The Party

He couldn’t believe how well, overall, his date had gone with Erabelle. Granted, it had gotten off to a rocky start, but once Grell and Ronnie had left them, Eric was finally able to relax. It was a typical boring Friday night and the Scotsman had been invited to a party. 

He didn’t want to go alone, so he called Era and asked if she wanted to join him. 

“It’ll be fun,” he promised. “I c’n pick ye up on m’ bike,” he offered, hoping she would agree.

Meeting Officially At Last


William had just finished his work when he was pulled away by Grell. “Where are we going, Sutcliff?” He asked, irked that she had dragged him away before he could pack up his briefcase. “I know my shift ended, but that does not mean I was ready to leave… Beside, you know I don’t enjoy going out that much…” he huffed.

Grell bringing him along on various spontaneous adventures was no strange event for William - even so, he thought some warning served as common courtesy.

Sebastian stood before his young master and bowed. “We will be having guests soon, Young Master. Someone from a trading business that will most likely want to make some type of deal with you”

Ciel scoffed, and leaned against his hand as he placed his newspaper down. “Well, when they come… Show them the way.” He was annoyed already and didn’t want to deal with anyone at the moment but he was a businessman after all, although he would most likely not take up the offer. “Yes, my lord.” He bowed than walked out, he had been keeping the girl waiting already and now he got permission to allow her into Ciel’s office.

Sebastian walked to the other and opened the door. “You may come in now, Miss.”


That Demon: A Lover?

Same old routines. Same old missions. Same old creepy retired reaper. After three years of doing the same thing over and over again, Sebastian was becoming sick of it. He could only hope that the day when he took Ciel Phantomhive’s soul would come quickly, then perhaps he could do something new or interesting for a while before taking on another contract. For now though, the demonic butler was following his prey towards Undertaker’s shop where he would have to come up with one of Hell’s most disturbing jokes in order to get the weird old reaper to talk. Again. Somebody just tear his eyes out, please. He needed something to change and soon.




Erabelle had been waiting outside the Dispatch for her new friend Grell to be done with her class for the day. As a hybrid Erabelle felt uncomfortable going into the Dispatch with all the new reaper trainees. It wasn’t that she hadn’t been in there-she just hadn’t been in there without her father or uncle. To her unfortunate luck the dark clouds she saw in the sky began to rain upon her,making her take refuge in the Dispatch. She dodged people she didn’t recognize and tried to go straight to the classroom she knew Grell would be coming from. “Stupid skirts,” she spoke to herself as she lifted them a bit more to miniver through the people.

Loved and Lost

I stole @delavairesslegacy ‘s Noa again for the purpose of angst. Sorry, but really not. As per usual, with something that is written late at night, this might be super sketchy.

None the less, spoilers for the Imperial Agent storyline.

    It was raining again in Kaas City, the kind of rain that hammered against the roof with thunderclaps that shook the windows and streaks of lightning that could light up an entire room. Erabelle sat cross legged in front of the large windows in one of her apartment’s spare rooms, hands steepled and her eyes staring unseeingly into the rain. An untouched cup of tea sat by her foot, long gone cold, and a sketchbook lay in front of her with pages scratched out and torn. Whatever burst of emotion had taken over her then had drained away, seeming to leave just a shell of a woman sitting on the floor. Across the torn pages were unfinished and scribbled out sketches, a face,a group of individuals bearing Republic insignias. Broken pieces from  the horror of Nar Shaddaa that Erabelle couldn’t put together outside her own tortured mind.

    In the background she heard Noa moving around the rest of the apartment and part of Erabelle insisted she should get up and go talk to her. Her self imposed exile had already set off one fight and the further she retreated into herself the more she could feel their tentative peace crumbling.

Everything was crumbling.

It had started the moment Watcher Two-no, Keeper now-had assigned her to this mission. It had started with the information that no one with Intelligence ties could know exactly what she was doing. The moment she had taken on the role of Imperial Intelligence deflector was the moment she stepped off into the black water that now threatened to drown her.

