erdgeist being immature

@ the people who sent incredibly rude asks to my buds

Wow, really? What gives you the right to tell artists what they should and shouldn’t draw? What gives you the right to put down what an artist likes and attempt to guilt-trip them into drawing what YOU like?

News flash: artists aren’t obligated to draw for you! They can draw whatever they want! If the artist likes a certain pairing better than your favourite pairing, THAT’S OKAY. If the artist draws their favourite characters more than your favourite characters, THAT’S NORMAL! You know what wouldn’t be as normal?– if they drew your favourite characters and pairings a ton and barely drew their own favourite characters and pairings– because that makes no sense!

And another thing– not drawing certain characters as often as others doesn’t mean the artist doesn’t like the characters! That’s like me eating way more apple pie than blueberry pie; I still eat blueberry pie, but not nearly as much as apple pie because I happen to really, really like apple pie! That doesn’t mean I hate blueberry pie! Why on earth would you jump to the conclusion that I hate blueberry pie simply because I don’t eat it as much as I eat apple pie?! How does that even make sense?! If I hated blueberry pie, why would I eat it AT ALL?

If you want to see art of your favourite characters and pairings so badly, GO DRAW THEM YOURSELF. Fandom artists and writers aren’t machines who’ll conjure up art and fics for your sake, especially if you rudely demand it of them. Maybe they’ll indulge people once in awhile if they’re not busy! Maybe they sometimes like to take on polite requests! Maybe they don’t take on requests at all– AND THAT’S FINE! Are you cognizant of the fact that artists and writers have lives as well?! How would you like it if some jerk(s) kept messaging you (anonymously), demeaning what you like and demanding that you do what they want? Please get over yourself!

Went crazy buying stuff at the bookstore again today lol

Fighting Talk: the Military Origins of Everyday Phrases
The Art of War
Men at War: a Soldier’s Eye View of the Most Important Battles in History
Shakedown:How Our Government is Undermining Democracy in the Name of Human Rights
Before they Changed the World
World War II Plans that Never Happened
The War Scientists
Breaking News: How the Assiciated Press has Covered War, Peace, and Everything Else
The SS: Hitler’s Instrument of Terror
The Definitive Pictorial Chronicle of World War II

Guys, I’m really sorry about the pretty depressing posts; I’ve been under a ton of stress lately, and I’m pretty awful at dealing with these things, haha. There’s just been so much doubt in almost every aspect of my life to the point that it’s a little overwhelming and I’m seriously starting to question what the shit I actually want to get out of life

But I think I’ll be alright! Thanks so much for the kind words and notes; I appreciate them. Thanks for bearing with me, too! Ohman I really need to start thinking positively lolsob

Your regularly scheduled narcissistic Erdgeist + silly drawings will resume shortly–

So we’re given this short story-writing assignment for a class based on a silly prompt, and it turns out the vast majority of my classmates opted for an action/adventure plot involving thieving monkeys and hipsters while I wrote a psychological horror thriller–

I’m actually kind of excited for peer-editing time! People’re going to be like dude what why are you writing this creepy-ass shit

on another note, I’m really screwed for my two midterms this week lolsob

O-Ohman, I was looking through my dA stats and stuff and just noticed I have over a thousand watchers! (Milestone!)

And pretty much half of all the watches and favourites I received in total over the 6.5 years I’ve been on dA
(I-I must be doing something right!)

Thanks to all of you fantastic people on dA and tumblr for your support! I really appreciate it, and I hope to keep improving; I mean seriously, your feedback and getting to know some of you has been pretty inspiring!