories were diminished when his horse kicked him in the face a few months later.

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Candle in the Dark (Thorin x Reader)

Requested by @deepestfirefun . This is my very first Thorin fic so I really hope you enjoy it. This was also an encouragement to start brainstorming on my upcoming Thorin fic for the Halloween Challenge, so thank you for the request! I really enjoyed writing this piece. ^^

Requests are currently open. I write for Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, Star Trek, Priest, Supernatural (Season 8 & 9 only). I do not write smut. If you wish to be tagged, let me know! 

Summary: After the Battle of the Five Armies, the Reader suffers from frightening nightmares and can only find comfort sleeping next to Thorin.

Word Count: 1989

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Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

It had started four months ago.

The Battle of the Five Armies was ended, and yet to you it was as if the battle never ended. There was a king under the mountains once more, peace finally restored to Erebor. But you felt no such thing. At first it started so small you thought nothing of it. They were merely dreams, visions of memories from the fierce battle that took place; the only thing you saw was Smaug swooping down and releasing a breath of fire before awakening. For a moment you would sit up in your bed and recollect yourself before falling back asleep, but it did not stop there. As the weeks passed, your dreams were no longer dreams but nightmares.When you woke up one night trembling and drenched in sweat, your wits shaken to the very core, there was only one thought that occurred to your mind and it was not sleep. Instead, you ended up wandering the great dwarven halls. It was dark and the stoned floors were cold underneath your feet as you walked, the only source of warmth being the lit lantern you carried as you wandered the halls.

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The Aim of Elves

Overall Summary: You disobey Thranduil’s orders and decide to help the dwarves which has a better outcome than you expected.

Chapter Summary: Thranduil tries to coax the other elves to return to Mirkwood; Gold talk; and more baby Dis 

Previous Chapter: Chapter 2

Next Chapter: Chapter 4

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the adventures of the master cookie thief and his apprentice

Look, we’re all on tenterhooks wondering what will happen with @determamfidd and Sansukh, but it’s fairly safe to say it’s going to end with a wedding feast?

And so, Legolas and Gimli are understandably terrified at the shenanigans that will ensue at said wedding feast, considering their respective relatives but!

They did not count upon the Master Cookie Thief.

Now, really, Gimli should’ve expected shenanigans from his beloved and mischief-loving sister-son but he wasn’t prepared for this level, the kind of shenanigans that would also cause Thranduil Elven-king to have kittens. 

And cookie-crumbs on his elegant robes. 

Because, really, Thranduil Elven-king was said to be delighted with precious jewels but nobody expected that his true weakness would be discovered and exploited by one clever little dwarven badger of the line of Durin.  (Read: Chocolate and Caramel Chip cookies)

Also, Thranduil Elven-king was rendered helpless considering his own son was aiding and abetting the Master Cookie Thief of Erebor in raiding cookie jars under the mountain. 

Legolas discovered this for himself when he found cookie-crumbs in Laerophen’s hair!

And thus, Erebor, the Greenwood and Dale were suitably distracted from the “billing and cooing” of newlyweds Legolas and Gimli because they were too busy howling for justice over their depleted cookie jars!

Gimizh plans to raid the Shire next, with his faithful and loyal Elven apprentice.  He may have allies in the persons of the young Gamgee children. 

On Dain II Ironfoot: Lord of the Iron Hills and King Under the Mountain

This has been a long time coming. This is basically Dáin: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Except I’m here to argue that there’s a lot of good, very little bad, and, lbr, even less ugly.

Look at that face.

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Not Careful Enough (Thorin Oakenshield X Reader)

Based off this imagine. 

You were the only female Dwarf in the Company of Thorin Oakenshield; no wonder it was him that you fell for. You were as stubborn as they came, and when word reached the seven major Dwarven families (including yours) that the crownless king under the Mountain, was reclaiming your old home, you wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Each member of the company - even Gandalf - was against you joining, but after saving everyone’s butts three (or five) times, they warmed up to you exceptionally fast.

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Promises Not Made and Questions Not Answered

foxglove-nightthorn said: Hi, i just read your imagine and I would seriously love it if you make a pt. 2 pls. :)

All right, fam. You asked for it. 

This is part two of this imagine:

Part 1:

Dâd: this is actually the singular version of “father”. I was wrong the whole first part.
Tak natu yenet: Until we meet again
Men lananubukhs menu: I love you

Word Count: 809

There’s gonna be two endings to this one, BTW. There’ll be links at the bottom to each one. I like the second one better myself, although the first is more realistic. Choose what you will at your own risk. 

“Y/N,” said Dwalin, his breath catching as he gazed out towards where Bilbo had just sprinted. You felt your own breathing hitch when you saw a familiar figure lying on the iced-over lake. 

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"Imagine Fíli loves you, but knows he can't because he's the next King Under the Mountain

twilarose3333  || imagine

You lean on the balcony, gazing down at the throngs of dwarves milling about the great halls of Erebor. There were many new faces; you knew why they had come, and what they had brought with them. Everyone seemed so full of joy, as they should be, but you couldn’t bring yourself to share in it.

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My Precious

Words: 608
Based on this imagine from imaginexhobbit.

“Imagine Thorin regarding you as his ‘precious jewel’ during his dragon sickness and wanting to take you as his bride”

              “You called for me?”

              You approached the throne of Erebor, addressing the dwarf who sat upon it: Thorin Oakenshield. Your king. Your friend. Your lover. Dwalin had gruffly informed you that the king requested your presence. It had been clear that the warrior was deeply troubled, but when you asked him about it, he’d grunted and stalked off. It wasn’t as if you didn’t know what was wrong. The same thing that troubled Dwalin troubled the rest of the Company:

              Thorin was going mad.

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[Fanfic] Triptych

D: Excuse me, I need to go sit in a corner and nurse my Dwalin feels whilst crying into a pillow.

Series: The Hobbit
Characters: Dwalin-centric, with some of Dís, Balin, Thorin and Dáin mixed in (plus the occasional cameo by other dwarves)
Pairing: none
Rating: T/M
Length: 1,886 words
Summary: He has fought many a battle, but those three would always stay with him.
Warnings: canonical character death; slight violence; and this is horribly angsty, sorry
Notes: More of a collection of three snapshots/drabbles of Dwalin after Azanulbizar, the Battle of Five Armies and the Battle of Dale, respectively. I’m so sorry for this angst-ridden thing but I really needed to get it out of my system D: .

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Last one for today. I’m truly addicted to making Durin Family graphics… It’s pretty fun and makes me quite inspired! So have another one :)

The others I made today -