Landing on Nar Shaddaa was another strike to her carefully constructed life, defined clearly into two parts: her work and everything else. Taking Hunter at his word another strike. Ever venturing into the Imperial droid factory, spilling the blood of those she had once considered her people had driven a deep crack in the stability she had found in her life. Remaining alone with Ardun Kothe, being so blind to all the signs that something awful was going to happen was a lapse that she was paying for dearly. That wall she had strove to build and keep had been shattered with a single word that had put a foreign barrier in her mind. A switch that could be flipped without warning and had left her chained and muzzled at the feet of Kothe and she was helpless to resist. There wasn’t anything she hadn’t tried to use to explain what was happening to her. She had tried to write the memories out until her hand shook and her head was screaming, turned to drawing after that with the same results. Attempting to say anything that would betray what happened on Nar Shaddaa had never worked, strangling her voice until every word she wanted to cry out was warped into something completely mundane.  

This was as simple a fix as keeping her name,  she couldn’t scrawl this on a piece of flimsi to explain. It was just her trapped in her own raging mind and it was driving her mad.

Briefly her eyes drifted towards the datapad laying facedown on the floor, its screen shattered into a web of cracks and sharp edges after she had hurled it as hard as she could against the wall. They  wanted her to go back out in the field. Continue to play her role as an Imperial Intelligence defector.  

Erabelle knotted her fingers in her hair, squeezing her eyes closed and letting out a shuddering breath. She couldn’t do it, she wouldn’t. Who knows what atrocities she would be forced to commit as a puppet. And she was alone, alone and trapped.

“Era?” She jerked out of her thoughts with a shudder at the sound of Noa’s voice, soft and tentative. They had been tiptoeing around each other for days now, still uncertain after the explosiveness of fighting. All because of her.

“I’m fine.” Her voice sounded hollow to her own ears, robotic. With an effort she untwined her hair from her fingers, bringing her hands back to knot in her lap. She flinched, shoulder twitching as Noa’s fingers suddenly brushed across.

“You’ve been saying that for weeks.” Erabelle sucked in a breath as she knelt down in front of her, pushing the sketchbook of forced sketches aside. Something in Noa’s voice had hardened, resolve, but Erabelle didn’t know what for. It wasn’t until she felt Noa’s hands gently rest on either side of her face, thumbs brushing across her cheekbones in a light touch of comfort that she began to understand. “Erabelle, are you okay? Yes or no, simple as that.”

She didn’t know when she had started shaking, but suddenly she herself crumbled, eyes filling with tears and her expression falling as she shook her head once at first, then twice, and three times. “No. No, no, no.” Each admission was punctuated by another shake of her head until eventually the words slurred together into wordless sobs. Her arms wrapped tightly around Noa as she was pulled into the other woman’s embrace, clinging to her like a lifeline. Noa pressed her forehead to Erabelle’s, her voice soothing with an undercurrent of…fear?

“It’s okay, you’re going to be okay. I….I’m not sure what’s going on but I’m here, Era. I’m here, and I love you, and we’ll figure this out.”

An eternity could have passed and Erabelle would not have known. Noa sat with her arms around her, strong and comforting all at once, until Erabelle’s tears dried. A tender kiss was pressed to her forehead and the promise that they would figure this out, together, was whispered with such an oath of fury that she could almost believe it. Almost.

College AU || blackbutler-erabelle

A new semester of college had just started and William headed for his first class of the day.He had decided to take a writing course since it was a subject that interested him. He walked into the classroom and looked for an empty seat. He found one next to a female. “Is this seat taken?” He asks


I'll Be With You

This is probably a mess. But I may or may not have started shipping my IA Erabelle with @delavairesslegacy ‘s IA Noa. Apologies if I messed up writing a bit of your lovely Noa. 

So this is a thing that I did. Probably super sketchy as I’m kind of out of it, but here none the less. Just roll with it guys. Roll with it. 

Five months, five days, six hours.

That’s how long Erabelle undercover on Coruscant, gathering intel for Imperial Intelligence. Three months, five days, and six hours she had fallen into the uncomfortable suit of an entirely different person. The blood of the senator Inga Vicario still stained her hands long after it had been washed off, the lilt of a Coruscanti accent still lingered in her voice. As Erabelle stood in front of the mirror she ran a hand through her hair, let loose from it’s braids, with a look of pure disgust on her face. Most of the non-permanent brown dye she had used had faded and left her hair a dull tan-grey. Everything about this job lingered around her like a shadow she just couldn’t shake, attacking her whenever she shut her eyes.

Two days, two hours she had been home.

Her weapons were locked away in a safe on her ship, her uniform stuffed haphazardly the the furthest depths of her closet. Until she was deployed again Erabelle had situated herself in the most oversized sweater she owned and the baggiest pair of pants she could find. There was nothing that would make her wear that uniform again until she was called off to play Keeper’s perfect little agent once more.

