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Another very long long post, but I’d thought I’d make one last round-up of Dichen quotes at Survival Con this weekend for everyone who couldn’t be there. She talked about Supergirl, Dollhouse, her movie Lust For Love, Too Late, her upcoming netflix show Altered Carbon (airing February 2018), and life & acting in general.

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you didn’t have to
I’m sure you knew that
nothing compels
like a force unseen
waves of mental energy
an uptick of desire
the glow that then ensues
when synapses fire
the warmth that slowly creeps
to your limbs
encircles your heart
rapid beating
push the blood
increase the pressure
ears begin to burn
cheeks flush
eyes water
you feel the rush
of tears
what was internal
is suddenly external
pieces of you
leave your body
and are buried
in the dust
this cannot be
you were supposed
to hold it all in
that was the only
way you could win
and now
it is too late

Let’s talk about my sweet fox child

So I know this has been discussed before in a small capacity (although I may have missed other posts about it), but I want to talk about Lucien.

Let’s begin with the fact that the Autumn court is supposedly pretty cut throat and brutal. To start, Lucien, who, like Tamlin, never thought he’d be High Lord and never wanted the title, fell in love with a lesser faerie. He was going to renounce his title as a High Lord’s son and elope with said lesser faerie, whom he suspected might be his mate. Upon discovering this, Lucien’s father had the lesser faerie executed, IN FRONT of Lucien, while two of his brothers held him there to make him watch.

So, just to preface this whole talk, poor Lucien is probably pretty disturbed from all of this. He fled from the Autumn Court pursued by 3 of his 6 (I believe there’s 5 or 6, correct me if I’m wrong) brothers. He killed one, Tam killed the other, and the third brother made his escape back to Autumn.  

 So, just knowing how supposedly rare Fae children are because it’s hard to conceive, let me just say that it sucks that all these High Lord’s children basically murder each other like the brothers in Stardust (if you haven’t seen or read the book by Neil Gaiman, you should!!)

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