Eragon sentence starters
  • “Books are my friends, my companions. They make me laugh and cry and find meaning in life.” 
  • “That’s why I’m teaching you and not the other way around.”
  • “People have an annoying habit of remembering things they shouldn’t.”
  • “Life is pain…anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something”
  • “My heart died a while back. “
  • “To have a child is the greatest honor and responsibility that can be bestowed upon any living being. “
  • It’s better to ask forgiveness than permission.
  • “Respect the past; you never know how it may affect you.”
  • “The greatest enemy is one that has nothing to lose.”
  • “Keep in mind that many people have died for their beliefs; it’s actually quite common. “
  • “No hunter of the sky should end his days as prey. Better to die on the wing than pinned to the ground. “
  • “Do not dwell on what once was, but rather look forward and ponder how you can make the future brighter”
  • "Always the scholar, aren’t you?”
  • “I refuse to repent, and I won’t plague myself over what is done and past”
  • “Do you think I enjoy this? “
  • "Anyway, I’m not going to stay behind while some stripling gets to run around with a dragon.”
  • “Defend yourself!”
  • “May the coming years bring you great happiness.”
  • “ Why are you here? ”

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Open RP [ Fantasy Verse ]

[ Your Muse ] feels a glare in their back, it seemed to pierce right through them… They would feel unsettled and feel as if they did not belong here in the graveyard…

“ The fuck are you doin’ here. “

It was a demanding statement that would make [ Your Muse ] jump in surprise… The owner of the harsh voice was now standing right behind [ Your Muse ] not even a sound was made as they appeared there… Let alone any sign or sense of a presence… Well… Except the strong feeling of being watched and the intense desire to leave…

The woman… No Demon floated above the other just slightly off of the ground but still her bare feet not touching the earthen floor. Their expression was demanding upon an answer right then and there…

Theft || open

Manoeuvring nimbly between the trees, the russet dragon closed a paw around the running figure. With powerful down strokes of his broad wings, he lifted upwards, tail swinging to keep balance. Once through the tree canopy, he levelled out and angled toward this companion’s camp-site. Dornvaarg paid little mind to the squirming two-legs in his talons, thinking only of lunch.

Eragon Starters

“I don’t understand”

“That’s why I’m teaching you, and not the other way around.”

“Let no one rule your mind or body.”

“The greatest enemy is one that has nothing to lose.”

“She’s doomed! You’re doomed!! They’re all doomed! Notice I didn’t specify what kind of doom, so no matter what happens, I predicted it. How very WISE of me.”

“It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.”

“That’s the spirit - one parts brave, three parts fool.”

“I love you too.”

“There’s a reason why we’re born with brains in our heads, not rocks.”

“Life is pain…anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something.”

“Find peace in where you are and what you are.”

“It’s funny to see a youngling like you beaten by the old one.”

“Always the scholar, aren’t you?”

“Do I look dead to you?!”

“I’m afraid I’ve degenerated to a bibliophile…”

“Let’s drop rocks on them!”

“I refuse to repent, and I won’t plague myself over what is done and past.”

“The real courage is in living and suffering for what you believe.”


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(( We really need some rpers that’d be the inheritance cycle characters the only character’s taken are Eragon and Saphira and we really would like if you guys spread the word…. we need more rpers and we really want a Murtagh and Thorn.

Notice that Eragon and Saphira’s account are different though. All dragons and Riders are INDEPENDENT. They don’t need there other to talk.

We are based after the last book- so actually Eragon and Saphira are in the other land but still, we’re open to rp and we’d love for other’s to join us or even just ask the two of us questions! ))

                                        May the wind

                                           and the sun

                                always be at your back.

                                                 (ENG/ PT)

              if anything happens, I’m going to pin you to my back and never let you off

                                                                               I love you too.

                                              then I will bind you all the tighter.