Tips to finishing your first draft:

1. Stay off the internet.
2. Research BEFORE you start writing.
3. Write as often as possible.
4. Stay OFF the internet.
5. Read often to stay inspired.
6. Write in a separate room from distractions.
7. STAY off the internet.
8. Create an outline so you always know where the story is going.
9. Stay off the INTERNET.
10. Seriously. Stay off the internet.

—  The writer who is currently on the internet.
Vet Visit & Medication - Help!

I have a 1-2 year old fancy rat named Tabitha whom I bought along with her sister Rosemary. I’ve watched her grow from a timid little thing who wouldn’t come near me to a sweet but shy little girl who loves one-on-one attention (since Rosemary is an attention-hog!).

Lately she’s been suffering from a possible UTI, which is common for rats. However, the only medication that I know of is prescription medication - Baytril, which is pretty expensive. The only vet that takes rats nearby is the Banfield Pet Hospital in PetSmart, so I’ll have to take her there – but they’ll pile on not only the office visit but any tests they run, as well as the prescription medication itself. But even as I’m typing this I can hear her breathe from across the room, her wheezing squeaks, and it breaks my heart. She still grooms herself, she still plays with Rosemary, and she still bruxes when I give her attention and take them out for play time.

My father’s company is doing terribly right now; in fact, if things don’t get better everyone is going to have to take a 10%-30% cut in salaries. My mother says I have to pay for the visit and medication myself, which is understandable, however I have no job, and allowance is hard to come by when the money is doing so horribly. I have $58 to my name, which might be enough to cover the office visit itself, but that is such little help when I really need medication for Tabitha.

So, in addition to a donation box thing I’ll be setting up tomorrow, commissions are now open. I’ve got a wide range of prices and art types offers, but I’ll be posting my main offer down here. You can message me for other types.

I’ll be doing busts/headshots, full color, at $10

other examples can be found here

And waist-up full colors for $20

other examples can be found here

and fullbody full colors at $30

I can do humans, ferals, furries, whatever you want – I just really need the money right now. It breaks my heart when I can hear her while I’m trying to sleep.