you’ve worked hard lee daehwi. congratulations

@hitoritabi: just adding a note that Daehwi NEVER talked about his parents or his father passing away in the entire show, he never used his backstory for votes and even today, his story was only revealed after voting closed. he wishes to be judged by his own merit and he was.

he is the first center and A class. he never dropped out of top 11 even when he had massive controversies forced on him. in every evaluation, even when he is at the edge, he worked hard and did his best and got praises from trainers and trainees alike. he always smiled and received any place he got with calmness.

but this moment, seeing his mom walk through the door, all his defenses was let down. and he is just a child.


request a gifset: sehun in unfair for @smhsehun

Coincidence? Maybe not...

I was reading the translated lyrics to Taemin’s now song Thirsty, and it reminded me of a certain SHINee member who has a song with some erally similar lyrics.

I went through Taemin’s Thirsty translation and Jonghyun’s Cocktail translation and I was driven crazy by the similarities. Below I went through both songs and highlights parts (According to color) I thought were really similar.

Sidenote; remember when people were saying the song was about Jonghyun having intimate moments with a male? And that the song was origionally for Taem?? Well….. c;


headcanon (but actually canon) that the reason morganas hair looked like shit when she left camelot was because gwen did it for her all the time and she had no idea how to do it herself


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ok so i hit 100 like two weeks ago but i just decided i wanted to do this so enjoy my ducklings. so i made this blog like 3 months ago and to me 100 is a big deal meanwhile theres people on here hitting like 2k but i wanted to thank and appreciate the people who made my time on here worth while. i make it sound like I’m leaving I’m not i promise. also some of these blogs may not be dnp related. and some of the blogs listed are not my mutuals or close friends but i just really love ur blog!

also shout out the pre split panic phannies group chat and the ogre lords net. i loved sharing memes with u pals. 

if by any chance I’m following you or were mutuals and i forgot you please tell me and ill include you. and u can beat me with a stick bc I’m forgetful 

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