She nearly jumped out of her skin when there was a knock at her front door, her hand immediately darting to the place at her hip where a vibroblade would have been sitting. Empty handed she took a deep breath and crept over to the door, bare feet making almost no noise on her carpeted floor. The door opened just enough for her took peek around, only to be thrown wide within the next second.

“Noa! You’re back.. too?” She faltered as her voice hiccuped, the words sounding strange as both Kaasian and Coruscanti accents fought to be heard. If Noa noticed she didn’t acknowdge it and instead reached forward to gently run her fingers over the contours of Erabelle’s nose, across the scars on her cheek in a gesture that both helped the Miraluka visualize her and comfort Erabelle at the same time. She leaned into the touch, sighing softly.

“Of course I’m back, I told you that a few days ago.” Noa chastised without any real anger, her hand following the shape of Erabelle’s neck, shoulder, and arm to interlock her fingers with her own. “Now come on, we’re going outside.”

“But I don’t want to go outside.” Erabelle protested, looking around her apartment. “I like it in my apartment.”

“We’re going to the gardens. It isn’t raining out.”

“You can’t really…see…what’s there?” She ventured pathetically. Going outside meant danger, it meant stress and constantly looking over her shoulder. Even on Dromund Kaas.

“That’s where you come in.” The Miraluka manage to coax Erabelle out the door and a few feet down the hallway, her droid helper circling them. “You can describe everything in lovely detail so I don’t have to see.”

Two hours and fifteen minutes the two woman wandered around Kaas City. Erabelle laughed for what seemed like the first time in forever and for once she was able to push work from her mind. While sitting cross legged in the gardens, describing the newly blooming flowers in detail words had stopped slurring together in blended accents.

In that moment, they weren’t agents, there was no Empire, no Republic. They were simply happy. By the time they were back in her apartment, sprawled across the couch with the newest and cheesiest holo dramas in the galaxy playing she could almost forget about the last months of work.

The feeling of Noa’s arms around her was familiar, the pattern of her breath across her hair comforting. They hadn’t spoken since returning to her apartment, there was no need. Their words had been for outside, filled with giggles and full blown laughter. Here was meant for a easy silence, the kind where they just soaked in each other’s presences.

With a contented sigh Erabelle leaned back against Noa’s chest, listening to the steady pattern of her heart beating. “I’m glad you’re here.” she murmured, feeling her eyes starting to drift closed.

She blinked as Noa trailed her fingertips lazily across her back. “I’m glad you let me be here.” She responded with a quiet laugh. “And that you’re here too, I suppose.”

“You suppose.” Erabelle muttered before fading for a few seconds. “I forgot where I was going with-” Her words cut off with a yawn. “-that.”

Noa’s chuckle vibrated through her chest, momentarily disrupting the heartbeat that had slowly lulled Erabelle into a state of semi-wakefulness. “Can’t even remembers thoughts, you’re a mess, Era.”

“Mmph.” She agreed, adjusting her position half sprawled across the couch and half sprawled across Noa. “But ‘m your mess.”

Noa’s fingers moved from drawing circles between her shoulder blades to play with her hair. “I guess you are.” She sighed dramatically. “It’s a shame really.”

A small grin flitted across Erabelle’s face as her eyes drooped closed again. “Shame.” She agreed with another muffled yawn. The holodrama playing softly in the background drifted out of focus as she fell into a relaxing darkness, her mind blissfully blank except for the steady beat of Noa’s heart beneath her ear.

For now she wasn’t Cipher Nine. Right here, right now she was Erabelle Torven and she was safe.


delavairesslegacy  asked:

“If you hadn’t come, I would’ve managed just fine.” Noa and Era

Thanks for the ask! Set on Taris (not during the story quests)

Not going to lie, this is v. inspired by how every,single.time. on Taris I end up with like 16 rakghouls chasing me. On every character. 

Erabelle+ @delavairesslegacy ‘s Noa

Taris was a horrible planet. Filled with nasty creatures, Republic soldiers and the weight of her new mission, it was somewhere Erabelle would rather have never landed on. But Kothe had sent her here, on top of Keeper sending her out to try and help drive away the Republic and so she had come. Noa had been told to accompany her as well, to aid the Empire only-she was still not to know anything about Erabelle’s current mission-and it should have been a comfort to have her familiar partner fighting by her side. 

