Close (Aizawa Shouta X Reader)

a/n: A little scenario I did after getting a sudden rush of inspiration. Enjoy!

“Shouta,” you groaned, rolling from your tummy to your back on his bed. “What?” he mumbled, still very concentrated on the report he was writing. You sighed loudly, rolling your eyes as you laid your head into your neck, watching his broad back hunched over his desk, deep in thought and not in the slightest interested to amuse you.

“You know, first you call me here and then you completely ignore me.” Sitting up again and inching closer to the edge of the bed, you let your legs dangle from it, watching your feet whip back and forth. “That’s not how it works…” you added, trying to sound as sulky as you could. In fact, you actually understood him better by now. True, you two weren’t together for the longest time, but you did your best to understand him.

Aizawa Shouta was a hardworking teacher by day, hero by night. Even though the two of you were in a relationship, the amount of time you really had together came down to maybe a few hours every week. Truthfully, you had argued quite a bit in the beginning with him, but eventually, you realized he couldn’t do much about it either. It’s not like he didn’t want to spend time with you, it was simply very hard for him to find the time in the first place.

And yet, he tried. He really did.

Only this morning he had called you, knowing you were on the way to your job and he was on the way to class. Shouta asked if you were free this evening, stating right away that he had an unfinished report to work on, but after that, he’d like to be with you. Sure, it was a short notice but at that moment you felt more than happy to have the opportunity to meet with him, even if just for a little. That’s how he was and by now you couldn’t be angry at him anymore.

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anonymous asked:

hi ^^ maybe some hcs for how Aizawa would Deal with a highly artistic s/o? The kind of person to leave paper everywhere and always be dowsed in paint and stuff. Thanks ^^

Shouta and his highly artistic s/o

  • He certainly can be proud to be the partner of such a talented human and he does like to hear all their new experiences and what they created that day. It’s a nice way to relax while his lover can be themselves and talk about things they like. Who is he to not enjoy their company?
  • It’s also undeniable that they are quite a source of inspiration. He’d be damned if he wasn’t able to filter out some things to use in his teaching and training of the youngsters these days, who, admittedly, love getting that bit of change in routine. It really is a win-win situation for everyone
  • Then again, there’s one thing that is a bit of a topic between the two of them. If it’s their home Shouta can absolutely accept and embrace the chaos, not minding at all to have to step over countless of canvases on the floor or chilling between statues and drying paintings. He isn’t bothered by the smell either, knowing it’s just paint if anything and he trusts his s/o that they still take good care of all their stuff, apartment included
  • However, they have to understand that having lived like a minimalist for so long has its burdens. Shouta doesn’t mind them moving some stuff to his place - he has enough space anyway - but after a while, he’ll come home to find the absolute chaos in his room. That’s just not working for him, especially since he feels like he can’t work on his stuff with his s/o’s art supplies and creations being literally everywhere
  • So yeah, he’s quite quick in making a cut there. Either they keep it together so they can share the space equally and don’t get into the way of the other’s work, or his s/o has to keep their stuff over at their own place, with him coming over whenever he has the time to do so. It’s not ideal for the time being but maybe if the two ever decide to move in together, they can get some more rooms so his s/o can put all their stuff there and he has his own office for work, so they can peacefully avoid each other while living under the same roof

i love the friendship between the 3 of these teachers and i always imagined that these 2 boys were protective of their Sister ™ when they were younger too