Shiny Rock

- We have just begun our first mission. We’re in a small ruin. One of our players is a tiny dwarf who is also blind. -

Blind Dwarf: I don’t like it here. Is cold and boring and I don’t see anything shiny!
Fighter: You can’t see anything shiny because you’re blind! Just- here. Take this rock. *Hands her a rock from the ground*

- She rolls to see if she can tell the Rock is shiny and rolls a 3 -

DM: you have no idea if the rock is shiny or not. So you simply peace around singing “shiny rock!” And no one dares correct you.

okay but was i the only one mourning the fact that john smiles with half of his face when they watch mary’s video and she says “i know what you could become”

the half that sherlock can’t see (i think, i dunno)

i mean

sherlock looks over to john, to check his reaction

and the fact that he can’t see his little bittersweet / hopeful smile just breaks my heart

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save me from this hell

Sherlock filming in Canada

Keep clueing for looks to find out WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON!

So I just remembered that Sherlock team was filming in Canada for several weeks in April – May. Some of crew members, including the location manager (Tom Guy) and the director of TST (Rachel Talalay), were tweeting about it.

Maybe another tweets/posts/pictures on this theme exist but that’s what I’ve found so far:

They were in Toronto, huh?

Two days later Tom tweeted that he had a great trip to the Niagara Falls.

Were they filming over there? Who knows? The following tweet about any possible shooting for Sherlock didn’t get a reply.

And finally — Rachel’s tweet with picture of our familiar clapperboard. 7th May, Vancouver. Nice!

Now what we have. There was nothing connected to the filming in Canada, right? Then the game is not over.

One more missing scene? I wouldn’t be surprised.

Curtain rises. The last act. It’s not over. SH

  • YG: I decided to disband 2NE1 because of Bom's mental health
  • Seungri: oh ok I totally believe you
  • Seungri: Bom unnie are you sick?
  • Bom: no not at all
  • Seungri: YG's got some explaining to do

Myrish lace Lynesse Hightower (Jorah’s estranged wife) would wear, gown Marchesa

Lynesse met Ser Jorah Mormont at a Tourney at Lannisport, and when he won the tourney he crowned her the Queen of Love and Beauty and asked for her hand in marriage. They married shortly thereafter in Lannisport. Although they had married for love, the marriage did not remain happy for long. Having grown up in a prosperous household in the mild, fertile and densely populated Reach, Lynesse was completely unprepared for the harsh and spartan nature of life in the North, and quickly became miserable. Jorah attempted to reproduce the luxurious lifestyle his wife was accustomed to by lavishing her with expensive gifts, but quickly drove himself into financial ruin. In desperation, he began looking to less savory ways of paying off his debts, attempting to raise money by selling some convicted poachers to a Tyroshi slaver. Learning that one of his bannermen had engaged in the slave trade, Lord Eddard Stark declared Jorah’s life forfeit. Jorah and Lynesse escaped to Lys, but with the relationship already severely strained by their exile and Jorah still unable to afford the lifestyle his wife desired, she finally left him. Lynesse moved into the manse of a merchant prince, Tregar Ormollen, and is now his chief concubine; even his wife goes in fear of her.


Just want to clear a thing up. When Eurus asks Sherlock to play something on the violin and tells Sherlock he apparently doesn’t understand Bach she says: “Play you.”

Sherlock: “Me?”

Eurus: “Yes. YOU.”

She says “you” a second time, and very distictly as if we’re supposed to pick up on that word.

He starts to play Irene’s song, and immediately Eurus believes he has had sex (maybe because the way the song sounds, I don’t know). Many believe that implies that Sherlock has had sex with Irene, which at least I think is not quite true. I tell you why.

We know Irene is a very clear mirror of Sherlock. They look the same with their dark hair, blue eyes and their cheekbones. And then they’re both gay, and they both have a weird “attraction” to each other not because they love each other but because they’re feeling some sort of connection. Because they are the same.

Therefore, “play you” is a very interesting line. Sherlock is playing a piece that’s about himself, and we know he wrote it when he was sad and confused about his feelings for John. I mean, Irene always turns up (or at least her text alert) everytime something is about to happen between Sherlock and John and we should see that there’s something more between them than just a friendship.

This means the song is about him, as said, and probably John too. It’s about them both. The song is about them, and Eurus can hear in the song that Sherlock has had sex. What does that tell us? I leave the deductions to you.

Since all the evidence we get in The Final Problem it’s quite safe to say that John and Sherlock have had sex with each other. If not that (if that’s not what Mofftiss have planned) they’ve at least become a couple. I want to believe that anyway and I do believe that. The most clear evidence:

1. Sherlock calls John his family, and when he does John smiles smugly. He knows something we do not.

2. The tension between them is gone. Some would read that as if they’re not in love, but I interpret it the opposite. Now the exhausting nervous tension between them is gone, they can relax in each other’s precence now when they’ve become something they always wanted to be. I mean, look at any couple. Soon all the tension is gone and you start to feel like an old married couple, but that’s okay because you love each other.

3. When Mary says “I know what you could become” on the DVD, Sherlock turns to look at John. At first I thought that means he’s gonna do his best to finally get John. But now after realising the “play you,” I believe the look is more like: “Oh, you should know.”

4. Parentlock. The show hints that they’re raising a child together. It could be just one time, Rosie being there to visit. But at the same time, it seems like John is moving back to Baker Street again and since he feels so much better now he definitely can take care of his daughter. And then we have Sherlock who seems to be very helpful with her.

Seriously, I’m just wondering when they’re gonna get married.