It would be, if she hadn’t lost Noa. It had been hours since they had been meant to reconvene after splitting up for a retrieval mission and Erabelle had seen nor heard anything from her partner. She wasn’t answering her com at all, and her droid had been found with its outer casing damaged, stuck in the marsh swarming  with rakghouls. Data from the droid’s sensors had led Erabelle deeper into the wetlands, nearly five klicks away from their rendezvous point.

Noa hadn’t been hard to find from the coordinates the droid’s data had stopped storing, she just needed to follow the sounds of shouting and blaster fire. As she crested the rise of the terrain, stealthed with her rifle drawn, she was met by a scene of complete chaos. Two Republic soldiers and several rakghouls had surrounded Noa and while they were being held off the part of Era lurking just beneath her carefully controlled work mindset, felt an icy thread of fear sink into her veins. 

With her stealth generator and the enemies focused entirely on the other agent Erabelle was able to maneuver in behind the two Republic soldiers when Noa was preoccupied with the remaining rakghouls. Two swift stabs with her vibroblade dropped them both like a sack of rocks. The rakghouls fell within seconds and Era found herself at the end of Noa’s blaster, pointed squarely at her chest. “I will be very pissed if you shoot me.” Her tone was cool, clipped in a way reserved usually for work only. Noa pulled her blaster back immediately, scowling. 

“Era? What are you doing here?”

“Saving you, apparently. You were late for our rendezvous, I was worried. Especially when I found your demon droid stuck in a swamp.” Erabelle sheathed her vibroblade and crossed her arms, a thoroughly ruffled look across her features. Noa nudged the body of a rakghoul with a equally miffed look. 

“I ran into a slight problem. You didn’t need to come retrieve me. I would have managed just fine if you hadn’t come.” 

One of Era’s eyebrows rose towards her hairline and she snorted, unconvinced. “I’m sure. Is that why you’re five klicks away from our meeting point, in the middle of a swamp-which is even further from where you went, might I add.” 

Noa’s voice was brimming with sarcasm. “Oh is it? I must have got a little preoccupied and turned around. Y’know, its a little hard to follow broken twisted paths when I can’t see the broken twisted paths.” 

“That’s why you have that droid, why the kriff was it in the middle of a swamp?” Era’s irritation was slipping away into faint amusement as she put the story together even before Noa spoke. 

“We ran into a pack of rakghouls and got separated.” Noa’s scowl deepened and she pointed a finger accusingly at Era. “I can hear you laughing and can practically feel that smirk. It’s your fault we’re here might I add.” 

Biting her lip to press down her laugh she uncrossed her arms with a slight shake of her head. “Sorry I asked.” She glanced up and Noa and couldn’t supress a widening grin. “You just going to scowl at me or can we go back to the outpost?”

“Well I obviously don’t know my way back.” Noa said dryly, gesturing for Erabelle to walk forward. “So lead the way, my sighted savior.” 

“As you wish.” Erabelle started to walk forward, freezing when she heard Noa swear and a splash. She sighed, raising a hand to rub across her face exasperatedly as she pivoted. “Noa-” 

“Don’t even start with me Era.” Noa scrambled to her feet, shaking marsh water from her hands and giving the rakghoul corpse she had tripped over a savage kick. “It has been a very rough day.” 

@delavairesslegacy had this hilarious idea of Erabelle coming home to Noa and her droid arguing and I ran with it! She gets credit for the really great exchange between Noa and her droid, and really all of Noa’s dialogue.

I also remembered why I don’t write a lot of fluff after spending 2 hours on two pages worth of writing, I kind of suck at it. BUT, I adore Erabelle and Noa so here,have my promised fluff!

Erabelle was not used to coming home to someone. Her real home, on Dromund Kaas, not her ship the Lark, where she had Kaliyo and Vector. Her apartment at the edge of Kaas City though, had been empty except for her since she had bought it post training. Since she had left for Hutta it had become barren, some place she stayed in for the brief returns between missions. But now home was lively again, bursting with life in the form of aromatic flowers crowding every open space and paintings slowly taking up space on the walls, all thanks to Noa. The changes had been small, happening over a span of months as they grew closer and closer. It felt natural, the way things progressed. Erabelle had surprised herself when the offer for Noa to move in with her had slipped its way into conversation. She hadn’t thought she’d feel comfortable enough to willingly invite someone close into her home long term for a long time, if ever again. Today was the day she’d prove herself wrong, the day when coming home to someone could start to become her new norm.

