Jongkey NOW!

So it all started with this moment. THIS BEAUTIFUL HUG!

then the next day

Jjong wore the Tokyo Dome wrist light and key wore the jacket and LOOK AT HOW HAPPY KEY WAS!

Jjong mentioned how excited he was that he couldn’t sleep before the Love like Oxygen perf ;) 

those looks though >< 

Next dayish…

I couldn’t help thinking how well their outfits match. Like totally different styles but they blend well together. (black and white glasses, black hats, sort of a badass feel)

Key totally wore a see through shirt on purpose. It was so windy and he wore a flimsy shirt! (im still not over his heels/ I LOVE THEM!)

his flightmate <3

really though, the past few times Keys been sitting with Onew or Taemin (they can choose im sure) but now T.T “flightmate always is jjong” Can I just mention that jjong writes a lot of his songs while flying :) 

if that wasnt already too much FOR MY POOR SHIPPER HEART

we have jongkey sticking close to each other throughout the finale for SMtown in Taiwan >< I keep thinking back to the last one where jjong looked so lonely and passed by key once and touched his belly but key just kept moving past him. Now, they were stuck close to each other for a long time. ;;



then we get all the cute stuff during performances keke

I jst love the way Key is with Jjong

OH AND IM NOT DONE! My lovely otp wahhhhhhh T.T

seriously love the placements of the hearts here~

getting nice and close there jjong ;)

oh hey there minho…didnt see you there :P and when I first saw pics of them getting out of the hotel I totally felt like they were matching. Jjong hasn’t worn that jacket since pre DG or DG era. hmmm


cr. to whoever caught this, u amazing person u ><

Jongkey Shippers have such a sharp eye. Key looked like he was in a room, not outside or anything…well lets just say they shared a room! 

OKAY IM DONE and im in so much pain, like good pain. You know shipper “being hammered with feels by her otp in every direction with no break” kind of pain. I still haven’t gotten over the hug and now all these new moments. I can’t keep up. They didn’t ease us back into the ship but threw us on board and set sail at fullest speed! T.T im so happy~

anonymous asked:

hi sweetie, am I the only one who thinks Minho was a calm teenager for real. as a kid he was a crazy kid. but when he was a trainee he was a calm silent one and that's y they gave him the flaming charisma concept. not like sm forced him to do. but he actually was a charisma type at that time in real life? but he decided to change himself few years after debut? 🤔

hello anon, 

Thank you for your question dear^^

As i’m watching him since 2009, I also thought he was clam & quite suited for his name Flaming charisma ( as new fan) but as time passes, I tried to understand him  I saw so many fan acc as well as so many videos & shows. From these all things I conclude that he was crazy & funny since his childhood but  when he entered in SHINee he was as visual & rapper position. Other members were already taken diff concept like Onew was funny, Key was Mother like, Taemin was cute, jjong was as cool….so cute & funny concept already taken so equivalent to his visual & rapper position he named as Flaming charisma.

(As I saw one video at the EVBD or DG era at one radio show  jjong also said all that key was like mother like & other things were all made concept by SM, in reality it is not true)

So many times all things at 2008 - 2009 were all scripted, they said all things or most act were scripted. Minho also acted as per script. 

There was also other side,  that Minho was road casted, he was just soccer  boy who was enjoying his school life without thinking anything about music or idol like ( ot4 were had aim/ dream to be idol). He was dorky, funny but also shy person who get upset immediately if he do something wrong so many times he avoided to say something which might be making him feel upset. 

There was also lot of criticism on his talent at the debut time by some silly people , it was sad to that kid bear that all that things ( even members once said he got upset by those comments) so may be he was avoiding to get focus. (it’s my opinion) 

I’’m so proud of him that by his hard work, he get improved in all singing, rapping, acting, dancing ( he also didnt left his dream as sport lover…coz it was his true dream) …he is now all-rounder with more confidence. So by kicking all that fears he started to face all situation by his love & hard-work. ( also thanks to his friends, family & ot4)

He is trying to face all that criticism by his own term “ Never give up” …

Now you can see with time they (ot5) get matured & left the concept created by SM & trying to expand their horizon. He is doing better & better now with gaining more confidence so now he can able to pull out his real nature “ which is dorky, funny & cute”

Yes he is handsome & fit in charismatic image but he is also soft, kid like, innocent, talented, tenderheart , friendly prson who loves his fans, members, friends & family …He is just getting appreciation for his work & I hope ppl will get more attention & praise to this kid so dont have to mask his true nature ^^

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Sorry long answer , I wanted to say so many things but this is enough for now …..plz love this kid , though u like cute dorky Minho or sexy, flaming charismatic minho …both are same beautiful person. This is my opinion what I think about him.