La leggenda racconta che a fondare questa minuscola località calabra (tra i comuni più piccoli d’Italia) sia stato Ercole dopo aver vinto la battaglia contro i Giganti. Ma sono tante le storie nate intorno al borgo e ai suoi scogli, come quello chiamato “a Pizzuta” dove si dice fosse legato il Ciclope d’Ulisse. Tropea ha spiagge e mare da sogno, chiese e suggestivi palazzi normanni. Si possono fare escursioni in mare tra calette e grotte oppure immersioni secondo l’itinerario subacqueo che va dal relitto di una nave della II Guerra Mondiale alla Secca del Monaco dove le acque sono profonde 80 metri.
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gallizfrey  asked:

For Gian's birthday, what about you trying to get him the perfect gift/throwing a surprise party but something goes wrong? And in the end you have to make do with what you've got? Hopefully that gives you some inspiration! I can't wait for another imagine!

TANTI AUGURI GIANLUCA!!! May all your wishes come true!

Obviously I couldn’t let this day pass without a relevant imagine and thanks to this great idea I am able to continue my tradition of birthday imagines :)

Before I leave you to it, I would like to take this chance to thank everyone for your patience and support! I’m sorry I haven’t been active recently and I’m afraid it will stay the same, but I promise I’ll write as much as I can!






Grandfather and grandson turned around simultaneously. The resemblance they bore was remarkable. Your husband and son looked like two drops of water and -let’s just say- your father in law’s photos from his youth could very much be Gianluca’s Instagram filtered Pictures.

“Ercole Jr”, you clarified giggling.

Your son jumped off the couch and jogged to the kitchen.

“Yes mama?”

Ruffling his black curls, you opened the refrigerator door and revealed the cake you had spent all morning meticulously preparing.

“Wow! It looks delicious”, he praised your baking skills and licked his lips. “Can we have some now? Pleaaaaaase?”

The puppy eyes made for an angelic face, nearly impossible to resist to.

“If you take it carefully to the dining table, I promise you’ll get a slice as big as you can eat.”

His face lit up adorably.

“Bigger than papa’s?”

“Yes”, you replied giggling.

It was amazing what the prospect of eating cake could do to a five-year old. But, after all, he was Gianluca’s son and if the tittle “sweet tooth” had to be awarded to only one in the family, that would most certainly be your husband.

The boy put on a proud face and walked away from the kitchen, carrying the cake firmly in his hands.

Everything was going on schedule. All day you had struggled, yet managed, not to wish Gianluca a happy birthday and so did his parents, brother and close friends. When he would try to remind anyone why that day was special, all he would get for an answer was an important football match for the road to the tittle.

That match actually provided the perfect coverup for the surprise party. Ernesto had managed to find some tickets, buying you time to prepare everything perfectly. Piero and Ignazio made it right on time and joined the small company. All that was left was for Ernesto to text you that they were reaching the house.

You were just washing up the used pots, when an exclamation of pain filled the house, followed by a mother’s most terrifying sound. The sobs were all too familiar to confuse.

You dumped everything and rushed to your son. He was lying on his stomach with his hands extended to protect his head from the impact. The cake had miraculously landed unflipped, yet a good third of its surface was ruined under Ercole’s head. It was the worst thing that could possibly happen, a surprise party with no cake, but your mother instincts would only focus on your son. You didn’t even think about how you were going to save the party.

He pushed himself up as you knelt down to check up on him. The remains of the cake on his cheek and hair would make for a hilarious sight had he not been hurt.

“Are you OK Ercole? Are you hurt?”

You combed his hair and gave him a small reassuring smile to cover your worry and make him feel better. The guests had made a circle around the two of you, worry evident on their faces.

“I ruined the cake”, he managed to say between the sobs and brought his hands to his eyes.

“Aw, honey, don’t worry about the cake. We’ll figure something out. Are you in pain?”

His negative nod was followed by a loud sob. You hugged him tightly and caressed his back.

“I didn’t mean it mama. There was some water on the floor and I didn’t see it because I was trying to make sure I wouldn’t drop the cake.”

“I know you didn’t do it on purpose Ercole. Look! It didn’t flip, you did a good job!”

“But it’s ruined”, he insisted.

“Look at me. Today is a day to celebrate. Papa will be sad to see you crying. You don’t want to make papa sad on his birthday, right?”

He nodded negatively again and wiped away his tears, trying to calm his breathing.

“Go to the bathroom and wash your face and let me worry about the cake, alright?”

He did as you said and soon everyone started throwing ideas to salvage the dessert.

“Everyone shush! I’m trying to think here.”

“(Y/n), you want to read this. Ernesto sent a message, they’ll be here in less than 15 minutes”, Piero informed you.

Great, you thought, it couldn’t get any worse.

“Alright, don’t panic”, you told yourself. “Can someone please check up on Ercole?”

You made eye contact with Eleonora and she walked away immediately.

“Now, Ignazio, there’s a mini market around the corner. I want you to go there as fast as you can and pick up all kinds of candies you can find, twix, mars bars, anything.”

“Consider it done”, he assured you and jogged out of the house.

Five minutes later he came back with a bag full of candies. Everyone put their unwrapping skills into practice and soon you were able to cover the dent of the cake, making it look like a fountain of all sorts of treats.

Little Ercole finally decided to leave the bathroom, after the zillionth reassurance that the cake was actually better than before and admitted it himself with an expression of pure awe and amazement. Everything was ready and everyone went to their positions as the familiar sound of Gianluca’s car became audible.

