king-erbus  asked:

This question is actually about dragons, not humans. I'm writing a story involving Chinese dragons, so how would I describe them without actually saying "Chinese/Asian dragon"?

Chinese vs. Western Dragons

Research Chinese dragons, and note the differences between them and Western dragons in mythology. That’s how I’d start.

—mod Jess

The search term “Chinese Dragon vs. Western Dragon” brings up a wealth of results.

You can just describe your Chinese dragons as they are (how they look, act, their ability, etc) and perhaps describe the setting as well if it’s in China and you wish to show this without explicitly stating it. 

~Mod Colette

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king-erbus asked:

Is there anything you may know about the Jewish story of golems? I’m afraid I can’t find very much other than “giant mud man that gets brought to life.” I want to use golems in my story, but I also want to keep it true to the original stories.

Hi, king-erbus! Thanks for asking. Your question did make me wonder why golems specifically and not a more generic clay robot that wouldn’t necessitate making sure you’re keeping it authentic? (To be fair, I did google and had trouble finding non-golem-related stories about artificially created clay men, so this may be one of those things I assume are universal because they’re in my life but turn out to be uniquely Jewish. That happened with the tradition of putting the bride and groom on chairs and dancing around with them. I thought everyone did that.)

Most of what I know about golems is from the story of Rabbi Loew, in which he created the clay man to protect the Jewish community from anti-Semitic violence. Metaphorically and symbolically, what I got out of this was “feeling threatened leading to the creation of a protector.” The other part of the legend I know is that the golem is only alive when you write on its forehead, and when you take the words away, the thing stops being alive. There’s more about this on the wiki entry.

According to a professor of Jewish Studies I’m friends with, the point of a golem is that it’s brought to life to do its master’s bidding, not specifically the protective part as in the Prague legend. It can also be used for labor or, according to Dr. V, just standing around to show that you were skilled enough to create one in the first place.

Anyway, I hope the Wikipedia page gives you a good place to start as far as learning some search terms that may help you in future research.


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Next time people bring up Israel to try and invalidate antisemitism, bring up the fact that Saudi Arabia is killing off Christians and atheists. Tell them how the UAE and Dubai discriminate against the migrant Indian workers, whether or not they're Muslim. Ask them if that invalidates anti-Muslim and anti-Arab sentiment in the West. If they are willing to honestly think about that statement, they'll see how they have it wrong.

Honestly, in my experience, the way Islamophobia seems to operate on the right seems to parallel how anti-semitism operates on the left. They look for the most abhorrent Jewish or Muslim act they can find and use their negative feelings about that to paint an entire people in the worst light and ignore their pleas to be treated with basic human dignity out of a belief that we’re “the bad guys,” because they want to be uncritically against something and feel all righteous about it. They don’t want to deal with the cognitive dissonance of the fact that there are genuine bigots in their movement that they are covering who really want to cause severe harm to the targets of their ire. They just want that sense of righteous oblivion and how DARE people of that group be upset that we are being put in genuine peril!

Of course, my drawing of that parallel probably just pissed a lot of people off, but I don’t think it’s baseless. 

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