It seems silly but sometimes i wish people would be a little like me, the way i treat them.
I look back at how i’ve treated people, how i’ve listened, how i’ve gotten so excited just to make them happy, to surprise them, gave up my time for them, made them priority, tried picking up a few shifts at work to spend on friends/birthdays.
And i kind of sit and think…well maybe i didn’t need to do all that, i mean when did i get any of that?
Sure people say they’re listening, but they’re just waiting for their turn, they’re not really caring about what you’re saying, or whats hurting you, or whats squirming in your thoughts…
Wasting my youth on people that don’t really think the way i do…
I can’t remember someone surprising me, i can’t remember someone making me feel like i was a great person…I can’t remember someone let alone people making me feel special on my birthday, i can’t even remember someone that actually cared about my birthday…
It’s kind of strange when you actually sit down and think. Just think about everything people are feeding off from you.
It’s strange cause it isn’t fun anymore when you realise that sometimes it feels better to just be alone, to worry about more important things, to do things that YOU want to do, to ignore those people that just take what you have to offer and then kind of move onto the next person.
It’s a little tiring adjusting to make others happy, its not nice at all.
—  M