The house seemed empty, the lights were out and everything seemed drowned in a deadly silence. Gianluca unlocked the door with disappointment weighing his heart. He nearly fell on the door as he jumped up in astonishment when the lights went on, people appeared out of the most obscure places and started singing “tanti auguri”.

He covered his dropped jaw with his hands and looked around with wrinkled eyes, as the people he loved the most wished him a very happy birthday. You and your son were at the front, wearing the biggest smiles in the whole wide world.

“Make a wish”, you reminded him before he could blow the candles.

He chuckled, closed his eyes momentarily, but instead of proceeding, he picked up his son and said “together”. Everyone clapped and cheered and Gianluca leaned in carefully and kissed away your “happy birthday”.

“I thought you had forgotten.”

He voiced his fear so quietly only you could hear it.

“How could I?”


-Ho scoperto che qui vicino c'è una serra e non vedo l'ora di farci un salto.
-Ho smesso di fare l'Ercole della situazione e ho chiesto un giorno di riposo dato che l'ho saltato, anche perché ho mal di schiena e non voglio sottovalutare la cosa. E ho già pulito casa in modo che domani mi limiterò a farmi la tinta e riposare.
-Vedo Andrè carico e sereno e sono felice. Le preoccupazioni si sono evolute nel meglio, posso pure tornare a dormire. E dovremmo ricordarci che non dobbiamo “fasciarci la testa prima del tempo.”
-Ultimamente quando mi specchio non vedo un mostro. Chissà quanto durerà.
-Ho il pensiero di abbandonare qualsiasi social n. Tumblr compreso, non so neppure come nasca questa esigenza(ma non credo che lo farò).
-Le mie caviette hanno di nuovo problemi, devo portarle dal vet, soprattutto il maschio che ha un dente troppo lungo. Uffa.
-Aspettavo con ansia l'annuncio della NASA!


Esempio di ordine dorico:
Ictino, con supervisione di Fidia
447-438 a. C. Atene, acropoli
marmo pentelico, base m 69,5 x 30,9
Esempio di ordine ionico:
Eretteo (particolare del capitello)
421-407 a.C., Atene, acropoli
marmo pentelico
Esempio di ordine corinzio:
Ermodoro di Salamina (attr.)
Tempio di Ercole Vincitore (particolare dei capitelli)
120 a.C. ca, Roma, Foro Boario

Oggi te vojo parlà de na robba che nun è n’opera d’arte specifica ma che te torna utile in tantissime occasioni, ossia l’ordini architettonici classici.
Quanno se dice ‘ordine architettonico’ nun se parla dell’arbo dell’architetti bensì de ‘no stile. Io mo nun te sto a dì tutti i dettaji sinnò famo notte, ma te do la dritta de sempricità: pe capì subbito subbito de che stile stamo a parlà tu basta che guardi er capitello, ossia ‘a capoccia daa colonna, a ‘o stesso modo che si parlamo de mode è utilissimo guardà ‘e capocce daa gente: ad esempio si vedi quee cofane cotonate sai già che stamo a parlà de anni sessanta, oppure si vedi na cresta allora vor dì che è punk.
Vado quinni per ordine.
1.Stile dorico: er capitello è semprice semprice e pare na specie de scodella. ‘A colonna poggia a tera senza base come fosse un piede scarzo, e er fusto è scanalato a spigolo vivo, che in pratica vor dì che si immagini de segallo tipo arbero ‘a sezione pare quella der simbolo Sole Che Ride der partito dell’ecologisti che forse too ricordi sinnò guarda su Gugol. Qunni l’effetto generale è massiccio e severo.
2. Stile ionico: qui er capitello anfatti e più scic, che ar posto daa scodellona ce sta come un cuscino morbido che essenno schiacciato tra ‘a colonna e l’architrave fa come du ricci ai lati che se chiameno volute. ‘A colonna nun è più scarza ma cià na base, e tra ‘e scanalature, ossia ‘e righe scavate der fusto, ce stanno dee parti lisce cosicchè er tutto è più decorato e fine, e insomma si ‘o stile dorico è basic questo invece è elegante.
3. Stile corinzio: si ionico era elegante, corinzio è ‘Gran sera’. Er capitello sembra un cesto ricoperto de foje de acanto, che è na pianta che ‘a vedi dappertutto a Roma e nun solo ma magari nun ‘o sai. Quinni l’effetto der capitello è na cifra ricco, colorito, decorativo.
Questo te po’ bastà pe fa na discreta figura.
Si poi vòi strafà sappi pure che:
A – ce sta ‘o stile tuscanico che in pratica è come er dorico un po’ più schiacciato e poi ‘a colonna cià ‘a base, ed è romano o forse etrusco no greco.
B – ordine composito cioè che mette uno ionico sopra a un corinzio tipo big mac doppio hamburger.
C – già in età romana e poi specie ner medioevo ‘a gente se inventareno un botto de capitelli a modo loro, magari speranno che avessero successo e je dessero er nome doo scalpellino tipo Ordine Giusepponico, oppure solo così pe divertisse, e allora trovi er capitello co l’animaletti che spunteno tra ‘e foje o ‘e faccette che te fanno ‘a linguaccia, quelli co ‘e foje ma no de acanto, quelli co ‘e foje ma pure i fiori o ‘a frutta, quelli a dado, a merletto, caa croce, senza croce, caa maionese, senza maionese, caa sarsa rosa, senza maionese ma co er cetriolino, no io ce vojo l’olivetta, se pò avè ‘a quattro staggioni ma senza ovo, e allora annaetevene tutti a quer paese, nun se po’ scrive un Vitruvio che voi moo boicottate aho.