hunk’s mama: hunk is almost two years old and he still hasn’t said anything yet… do you think we should be worried? do- are we bad parents?

hunk’s mom: of course not, honey! every kid is special, y’know? they all go their different ways. and our hunkadunk of dippin dot love is fine just the way he is <3

hunk’s mama: (sighs) you’re right, of course. but you know me. i’ve never been able to let things lie, i always have to tinker with them. i know i shouldn’t project my own insecurities onto our baby, but…

hunk’s mom: babe, you’re not the first parent to overthink themselves, and you won’t be the last. maybe we’ve just been approaching this all wrong! we’ve only ever talked at hunk… what if we tried to have a conversation with him, or something?

hunk’s mama: it’s worth a shot.

hunk’s mama: (squats down next to hunk) hunk? baby? do you think you could say something, just for mama? i’m sad that i still haven’t heard your beautiful voice.

hunk: (continues sucking on hand)

hunk’s mom: … sorry, honey. it was a longshot anyway-

hunk: (removes hand from mouth) i’m sorry, mama. i didn’t realize i was making you sad ‘cause i don’t like talking. i’ll try to talk more though if you want me to!


Lucky cat mama! 💖

Some letters

Dear students:

I’m tired. You’re tired. We’re tired. Let’s both agree to be civil to each other until June, ok? We’ll get through this together, and we’ll look back and be amazed at the things we’ve accomplished. 

Dear parents:

I’m tired. I’m tired of trying to hold your students’ attention, and then grading their half-assed work. I’m tired to having to explain myself. I’m tired to defending myself. I’m tired of coming in every day trying to be a fair, firm and kind educator and being called unkind, unfair and irresponsible.

I don’t pick on your students. I do, however, expect them to be responsible, kind advocates for themselves. And if they have a hard time with that, I try to help them learn these traits.

Please stop trying to fucking sue me. 

Dear DC:

Please, leave me the fuck alone. I know I’m new, but I am not going to be your chess piece. I understand the changes coming to the district. I understand you and people on my team don’t get along. I don’t give a shit. I will do what is best for my students in my classroom. Please stop adding to the enormous amount of stress I’m under.

I am kind, not weak. I am inexperienced, not stupid. I am collaborative, not dependent.

Dear team teachers:

Thank you for being fantastic.


I told ya’ll my face tattoo wasn’t gonna be reckless lmao. Kaleo is my beautiful mama’s name and I miss that strong woman like crazy. Glad I could get something simple, yet powerful in remembrance of her. Rest easy ma 🙏🏾

(s/o to @classymarzia for the idea and taking risks wit me haha. I told her if she cut her hair I’d get a face tat. Mission accomplished. Next up, neck tats)

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"They spent all their savings to get me there you know?" Langst, Polydins

Ooooohhh man I’m so late on this I’m just now getting to it but I hope I wont disappoint! :3
The planet they’d all landed on was suspiciously similar to Earth, green grass, blue water, cloudy blue gray sky and a yellow sun. It was no surprise that Lance disappeared after a while, the Blue Lion having moved away from the city, closer to the ocean. Lance sighed sadly as he stared up at the starry sky, his boyfriends and small girlfriend currently at the banquet that was being held in their honor after driving out a recent Galra infestation.
He had snuck out, claustrophobia getting to him in the huge crowds of people. Turns out that even a social butterfly like him, after being isolated in space with only seven other people to keep you company, got nervous around huge crowds of people clamoring for his attention.
Blue purred in concern underneath him, currently sitting upright with her Paladin sprawled on his back on top of her head. “I wonder if Mamá and Papá hate outer space now. I mean, it took their son away… Though I dunno what the Garrison told them. Probably that I’m dead or something stupid like that.” Lance mused aloud thoughtfully, blinking at the unfamiliar constellations.
“It’s just, they spent all their savings to get me there, you know? And then suddenly I’m gone and all they have to do to remember why their son is missing, is look up at the sky and see the stars and moon.”
Blue hummed thoughtfully, concern and warmth filling their bond as salty tears slid down his cheeks. “I miss home, Blue. I miss the ocean, even though its right there in front of me. It’s not the ocean I grew up with. It’s similar, this planet, but it isn’t the one I remember. It’s all different, it isn’t human, isn’t home. No matter how hard I close my eyes and try to pretend, my heart knows better than that.” Lance whimpered, covering his damp eyes with his suit sleeve, not really caring that the formal clothing Coran had lent him was getting fluids on the cloth.
Blue purred soothingly, already sending a call to her sisters that her Paladin was in distress and needed his mates for a cuddle pile, as soon as possible. Lance hiccuped quietly, sobbing into his arm as she gently rumbled a soft tune to calm him, flooding their bond with gentle, motherly worry and love as the ocean lapped at her paws, the sound of waves echoing through the night.
You can bet your ass that Lance got the biggest cuddle session this side of the moon when the others found him ;) Shiro panicked, Keith was clingy, Hunk worried, and Pidge asked questions on who she’d have to cut :) Lance was thoroughly loved, don’t worry :3
But yes, Blue and Lance time! :D Mama Blue is there to listen to all your troubles, Lance!