Okay, but everyone talks about James Potter realising Remus and Sirius were meant for each other before they even did. Like he wouldn’t even have blinked when they told him they were dating.

But.. Guys… This man is the father of Harry James Potter. The most oblivious boy I have ever seen.

Sirius was probably lying on top of Remus, furiously making out with him, the two of them rolling around the couch in the common room only to have James walk in like, ‘Hey guys, Remus there is this really pretty girl outside the common room you wanna go talk to her?’

Then Sirius sits up, ‘James?! Remus and I have been dating for like a year now???’

James is standing there all confused like, ‘Wait Padfoot.. you like guys??? Since when????’

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oh yeah

note: theres a children’s nursery rhyme on the back of his shirt

a monkey’s butt is red. if its red then it is an apple. 

an apple is tasty. if it is tasty than it is a banana. 

a banana is long. if it is long than it is a train. 

a train is fast. if it i fast than it is an airplane. 

an airplane is high. if it is high than it is baekdusan (a famous korean mountain).

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170226 ASTRO AROHA Festival - 붙잡았어야 해 (Should’ve Held On) Full Ver.
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Would your fave write something like this?

We’re So Starving is so sincere and apologetic like ‘we’re so sorry we’ve been gone, we were busy writing songs for you’ and 'you don’t have to worry we’re still the same band’ like chill Ross, man, we’ll always love you, it’s okay, take your time babe

Can we just take a moment

And imagine Sirius and Remus going ring shopping?

Sirius would be hell bent on picking out his ring because “if I’m gonna be wearing it for the rest of my life, I’m gonna make sure you don’t mess it up!”

They would walk into the store and Remus would have to immediately hold Sirius’ hand tighter because he tried to pull away and take off into a run.

Remus would talk to the assistant while Sirius bounced all throughout the store, trying to touch everything.


Before long, there would be a pile of rings in front of Remus, and a couple of very agitated sales people.