She hadn’t expected to open the door to a heated argument between Noa and her droid. The droid that aided the Miraluka was…opinionated to say the least and volatile in its reactions to being told no. Erabelle and Noa’s last attempt to gain a moment’s rest from its incessant chirping had left a droid shaped hole in her bedroom door. Without a very basic understanding of the droid’s language Erabelle was only able to understand bits and pieces of the argument without much rhyme or reason but she hadn’t thought that a droid could pull off looking and sounding so pissed off.

“Era!” Noa picked up on her arrival and waved her over. “Tell it that I get the spare bedroom. The bigger one with the nice view.”

The droid chirped a loud protest, coming closer to Erabelle. She was tempted to take a step back, on more than one occasion her shins had become the droid’s personal punching bag. Noa turned her head towards the droid, frowning.

“That was rude. Just because I can’t see doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like a view.” The droid let loose a series of whirs and chirps and Noa’s expression changed swiftly, her cheeks reddening with a blush. “No, I-uh.”

Erabelle watched the exchange with a slight shake of her head, baffled at the speed they could bicker and having no idea what exactly the droid had said. “What did it say?”

The blush across Noa’s cheeks deepened and she cleared her throat. “It uh…said if I wanted a room with a view I could just stay with you.”

Oh. She looked between Noa and the droid, feeling heat creeping up her neck. It wasn’t as if they had never ventured into the realm of flirting, their relationship hadn’t sprouted from thin air, but the forwardness of her droid’s snark was unexpected if anything. Very unexpected and very, very embarrassing. There were a lot of things she and Noa hadn’t brought up yet, sharing a room had been one of them. Certain side effects came with Erabelle’s field work that she hadn’t brought up and the topic had remained untouched. Instead of addressing it now, she fixed the droid with an incredulous look. “Your droid is telling you to sleep with me, even in the most innocent connotations, just because it’s little mechanical parts really want to have a view? This bucket of bolts snark was not what I thought would start this conversation.”

The bucket of bolts itself fired off a series of beeps, whistles and chirps in rapid succession until Noa sighed, holding her hands up. “Fine, fine. Just take the room. If it’ll quiet you down it’s fine.”

Erabelle watched the droid zip down the hall with a small sigh, maybe one of these days she’d understand the way its circuits worked. She turned her attention back to Noa as she shook her head, also listening to her droid chirp in what could only be described as smug manner. “It likes the fact that there’s a lot of sun. He’s got solar panels for energy recharge and that room happens to get the best sunlight.” She explained. “Not to mention it also really likes views.” She laughed, an awkward laugh and started to back up. “Anyways I should go unpack before we grab dinner and take a look at the plans for that op Intelligence wanted you on.”

Ah, it took her a second to pick up on the subtle hints that her answer had not been what Noa had been expecting. Erabelle took a breath, catching at Noa’s wrist before she could slip off down the hall. This was definitely not how she had wanted this to come up, if at all, but if she didn’t fix her blunder it would nag at her for the rest of the night. “That can wait. What I said, I, um, wouldn’t mind sharing a room. It’s just, hm…” She flailed for words momentarily, hesitating as to whether or not she wanted to admit this weakness before her shoulders drooped. “Oh kriff it, look, a lot of times after ops things get rough, nightmares in particular. I wouldn’t want to disturb you or anything.” The light mood was swiftly fading and she tried to backpedal, shrugging in forced nonchalance. “Apparently I steal blankets too, so…” She tried to joke, falling flat and trailing off.

With it out in the open she was admitting to not being the perfect Cipher the Intelligence reports liked to make her out to be, leaving her feeling self conscious. It was ridiculous, they had been working together since her extended stay on Dromund Kaas and they had been growing closer since then. Noa already knew how she was after ops, especially after Nar Shaddaa and Tatooine.

Noa’s expression just softened. “It wouldn’t disturb me, Era.” She took Erabelle’s hand, her thumb rubbing circles on the back. “But if sharing a room might make things uncomfortable then I can stay in the spare room.”

There was her out, offered with nothing but kind understanding. She could fall back to that excuse and push this conversation away. Surprising herself, she found herself shaking her head slightly and squeezing Noa’s hand. “I think it’ll be fine.” Her smile was shy and Noa’s returning smile beamed before turning playful.

“I know how difficult some of this is for you, so that’s wonderful to hear but if you think you can get away with snatching my blankets you are sorely mistaken, Era.”

I have no motivation to write. Like at all. So have some more screenshots of Erabelle and @delavairesslegacy ‘s Noa instead. 

Eventually I’ll finishing chapter 3 of Thieving and finish Sun and Moon and answer the two damn dialogue prompts that have been sitting in my ask box for like a week. But not on this Monday according to my brain. 

delavairesslegacy  asked:

“I’m not much of a chef, but… I really hope you like this.”


It was a rare day when Noa was working instead of Erabelle. Erabelle was on leave for a few weeks, something that had occurred less and less since her work on Hutta had escalated into taking out the terror cells, and she had landed back on Dromund Kaas in the late hours of the night. Noa had already been gone by the time she had woken up and she had chosen to take her day alone and put it to good use. It had been almost three months since Era had been home for more than a day or two at a time and those times had been filled with rushed preparations for her next job and catching up on sleep. Now that she had time, Erabelle was determined to try and do something nice. 

Cleaning up the house and trying to balance out the gloomy, rain darkened Kaas sky outside with candles and rearranging the lights for a softer look had been easy. Browsing the holonet for a recipe she could cook without burning down the house hadn’t taken long. But now, standing in the kitchen with her hair tied in a sloppy bun and her hands on her hips as she surveyed her work so far…she was wondering if this might have been a step past her capabilities.

The counter was a mess, she had accidentally knocked over a bowl of ingredients, and while the food was cooking without burning so far it wasn’t looking anything like the holonet said it should. And she was running behind scheduled, with time running out for her to clean up the mess she had created. Scrambling to wash the dishes she had used she realized exactly why Noa and her droid were usually the ones that did the cooking and did their damnedest to keep her out of the kitchen. She lacked every bit of organization needed to make things run smoothly and her slight forgetfulness had put her several minutes behind scheduled as she left out necessary ingredients.

None the less she pulled everything together with seconds to spare and by the time the door opened Erabelle was sitting on the counter admiring her work. She straightened when the door opened, pushing herself off the counter.and hopping over the back of the couch to reach them.

“You’re enthusiastic.” Noa laughed, returning Erabelle’s greeting hug. She paused before quirking an eyebrow at her girlfriend. “What have you been up to?”

“Trying to make this place look nice.” Erabelle took Noa’s hand and led her over to the table. “And cooking.” Noa’s droid let out a mixture of mournful and wary beeps and whistles which she was able to roughly translate as speculations as to whether she was trying to kill them. She pointed a finger at the droid. “That’s rude. What have I ever done to deserve such doubt?” The droid had a ready retort for that but Erabelle had already turned back to Noa,voice shy. “I know I’m not much of a chef but..I really hope you like this.” 

“Don’t antagonize her.” Noa admonished the droid. “This is really sweet, Era. I’m sure it’ll taste wonderful.”

Ever reliable to give honest commentary the droid began to beep again until Noa nudged it with her foot. Erabelle scoffed, narrowing her eyes at it. “Did it just we’d be better of ordering takeout?” 

No, it did not.” Noa said with a forceful look at the droid which simply whirred and made a show of turning around and rolling into another room.The two girls watched it go in silence until they look at each other and started to laugh. “Damn droid is so opinionated.” Noa grumbled with a shake of her head before pulling out her chair. “Let’s prove it wrong and eat before your masterpiece gets cold.”

Era smiled, taking her own seat at the table eyeing her plate dubiously. “I don’t know Noa, your droid might have a point.”

Noa waved her fork at Era. “Even if it is, it doesn’t need to know it was.” 

Welcome, fellows, to another post about Erabelle. I love my poor agent dearly and have some really random little facts that don’t always fit into writing. So here they are, whether you like it or not. 

Also, as usual if I make mention of Noa,  she belongs to @delavairesslegacy

-Her full name is Erabelle Torven, but no one ever calls her that. To her friends from wherever she trained either called her Erabelle or Belle/Bella and in Intelligence she is only known as Cipher Nine or agent. Noa is the only one that calls her Era. 

-Unlike a majority of my characters I actually headcanon her to have at least something very similar to the female IA’s voice in game. 

-Art is her passion, she paints and draws mostly though painting is what she’s better at and enjoys more. A lot of the paintings in her apartment are her own because she paints and then realizes she doesn’t want to sell them.  

-The scars along the right side of her face are from a training accident before she was even recruited for Intelligence. Things went wrong doing field training with different corrosive substances to coat blades in. She doesn’t remember very clearly what happened either, just that she was lucky to not have done any damage to her eye with where the damage was done. 

-Her cybernetics have nothing to do with her previous injury, they aren’t to counteract any linger effects or heal any damage. Much like Theron Shan’s cybernetics they enhance her performance in the field. Though they’ve proven to be more a hindrance than anything, when they get damaged or hit its extremely painful to Era. 

-She never would have been considered for a possible field agent if she hadn’t proven herself to be extremely adept at slipping into different personas and roles the way she can. Her personality is the exact opposite of what an agent should be but Intelligence looked past it and it has put Era into the less than ideal state she is in during the time I usually write her. 

-Surprisingly (or maybe not. Who knows), for the most part before things really started getting stressful in her work (anything pre-Aldeeran, possibly pre-Tatooine) and before she she developed a suspicion/fear of being in large crowds she was quite the social butterfly. 

-Going along with the above, Era also used to really enjoy getting dolled up and dressing nicely to go out. Some of her outfits are infamous among her friend circle, such as the heels and dress she wore when she punched a sith acolyte for hitting on her. She doesn’t dress up as much anymore, but there have been times she and Noa have gone out on dates in Kaas City where she dug out some of her old passion for trying to look as great as possible. 

-She knows both Rielay and Emeldir. She contacted them for help when she needed people to help her on a rescue mission. (Which I will be writing about…eventually). They both refused, though for different reasons. 

So I don’t think I’ve ever introduced my Imperial Agent. So here we go. *Mild Spoilers for IA storyline up until Tatooine*

Erabelle Torven


21 years old when the IA story line starts.


Concealment operative

Erabelle or ‘Era’ is an Imperial Agent that is very good at her job. She’s strong in a fight, preferring to use stealth and vibroblades to quickly take out targets and is a little too good at falling into the roles she’s asked to play. Dubbed ‘Cipher Nine’ by Imperial Intelligence she has clung to her true name like a lifeline. She has it physically written down and hidden in at least 10 places in both her Dromund Kaas apartment and her ship, the Lark.

She is soft hearted and affectionate, something that has been tortured and broken into submission by the Empire and Intelligence work she does. She almost always tries not to murder and kill civilians or innocents but she learns quickly that the best way to function in Imperial Intelligence and continue to act like their perfect little agent is for her to just suck it up. It leaves her with nightmares for days, the kind that seep into her waking hours until she no longer wants to close her eyes. Eventually Intelligence warps her and she trains herself enough so that her kind and soft heart is nearly impossible to reach or hurt. She turns herself into the perfect fighting agent machine.

On duty she can be called the best agent intelligence has, but off duty she has become paranoid and soft spoken. Her witty and sarcastic handling of situations has got her in trouble before but she has never quite let go of that habit. The girl that would once run through Dromund Kaas on her off days from training in dresses and talk to everyone she saw was morphed into a quiet woman who barely leaves the relative safety of her home and is lucky to change out of the largest sweatshirt and leggings that she owns. She is constantly worried that someone is going to kill her at random or that she will mess up and be ‘eliminated’ for the good of the Empire. She has learned how to seamlessly become the roles she’s told to be. Sometimes these personas linger far too long and Erabelle loses sight of herself, another thing that sends her spiraling down into periods where she recedes into herself.

Her loyalty is neither Empire or Republic, she effectively operates in the grey area where she doesn’t need to swear allegiance to any major player in the war and can work more on her own morals and ideals outside of her Intelligence work. Her build is small and lithe which makes her look younger than she is-another thing that irritates her to no end. Countess bad fights and missions have left her body peppered with scars, the ones most notably on the left side of her face and one on her abdomen from where the imposter for Mia got her good with a poisoned blade. She’s bounced back every time so far, but she is waiting for the day when she’ll meet an opponent she can’t beat or makes one too many mistakes. As far as she’s concerned she’s running on borrowed time too stretched thin already.

With those she knows and trusts a bit of herself that has been locked away shines through. She’ll be a bit more lively and willing to talk and sometimes will even forget the shields she’s built up around herself. Those people are far and few between and most people give up before they can even come close to breaking through her walls to her real personality.